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Become an Entrepreneur at School with Bootstrap


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Become an Entrepreneur at School with Bootstrap


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

What Is It All About?

“Wake UP! Call 4 IDEAS” is a business idea competition for secondary school students aged from 16 to 18 years old. The competition is made up of three stages: first, the opening of the call for proposals; second, the carrying out of workshops; third, the closing event: the Startup Day.

Schools can apply to the call by filling the specific digital form and submitting up to two business ideas. Students will submit their proposals under the coordination of a teacher.

Proposals will fit into one of these categories:

  • Smart City. Innovative, sustainable, and energy saving solutions for mobility and security.
  • Sharing Economy. Innovative solutions targeting any economic activity and based on business models like swap or a more effective use of resources.
  • Education. Projects for the innovation of educational processes, above all at school. Proposals will aim at rethinking learning environments and tools, in order to improve the relationship among all the school actors ( students, families, teachers, and staff) and between school and the local community.
  • Wellness. Projects for living a healthy and rewarding life in one’s social context while reducing the risk factors.

Students residing in Caltanissetta will attend a one week workshop, while the others will be provided with training materials and distance courses. All students will be led in the development of their ideas, until the creation of a promotional video and a short presentation (a Pitch). Videos will be uploaded online to be voted, and these votes will contribute to the final score of the competition.

During the closing event, the Startup Day, students will present their ideas to a jury of experts. Students receiving the highest amount of points will win the competition and will be awarded a 1000 € cheque to be spent as they wish.

How funds will be used

Your donations on Eppela will help us to :

  • Support the promotional campaign;
  • Create the training material for students;
  • Organize our workshop and the Startup Day.

Who Stands Behind “WAKE UP! Call 4 IDEAS”?

In the context of the Bootstrap Project, funded by the Youth Department and the National Civil Service with the patronage of the municipality of Caltanissetta, the association Trecentosessantagradi A.P.S. is organizing “Wake UP! Call 4 IDEAS”, a practical training for secondary school students attending the 2016-2017 school term.

The association has developed solid know-how in the field of entrepreneurial training for secondary school students, succeeding over the last two years in organizing initiatives like “Banca Scolastica” , “Wake UP! Your sense of business”, and “Business Game”.

Also, Trecentosessantagradi A.P.S. has built an effective cooperation network involving educational establishments, local institutions, associations, startups, and bodies working in the fields of education, social innovation, and business.

The Goals of the Initiative

“WAKE UP! Call 4 IDEAS” aims at stimulating students to develop and display initiative, proactivity, individual and collective creativity, and their ability to innovate. The ultimate goal of the project activities is to promote entrepreneurship by illustrating the way in which a business idea can give life to a startup in the real market.

Participants will have the chance to acquire new competences.

Technical and Professional Skills

  • Business idea analysis;
  • Cost and revenue analysis;
  • Territory analysis;
  • Corporate marketing and communication;
  • Discovering financing sources;
  • Understanding the working of innovative startups;
  • Using the Business Model Canvas;

Transversal Skills

  • Creativity and problem solving;
  • Communicating efficiently and speaking in public;
  • Self confidence;
  • Teamwork and leadership;
  • Negotiation and decision making;
  • Defining objectives and managing deadlines;
  • Risk and change management;

Linguistic Skills

  • Terminology specific to the business world;
  • Business English vocabulary;
  • Presenting a business idea in public;
  • Creating multimedia messages.
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Project created by

Trecentosessantagradi A.P.S. - progetto Bootstrap

We are Trecentosessantagradi A.P.S., an association located in Caltanissetta. For the last year and a half we have been working on the realization of our Bootstrap Project, an initiative for students who love challenges and want to develop their sense of business.

Our educational approach includes game-based learning methods, simulations, and direct experiences to stimulate students in the development of self-awareness, sense of responsibility, confidence, and a success - oriented mindset.

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