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Street Art in montagna

Street Alps Festival

Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT
All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€

Street Art in montagna

Street Alps Festival

Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT
All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€

What is it about?

Street Alps is the first Italian Street Art Festival contextualized in mountain environment.

Framed by the Alps, this art show has the goal to re-evaluate aesthetically Urban Areas by improving daily spaces frequented from citizens.

The urban regeneration of walls has the aim of relaunching aesthetically the involved city, introducing it as a point of artistic interest at national and international level.

During the first three editions we have repainted approximately 4500mq surfaces, we've printed several artistic serigraphs and we've hosted 30 artists, some of them Italians, some others form foreign countries.

Street Alps is born from the collaboration between the art residency project MISSIONTOART and the international blog Streetartnews.net Street Alps - 4th edition from May to October 2017


The fourth edition of the Festival will be the opportunity to promote the City of Pinerolo, of Torre Pellice and the surrounding cities, such as an interesting point of street art.

The programmed interventions for 2017 will be the natural following of the work concluded in the first and second edition. They confirm the presence, at national and international level, of an artistic event who is appreciated by a growing number of citizens.

Street Alps became a referenced point for Art and Urban Culture and it is included in similar festivals circuit located between Italy And Europe.

The network has produced several collaborations with other associations to support the exchange and the circulation of artists by facilitating the organization of events.

The next edition will add new artworks to the Urban Art Museum in order to make the project more attractive to tourists' tour.

Six areas of interest have currently been identified according to those who are in charge in the municipality of Pinerolo. Those areas could be the subjects of the restyling through urban art makeover.

The intent is to consolidate the Urban Art Museum built in the past few years and to reach minimum number of 30 works to promote a national tour of the artworks.

5 more areas have been identified in the municipalities of Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Cumiana.

How will the money goes

Invite international artists to create their own artwork

- The 70% of raised funds through Eppela will be used to invite internationally famous artists (from China, South America, USA, Europe), who will revitalize the urban fabric by painting walls and  implementing the Urban Art Museum started in the previous years. Tickets for travel, accomodation, food, cans and everything is needed in order to paint, will be purchased Only if the goal is reached we will use the contributions of supporters, otherwise there will be no expenses by those who have contributed.

- Promotion:

The 15% of the funds will be spent for the making of new videos which will complement the necessary material for the assembly of the complete documentary lasting 50 minutes. They will be offered to television channels such as Sky Arts and similar channels. In addition to the channels already used for the first edition such as: La Stampa, L'Eco del Chisone, Pinerolo Indialogo, Turtleneck Magazine, Dars Magazine, Street Art Attack, Street Art News, Daily Piemontese, Pinerolo Play, the most relevant weekly/monthly magazines, newspapers and radio stations will be included to promote the project. 

The 15% of the contribution will be allocated to:

-Graphics Realization and Release of no. 15000 copies of Street Alps' paper maps, 25x35 format, distributed for free in schools, libraries and government offices in Turin and others involved cities.
- Graphics Realization and printing of 500 Street Alps posters, 30x55 format
-Realization And Printing of 500 posters for the photos exhibition, A2 format
-Multimedia And Social Networking

In order to promote the artworks and the festival in general, we have create a special website entirely dedicated to the project (www.streetalps.com). It will be possible to check brand new videos, photos or simply to submit some new proposals for activities . Together with the w,ebsite we promote web communication using our social networks (facebook, twitter, istagram). Each artwork is described in italian and then translated in english.

Behind the Project

The Associazione Pigmenti is the main promoter of Street Alps festival and collaborates with:

-Mission To Art www.missiontoart.com

- Blog Reference www.Streetartnews.net

- City of Pinerolo

-City of Torre Pellice

Main sponsors:

-Minitop Elevators

-Sikkens, Colors

-Kobra Paint, color spray

-Meltingmedia, Web support

-Alzani Publishers, printing information material


-Gava, Pennellificio

-Sericraft, artistic prints Production

1480084707313495 logo streetalps

Project created by

Street Alps festival

Street Alps is a street art festival organized by Associazione Pigmenti

The purpose of this festival has its focus on the aesthetic renewal of some urban areas and on the revitalization of various public spaces.

The wall paintings will become part of an open air urban art museum. 

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