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Vlog : the experiences of 15 Special Friends and their search for autonomy.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Vlog : the experiences of 15 Special Friends and their search for autonomy.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Why the blog?

15 men and women aged 20-50, with cognitive disabilities, moved in together. 

This video-blog hopes to tell you their story.

First step: what we hope to achieve with your support

Your support will help us use the blog to describe, day by day, this experience of autonomy; a sort of box of ideas that the housemates, their families, their care workers and all those involved, can contribute to.

A blog to:

-             help the housemates articulate their thoughts through words, photos and videos. In other words, through the multimedia channels that will help them feel more connected and integrated with society as a whole.

-             document, through their YouTube channel, their shared experiences. Simple things like living together, days out in the park, going for a swim, going for a drink or bite to eat in the nearby bars and cafés, as well as their newly found domestic skills.

-             explore a different world, make new friends, get to know others, learn how to live with other people and learn from those experiencing similar things.

-             keep others – family members, care workers or anyone else involved – informed about Number 31.

-             spread the word: the blog aims to go beyond the retelling of experiences but also share their progress and update on their charity work.

Participation in the blog will be accessible to everyone; all text will be written in capital Ietters, there will be a voice activated tool, as well as other IT support tools.

We decided to seek crowdfunding for this project as a way of creating a community and rendering public an experience that would otherwise have remained private.

We hope this initiative acts as an example for other young people, families and institutions living with similar issues, but also as a way of showing that people with disabilities are not a drain on our resources, but rather a resource in themselves.

How will the funds be used?

Our goal is to raise €5000. If we reach that amount, the funds will be used in the following ways:

Design (€200);

IT management of the blog platform (€300);

Management of the blog and YouTube channel; writing of posts (€1800);

Wrap-up video documentary (€1000);

Planning of educational events (€700);

Multimedia equipment needed to produce videos (€500);

Rewards  for Eppala, who we are very grateful to for their support of our crowdfunding (€500, 10% of the total).

We believe that this blog will allow everyone, public institutions included, to be involved in a really interesting experiment. We are promoting ideas: methods and innovative  social practices that aim to inspire institutions to adopt a more innovative approach. 

To allow for this, all the material from the blog will be reworked to form the basis of short documentaries, articles and accounts, not just as a way of sharing the experience but also to allow for the approach to be replicated. 
Although the blog will reflect the experiences of the project, it will be reworked to create debate, public discussion and events for instiutions and those who have supported the project. Furthermore, it aims to explore what future can be built for young people with disabilities and how we can achieve a more inclusive society. 

Please watch our short videos: https://www.youtube.com/playli... 
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Because you must trust in us

We could ask for your help to pay another six months rent of Number 31 ... but we did not. Do you know why?

Because we want this project to be known by more people, families young people and institutions.

Because only seeing what can be done with modest means but with an “iron will” and determination you can believe and give confidence to those guys, just begging to get involved and be supported for that.

If even one family can find hope in a better future, if a mother will be able to sleep more peacefully even a single night, if a boy condemned to endless solitary afternoons will have the opportunity to make friends and make group, then we will have achieved our goal and you with us. Think about of how many Marco, Francesca, Andrea, Daniele, Giulia you can make happy!

Who's behind the project?

The voluntary  Ylenia Association and Special Friends- YAS is an association formed by families and friends of people with disabilities The association have the ambition to change the approach with which we all  relate to disability, to overcome assistance and to focus on the abilities and not on a person’s limits.

Some volunteers and young operators guarantee those specific skills, freshness and energies necessary to the association

YAS born around the issue commonly called "after us", but above all it is born to create paths “when we are", that is, to share ideas, insights and reflections about the present and the future of people with disabilities.

After several years of hard work, the YAS Association is facing with the management of a complex project

Since November 2016, the association has started "Mom next weekend I go with my friends ... and in the other days I  work by cooking", a project of residential autonomy addressed to15 people with cognitive disabilities, sustained by the contribution of the Tavola Valdese, the State and the families

In January 2017 the weekends started.

It is not just autonomy, but also it’s an important life experience, a comparison with their personal  limits, the building of co-habitation rules, the relationship with the other sex, the sympathies, the dislikes and power relationship that always involve people, with or without disabilities.

For this project, YAS  rented  Number 31, an apartment in 31, Maccagnani street, Rome (Casetta Mattei area), to let 15 guys to experience the development of their autonomy, far away from their parents.

The guys take turn in Number 31 every weekend in groups of 5 people and during the week, together with other friends, will start a charity work  with the partnership of the voluntary association 'With the Others'.

Thanks to the partnership  with Conad Tirreno, which gives the association the expiring foods unsold and those with defective packaging, the association can reduce  raw materials costs and  become more competitive.

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Project created by

The Ylenia Association and Special Friends

We work every day to encourage the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into social and working life and move beyond a dependency culture. After all, people with disabilities can be a huge resource; we just need to want it!

All funds and donations are used for  the project. The volunteers don't receive any fees or reimbursements.

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Roma, Lazio, Italia
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