The Italian way to the longtail bike

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25 Jun 2016

Bicicapace: a bike with the capacity to carry everything

Bicicapace JL (Justlong) is the evolution of the first Bicicapace bike model created by the designer Francesco Lombardi. We have supported this project from the beginning with the idea and the ambition to create “a cargo bike for everyday use” that could satisfy both mothers and bike messengers.

Bicicapace JL with its long tail allows you to load on the rear rack two child seats plus a third front seat and thanks to the capable waterproof front bag you still have 80 lt available to carry shopping bags, children rucksacks, packages to delivery and so on.

Usefulness as Bicicapace's main feature is always a fundamental part of the project, as well as the new and likable design. According to these characteristics, during the manufacturing process they attempted to create a great product set at a competitive price.

The bike is designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy. Through this crowdfunding project, we want to give a boost to the production of these first pieces so that it can be ready for the next school year.

For those who already owned a Bicicapace, we also give the possibility to pass to the long version with a generous trade-in or if you want you can have only the frame kit to build your own custom Bicicapace.

The Bicicapace JL has been designed to be highly useful:

  • Integrated rear rack 80x14 cm at 55 cm from the ground, to keep the center of gravity low;
  • Child seats to be mounted directly on the rack without any adapters;
  • Integrated 80lt, 41x48cm waterproof front bag, fixed on the frame in a low position;
  • Curved top tube for easy access;
  • Strong double stand to load the bike at ease;
  • Integrated LED lighting system with dynamo front hub;
  • 20" wide tires and total length limited to 2 mt for greater stability and easy handling;
  • Strong and reliable integrated components: 3-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub and Roller brakes.

How we will spend the money

Bicicapace plan to produce 10 Justlong bikes during this Summer that will be given to the first 10 supporters and delivered in September 2016.

All proceeds will be used for the supporters' bicycles and accessories.

Who is behind the crowdfunding project

La Stazione delle Biciclette, founded out of passion by Davide Maggi in 2003 and grown over the years until it becomes a reference for urban and outdoor cycling. Now it has four partners, two shops and a long list of cycle projects and contaminations with those who share our vision about cycling. Since the beginning we collaborated with Francesco Lombardi on Bicicapace, and together with Francesco and Stefano Moruzzo, the current Bicicapace's producers, we propose this crowdfunding project.

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