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The platform that hosts the largest kitchen ever seen: offer and earn, eat and socialize at lunchtime wherever you are

Comune di Milano
All or nothing
Goal: 40,000€


The platform that hosts the largest kitchen ever seen: offer and earn, eat and socialize at lunchtime wherever you are

Comune di Milano
All or nothing
Goal: 40,000€

What is it about?

We want to TRANSFORM THE LUNCH BREAK IN A WAY THAT IMPROVES THE LIFE OF EVERYBODY AND ALLOWS TO EARN THOSE WHO NEED IT. With SO Lunch THE DREAM BECOMES REALITY , eating everywhere like at home or earning and gaining new connections with people, doing what we do every day in a new way.
SO Lunch, as a platform, aims to connect who is cooking at home at lunchtime with those who work nearby that wants to eat at home, and also to ensure a profit to the chefs and to promote new relationships.

The lunch break belongs to all, those who work, those who stay at home or study. It’s supposed to be a time of relaxation and detachment from daily rush, without emptying your wallet.

Instead, for who is away from home for work or study it becomes an effort: costs, crowds, noise, and the food is not always enjoyable. And begin again your work in the afternoon more stressed than before !.

For those at home it turns into a moment of meditation and dedication to themselves and very often the quiet leads to thoughts of things that seems not so good. Yet how many nice things there would have to tell and share for people who are at home inactive!!!

With So Lunch we help the 12 million people that eat outside home every day often in bad, inconvenient and uneconomical conditions, and the 17 million people that (daily) remains at home with limited social and economic relations.
A different way to have the lunch break: an alternative to traditional circuits for those dining out, a financial support for those at home.
A chat in joy in front of a simple dish, the smell of sauce, the color of vegetables and fresh fruit and quickly and with gain the day get better for everyone.

How funds will be used

So Lunch is a widespread kitchen: we want to BUILD ALL TOGETHER THE NEW PLATFORM, home for the largest kitchen in the world:

  • to allow a faster and clearer use;
  • to have all the information needed to describe the meal and to choose according to personal tastes and interests
  • to publish, book and also pay from your smartphone

And thanks to you and to all the people who contribute, to spread the use of the platform to as more people as possible and encourage registration with a communication campaign that will be soon discussed.

Every kitchen can be social and the more we are the more social lunches we have.
So Lunch is a digital place of connection that facilitates sharing, dialogue between people, and gain for those in need.

It is therefore important that everyone contribute to the achievement of a more comprehensive platform and to the communication campaign.
Thanks to the assistance of the Municipality of Milan that will double what we collect, we have already covered half of the path! Which is a wonderful way to start. Doubling occurs only if we reach the goal of the campaign.

We believe it, we had a dream and turned it into reality. And thanks to you we will now grow it. Choose now your rewards to contribute.

Who's behind the project?

It is said that innovation is made of mistakes, then here we missed much !!
SO Lunch is a project of CFM, which has been responsible for years of following companies and organizations in order to make them grow and develop. (www.cfmitalia.it).
What we do best is to bring innovation in social innovation projects because we believe that the participation of people and companies is the key to building a new way to face the challenges of society, a real change without any philosophy or turns of phrase
For us it is essential to create value and change by working together, that’s why we dedicates ourselves only to projects that develop new opportunities for a shared problem solving. And the So Lunch project is what we are more fascinated about: it’s because it is born from us and with us, because that's what brings value to everyone's without efforts to anybody, only advantages. Perhaps this is why, after so much work done by us, even international awards have arrived for the innovativeness whereby SO Lunch solve a social problem.
With this campaign we are confident to bring our passion and our values in everyone's home. And thanks to your contribution, also to open all the kitchens of those at home at lunchtime, to share and enjoy an easy and social lunch break and to financially support those in need.

You can read the contents, the evolutions, next steps of the project on BABELE the international crowd-sourcing platform for social innovation that houses our project thnaks for its innovative and high social impact an give us your advise.

How does it works

With So Lunch we created an online platform (www.solunch.it) that connects those who cook at home at lunchtime with those working or studying nearby. We use a digital platform to increase human relation, social contacts and an improvement in the community

  • You sign up for free.
  • Who is at home posts the meal and the number of guests, deciding also when and how much to ask for reimbursement of expenditure. Socialize and earn
  • Who dines out searches, chooses and pay after confirmation through the platform. Two steps away just to stretch before lunch and there is a warm house and a table already prepared. And lunch like at home
  • A chat and after lunch you vote: so that everyone can consciously choose.

Will you join us ?

You got it figured out. We started with a dream and turned it into reality. And now we want to open this reality to as many people as possible. But you, yourself, how can you help us? Your contribution too, along with all the others, it is essential.

  • Call us: we will tell you the project and maybe have a coffee together (02-87159149)
  • Help us to spread the campaign. How? Tell your friends, friends of friends, colleagues, neighbors.
  • Follow our events and come to meet us in person.

www.facebook.com/solunch15. Like our page, invite your friends and share each post, leave a comment and like it.
https://twitter.com/so_lunch. Follow us. Talk about it with your followers, retweet our posts and use the hashtag #cucinadiffusa to let the world know that you support us.

www.solunch.it. Subscribe. It's free.

Discuss with everyone.
Collect the rewards from your friends and call us (02-87159149) in order to upload them together on Eppela or to send us.

Download here the card for rewards to fill with yours friends

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Project created by


SO Lunch is project of social innovation among the 30 finalists in the European Social Innovation Competition, it won the Courage to Innovate, a Digital Award from the Lombardy Region. Considered (Regarded) among the most promising platforms for collaborative economy: we were invited to Forum PA to discuss the law on the sharing economy. On line with a beta test from May (www.solunch.it with free signing up), we got hundreds of inscriptions, tens and tens lunches and the attention of the national press. We aim to open more #cucinediffuse all over Italy and Europe. More details about SO Lunch rpoject and is strategy on https://babele.co/#!/project/2614/overview

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