Project creators and backers’ "all you need to know" guide to Eppela and crowdfunding

What is Eppela?

Eppela is one of the most important Italian reward based crowdfunding platforms for creators and startups
This is where a project creator can share his idea, turn it into a crowdfunding project and showcase it. Eppela is the meeting point between the creator who is trying to fulfill his dream and the support of the community which can help the dream become real.

What is crowdfunding?

It's a collaborative process of "funding from the bottom" and an opportunity to realize creative projects for free or support the ideas.
Eppela is a new online shopping mode. On the platform you can pre-order exclusive products and get technological objects preview. Only with the support of the network, the best projects become reality.
On Eppela you can tell your story, collect money online, and reach the set goal thanks to the web participation. There are no interest rates, interest-bearing loans or unattainable goals, only business projects or products to share.
Successful projects out of the total of those published
3.000 +
Funded projects
3.500.000 €
Co-financing provided by mentors
20 mln
Pledged turnover