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Io Lavoro! (I Work!)

The special artists of Made in Sipario are ready to grow: help them to take flight and proudly say, "I Work!".

127% of 20,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

Io Lavoro! (I Work!)

The special artists of Made in Sipario are ready to grow: help them to take flight and proudly say, "I Work!".

127% of 20,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

Our dream

The #specialartists of Made in Sipario are "disable adult people", each one with different mental "disabilities". Their work is worthy and deserving, but it needs the right spotlight to be well appreciated.

This is what Nilo Gioacchini has understood. Nilo is one of the most pluri-awards winner designer, whose project “Mobile Totale” is permanently exhibited at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts) in New York. He has accepted to cooperate “pro-bono” with our #specialartists and to provide advice and ideas for a new product line. This line, following the rules of designing, will lead the Made in Sipario #specialartists’ creativity in the right direction so as to get the attention it deserves.

The new line will represent gym training and experimentation that will join special art and design. It will also be designed to be distributed in the best stores of designing furniture and home-ware, as well as through a dedicated e-commerce. It will be an attractive and captivating line, whose profits will be used to make the Made in Sipario's activity self sustainable and then, after Laura, already working member of the social cooperative, even Lorenzo, Giulia, Barbara Ludovico, Carolina, Tiziana, Elisa and all their other colleagues, one after the other, can be hired and proudly say "I WORK"!

We say it now: the new product line needs time to be ready, since we have to respect the rhythms of our #specialartists' training and growth and let them find the best way for them to achieve the result. But the result will come because enthusiasm and desire to do there is no shortage and Nilo has agreed to provide us his experience and his art.

He has said "it can be done!" and … do you agree with it?

This is the dream that we want to achieve with you.

Your contribution is worth double

We have a unique opportunity. As you may have noticed our project is supported by Socialcrowdfunders so, if we get half of our goal (the total is 20.000 Euros) the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, mentor of the initiative, will give us the other half.

So all of your donation goes double, but only if we reach 10,000 Euros ... therefore commit ourselves to do all word of mouth.

And if we overcome the figure? Our special artists do not lack ideas.

How money will be used

  • We will purchase all the tools and equipments necessary to carry out the new products.
  • We will buy the necessary materials: raw materials, colours, finishes etc.
  • We will make a first series "prototype" and will experience in depth the best ways to produce, enhancing the skills of our special artists.
  • We will promote the new line with marketing activities online and not only, by participating in trade shows and we will launch the new line with a special event

Who's behind the project?

Here are some of our special artists with some work of their past production: colour and energy are not lacking!

Why do you have to support us?

First of all, because our #specialartists do not want to stay home and be "lazy". On the contrary, they want to grow, increase their autonomy and experiment responsibility. However, our #specialartists will not be able to achieve this without a place that knows how to put into practice true integration and the acceptance of the “different”. They deserve this unique opportunity.

This project will be successful because it relays on people gifted with their #specialart. It counts on Nilo, who first of all believes in us and leads his art, design and experience, to the goal. He is talented with a great openness and willingness to immerse himself in the situation. We also know we can count on the support of the people who already knows us or that are going to know us. We are positive you are going to appreciate what our #specialartists and our cooperative are doing and you will support us according to your possibilities: unity is strength!

And finally, you have to support us because our rewards are useful: your Christmas rewards will be special because they will be wrapped in colorful paper drawn by our #specialartists and increased in value by a unique and special "greetings card". Our placemats will make your Christmas table both stylish and also easy to clean! You will receive an energetic painting or just a thank you, a smile and the awareness of having made a small but priceless action.

Our rewards

Our special artists want to reward your generosity.

Choose the reward you like more and it will be sent by mail in Italy. Shipping in Italy does not involve additional costs, while for shipments abroad will need a little extra support. Email us at info@madeinsipario.com to know exactly the costs, or choose a digital reward.

If you live outside Italy, please e-mail us at info@madeinsipario.com and we will inform you on the exact shipping costs, but we'd love to thank you personally and as we are far away, should you pass by Florence come to our shop (Via degli Artisti n.41) that is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m to 1 p.m. Here you will have the chance to meet our #specialartists and receive a small present.

And remember, you like a reward but would like to donate more? No problem: the amount requested is the minimum ... in the process of payment you can set a higher donation.

Delivery time

Our rewards will be delivered starting from December, 5th. Do not worry, you'll get them on time for Christmas. The delivery time of the personalized rewards will be communicated directly to the person concerned.

We present ourselves

Made in Sipario is a social cooperative where artists/craftsmen are young adult with mental disabilities, who can experiment the responsability and the satisfaction derived from work.

Made in Sipario is committed to:

  • To promote the equal dignity of work pursued by people with intellectual disabilities, ensuring quality, competence and efficiency
  • To promote individual and social empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities. This means encouraging social integration with work, through the development and the direct participation of the same people and the involvement of different stakeholders in the territory.
  • To promote and implement ethics economy policies. We pursue to enhance the mutual and solidarity dimension through economic, financial and entrepreneurial instruments.We believe social cooperation owns an added value since it is a company that serves the community.
  • To introduce, promote and support civil, educational, and cultural proposals for the developing and the deepening of social themes and issues such as the employment of people with intellectual disabilities.
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Made in Sipario

Made in Sipario is a social cooperative where young adult with mental disabilities are engaged as artists/craftsmen and they can experiment the responsability and the satisfaction derived from work.

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