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Matera 15/19: Episode I

A documentary by Fabrizio Nucci / Nicola Rovito / Alessandro Nucci


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Matera 15/19: Episode I

A documentary by Fabrizio Nucci / Nicola Rovito / Alessandro Nucci


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


This is a documentary about small villages, the beauty, history and culture of territories.
For this reason, we want to donate 20% of every donation made for this crowdfunding for earthquake victims of Lazio, Marche and Umbria.

Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 represents an indisputable opportunity to re-launch the territory of Lucania (also known as Basilicata), and it is only the last amongst the achievements in recent years, thanks to important activities aimed at giving back dignity to this land. In the next four years, the work, the opinions, the hopes, the regrets, the disappointments and the satisfactions of the people of Lucania cannot be forgotten. There is a need to preserve the future memory of the whole Basilicata efforts, a region which is symbol of culture and beacon of hope for Southern Italy in search of redemption.

This is "Matera 15/19", a documentary which cannot ignore the continuous confrontation with the history of Lucania’s society and culture, with the analysis of the last two decades, anthropic and political transformations and of the most traditionalistic elements which keep surviving. The intention is to create a spontaneous contrast between the print left by the region in the past, and the today’s personal point of view of those who have lived those places since when they were known as the 'shame of Italy', the practical representations of the change – first of all cultural– until 2019 and the current macro-political framework of a Europe facing internal and international challenges which will mark, in one way or another, its destiny.

The duration of the project will make it possible to gather in time a rich volume of video material which will be regularly distributed thanks to the subdivision of the documentary in four episodes – one per year until 2019 – interconnected but independent as an anthology series, every episode will see its own story characterized through its own point of view of a specific protagonist.

  • Episode I (2016): A Family from Matera
  • Episode II (2017): Emigrate established in Matera
  • Episode III (2018): A man from Lucania on the verge of emigrating
  • Episode IV (2019): A foreigner of Basilicata origin who has never been to Basilicata

A work of a cinematographic cut, but true and emotional.


In 2016 the first of the four documentary episodes will be completed, whose shots – started in May 2015 – will be finished within the summer. The end of post-production is foreseen by the end of December of the same year.

"Matera 15/19: Episode I" is produced by Open Fields Productions, a Calabrian cinematic production company, co-produced by the lucanian ArifaFilm, in co-operation with Basilicata Region, Lucana Film Commission and BCC Laurenzana and Nova Siri, and with the support of the Municipality of Matera, the University of Basilicata and the National Park of Pollino.

Authors of the episode are Fabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito: from short films to full length movies, passing through documentaries, adverts, and music video clips, there is no sector of the audio-visual and cinematic production that the directors have not dealt with over the years. Amongst the most significant works, the independent feature film "Goodbye Mr. President", a zero budget independent project, the noir movie “Scale Model - The Woman who Killed Twice”, shown at the Italian Cultural Institute of Prague and the medium length movie “La Notte Prima”, presented in occasion of the 72nd Venice Film Festival, can be mentioned.

The duo, in this instance, will be assisted by the co-author and co-director Alessandro Nucci, winner in 2008 of Premio Ilaria Alpi with his documentary “Una Stagione All’Inferno” ; he also co-operated with RAI as a director and filmmaker of the broadcast program "Petrolio" and for many years has been part of the team of Michele Santoro broadcasts, having realized reportages in England, France, Spain, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic, Albania, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Haiti, China, and United States.


Describing a territory means, first of all, knowing it in depth. Travelling, leaving places, their inhabitants, historical and traditional suggestions, transport you.

That is the reason why for the shooting of "Matera 15/19" already more than 4.000 Km have been travelled, discovering the whole of Basilicata and all the various connections with it.

Amongst them, for instance, the Calabria Region – which shares the borders with those lands – but also further away places, like Rome – where many people from Lucania and historians of Lucania live – and Plzen, Czech Republic European Capital of Culture 2015.

And we are only at the Episode I!


"Matera 15/19 Episode I", since its beginning, has been idealized in order to be presented in an important film festival, so that it can draw a qualified audience, from which starts the plan for the following distribution. The natural destination of this work – being conceived as a series and for the length of each episode, approximately 50 minutes – is the broadcast distribution.


The documentary arises from the tale of Basilicata and its people, and it develops throughout the land of Lucania distinctive traits and its history.

It is because of this reason that we have also thought about this crowdfunding initiative as an experience for discovering the 'Basilicata brand', a trip through the places, its wine and food, the most innovative touristic entertainment activities.

By being involved in the crowdfunding, you will not only contribute to the making of "Matera 15/19: Episode I" by supporting part of the production costs, but you will also become protagonist of a territory – the Basilicata Region – made of thousands of smells, genuine tastes, ancient traditions and breath taking views.

A place which is still able to trigger strong emotions.

- Thanks on the socials

Your name will be mentioned on all socials about the documentary (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) along with a special thanks.

- "Scale Model - The Woman who Killed Twice" Dvd

Special Edition Box of the noir movie directed by Fabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito, containing the feature film and the original soundtrack by Mirko D’Onofrio and Stefano D’Amato (Brunori sas) and Aldo D’Orrico.

The Plot:

Spring 1998, Vergassano Mountains. An elderly couple is savagely killed in their house. Behind that gesture there is only one hand. Confessed criminal of the two homicides is the 24 year old Eva Molli daughter of the killed couple. During the woman’s imprisonment of 16 years, Guido Fermi, psychiatrist and TV star, takes on the task of publicly investigating the reason for that gesture. And he makes the decision of doing it through his Saturday night show 'Psyche and Crimes'. Now that Eva has finished serving her term in prison and is about to go back to the only place she knows, the delightful mountain village where the family home is and where the terrible bloody event occurred, the woman’s and Mr. Fermi’s destinies will inevitably cross again. For a last time.


"La Notte Prima" Dvd

Dvd of the medium length movie directed by Fabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito, focused on the controversial figure of King Alaric, responsible for the Sack of Rome in 410 A.C. and shown at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

The Plot:

A young and talented actor goes back to his birth town, Cosenza, for the first of his theatre shows dedicated to the figure of King Alaric. The meeting with his family will making him face a past which he had tried to forget.


- Extra Virgin Oil "Frantoio Ruscigno" (0.5L)

Since 1980, Frantoio Ruscigno, a family company, has produced high quality olive oil, obtained through the traditional cold pressing of the olives using stone grinds. Strong and knowledgeable hands have always cultivated them, with care, attention and ancient methods. The oil obtained is like gold, a precious liquid which has nourished generations with its flavor and good health. The Ruscigno family takes care of the whole production line, from controlling the olive orchards – which are biological, certified ICEA – to the harvest by hand, the transformation of the drupe in twenty-four hours and the packaging of the product.


- Aglianico wine "Cantine del Notaio" (0.75L)

The passion for the cultivation of vines is ancient in the Giuratrabocchetti family and has been passed down through the generations. From this tradition the company Cantine del Notaio was founded in 1998, when Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, with his wife Marcella, seized the challenge to give value to the Aglianico del Vulture cultivated in his vineyard, bringing together tradition, innovation, history and culture of the land. Research over the years on the enological potential of this vine – the most important in Southern Italy, austere and generous at the same time – gives us today a wine of extraordinary personality.


- Gala Aperitif

Exclusive invitation to the gala aperitif which will take place in October in Cosenza to promote the documentary. During the evening, the authors of “Matera 15/19: Episode I” and other special guests will discuss the subject of Matera European Capital of Culture and the possibilities this event can mean for the South. Furthermore, 10 minutes of the documentary will be shown, a première only for the participants of the event.

The aperitif will be entirely 'salsa lucana': the participants, to the background of live music, will be able to taste the excellences of the Basilicata territory, such as the Aglianico wine of the Vulture “Cantine del Notaio” and the olive oil “Frantoio Ruscigno”, as well as cold cuts and cheese from the 'tricaricese', thanks to the collaboration of “Salumificio Carbone”, “Caseificio Lavanga” and "Norcineria Dabraio”.

An opportunity not to be missed!

The Salumificio Carbone has offered for many years speciality cold cuts from its lands, products which maintain unaltered the original recipes and tastes. When the secret of three generations comes together with the most advanced working systems, the Carbone production is born: experience in the preparation of the meat, attention to the smallest details, very careful selection of the raw materials, continual, quality control.


The Caseificio Lavanga was founded in 1961, when dairy products were produced using wooden and copper tools, by hand with experience, ability and competence. Thanks to the experience acquired, the passion and professionalism for the work and the desire to supply clients with genuine products of high quality, over time the company has earned itself an important position in the local dairy market.


The Norcineria Dabraio has produced high quality cold cuts for many years, dedicating special attention to the selection of the meats, to the transformation of the products and to the most ancient traditions of the territories of Tricarico (MT). Aware that quality is the key to the gastronomic offer, the Norcineria Dabraio offers only products without conservatives, transforming the consumption of its sausage meats into a deep experience of the Lucano territory.

+39 346 09 03 608

- The Angel's Flight

In the heart of the Basilicata, like giants emerged from the sea, rise the powerful Lucan Dolomites. In that magic place, a steel cable suspended between the tops of two villages, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, allows one to do and live a unique emotion: 'the Angel’s Flight'. Totally safe in an appropriate harness, the visitor can experience the thrill of the flight, going into a fantastic adventure, unique in Italy and in the world for the beauty of the scenery and for the maximum height of flight. An innovative way of taking advantage of the environmental patrimony, of discovering the true soul of the territory.

Reward equal to a free coupon for one person.


- Rafting on the River Lao

Lao Rafting was founded in 2000 from the love for the environment and its care. Today it presents years of experience and professionalism, thanks to which it promotes the discovery of a beautiful river ride made up of imposing gorges, through rafting on the River Lao, defined as one of the most stunning waterways in Europe. The river, which starts in the Lucan Pollino with the denomination of 'Mercure', flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea of Calabria, uniting morphologically and ideally the two next door territories. The company offers two different rafting rides, one for all the family and the other more difficult, going through one of the most imposing canyons of Europe.

Reward equal to a discount of 50% for one person.


- Thanks in the credits and parchment of partecipation

Your name will be cited in the credits of the documentary and the participant will receive a parchment of participation in the project, autographed by the directors of "Matera 15/19: Episode I".

- Final extraction: 2 days in Matera for 2!

All the participants in the crowdfunding, whatever their contribution, will participate in the raffle for an exclusive super prize: two nights for two people including breakfast, at the prestigious Hotel Sassi in Matera!

Hotel Sassi, the first hotel to be caved out of the Sassi, was realized in 1996 by restoring a large complex of habitations, built in part and caved in part during the 1500s. It is situated in the Rione Sasso Barisano, a short distance from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Matera’s main square. The hotel is in possession of a breathtaking view and guarantees maximum tranquility due to the pedestrian area. Furthermore, from April to September, it is possible to admire the flight of the Grillaio falcon, a particularly rare bird which makes its nest on the rooves of the bedrooms.

Reward equal to a free coupon for two people on two consecutive nights, excluding pre-holidays, dependent on booking by the guests and availability of rooms, breakfast included, to be used within 12 months.



The rewards will be consigned by hand, through sending by post or e-mail communication, at the end of the initiative of crowd funding and only in the case of a positive review (the reaching and overtaking of the number foreseen). If this is not the case, the sums of the donations will not be debited and no prize will be attributed.

The reward “2 days in Matera for 2" will be assigned through a raffle of all the participants at the crowdfunding and during a live web show to which will be given maximum visibility on all the official channels of the documentary.

In the case of unavailability of the rewards corresponding to the different levels of contribution, these will be substituted with others of the same economic value.

Pictures of the rewards are indicative.

All texts, labels and pictures present on this page are © Open Fields Productions and/or the respective legitimate owners. It is forbidden any use outside those finalized to the diffusion of the crowdfunding initiative and of the documentary “Matera 15/19: Episode I".

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Project created by

Open Fields Productions

Open Fields Productions is a cinematic production company, founded by Fabrizio Nucci e Nicola Rovito: from short films to full length movies, passing through documentaries, adverts and music video clips, there is no sector of the audio-visual and cinematic production that the directors have not dealt with over the years.

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