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Difondo: a LP+CD with a sampler and zither music

A LP+CD with a sampler and zither improvisation music

Expired on 27 Apr 2016

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Difondo: a LP+CD with a sampler and zither music

A LP+CD with a sampler and zither improvisation music

Expired on 27 Apr 2016

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

What is it about?

Difondo is an electroacoustic music duo composed by Sergio Camedda, sampler (a virtual sampling software played on a midi keyboard), and by Giampaolo Campus, zither (German term referring to a specific type of table cittern), which from 1998 takes ahead a music research based on compositional processes and performing techniques focusing on a contemporary themes reflection.

Visit our website: http://difondo.net/

or contact us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DIFONDO-113163615439589/

Our aim is to release our new work “Sampler and Zither” in an LP plus CD version. It is basically an acoustic work based on improvisation, thought as instant composition. It is featured by 2 main sound sources: the sampler and the zither, exploring their peculiar timbres and matching possibilities.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/difondo/sets/difondo-sample...

We decided to use the crowdfunding because we believed that only by a joining together effort – without you our project won’t take life – we could accomplish our aim, characterizedby an accurate music and graphic work and by an economic and professional effort, which implies the release and the distribution (the shipping cost implies a considerable part in it) of an LP (with 6 tracks), plus a CD (with 8 tracks, so with 2 extra tracks), published in numbered copies.

We strong-willed to release our work in a vinyl format both for our passion for the vinyl world - in fact, we are still vinyl tireless buyers and there’s no need in talking about the endless days spent in little markets or on the web looking for rare LPs – and its sound warmth, for its listening rituality characterized by time and mental concentration and for its object aesthetic value, since we consider the lp a handcrafted work, granting a full expression to the sound and graphic part too.

How funds will be used

The crowdfunding funds will be used only to provide the payment real costs :

1. LP, CD and graphic printing

2. LP and CD shipping

3. Editing audio working

4. Vinyl and cd master

5. SIAE stamps

6. Crowdfunding platform

7. Credit card transactions

Who's behind the project?

“Sampler and Zither” took some years of work through a range of improvisations performed from 2012 and 2014 from which 8 compositions available in this release came out. We chose to select the best ones in order to save their spontaneity, basing our selection on their interplay intensity and efficiency.

In 2015 we focused our attention, respecting the original material overall nature, on: the editing, made possible thanks to Christian Marchi’s precious help, the mixing and, then, the vinyl and cd mastering through Giuseppe Ielasi’s fundamental professional input.

This campaign is rooted through the experience developed within I Parafonisti del Baldo’s cultural association, located in Brentonico (Trentino / Italy), whose task is to stimulate the local community attention to new ways of approaching the sound, and through Parafonica Netlabel, which released many works belonging to different music genres of many local artists in a free download on the web in the last 5 years. So this new project, included in the new born music label Parafonica REC, can be seen as the first step to release and distribute works printed on a LP and CD media type format in order to attract a listeners audience both actively involved with the production and the sharing of a music proposal linked with music research and contemporary themes.

For more information about Parafonica: http://parafonicanetlabel.blogspot.it/

To listen to tracks released by Parafonica: https://soundcloud.com/parafonica-netlabel-1

For more information about Parafonisti del Baldo: https://parafonistidelbaldo.jimdo.com/


To show our gratitude to your support we decided to keep the lowest possible costs and at the same time to offer a complete product through the creation of 2 formats: the Lp and the CD plus the MP3 digital one.

This project has been specially conceived for crowdfunding, with numbered copies in limited edition, assigned through the donation order. An inner sleeve, showing the supporters’ name of this project with special thanks, will be placed inside the cover. In addition, the names of the people that support this project further, referred as “producers”, will be written on back of the cover. To grant the fruition to those listeners that don’t possess a turntable, we will also include a CD joined to the LP . To complete our offer an MP3 version of the 8 tracks available in the cd will be guaranteed to our supporters and producers.

A further proposal for the most curious listeners include the possibility to have our two previous works: Habitat (2010) and Himalaya (2008).

Shipping costs which considerably affect our proposal are already counted in the rewards for Italy. To send it to Europe an extra 5 euros will be charged, 10 euros for the rest of the world.

The money gained from the crowdfunding campaign will only be used to cover the real costs sustained to achieve this project.

How to donate

It is simple.

To support this project you must have a credit card or a Visa rechargeable, a Master Card or An American Express Card. It’s fine a Postepay, too.

1.Go to Eppela’s page and click on this link:

2.click on “Contribute”, the yellow rectangle on the right below the title;

3.choose a reward inserting your donation amount, click on the specific button;

4.you will see a page to subscribe to Eppela, click on “Subscribe now”, then you will see a new page to fill in to insert your dates, accept below the usage terms putting a tick;

5.now you’ll see the last page where you will be able to insert your credit card dates and fill in the invoicing dates;

6.click on the yellow rectangle below “contribute”.

Done it!!!

Eppela chose for your payments Stripe, which is one of the most secure and reliable payment systems now.

Be sure that your donation amount is available on the card you are using.

When the project will end, in case of loss of success, your donation will be fully returned to your credit card (between 5 -10 working days).

In case you haven’t got a credit car or you need help for your donation, please contact us to the following mail address: difondo@tiscali.it

Support us into this challenge!!!

We strongly hope for your support to fulfil this project. We thank you for your attention and please refer to the following links to follow step by step through our videos, listenings and images the working of the album release both from the music and graphic side too). You will be able to express your comments on it giving your contribution to the final working.

We count on your support!!! Thanks!!! Bye!!!

Facebook’s event:


Follow us in a dedicated page to the crowdfunding in our website:


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Project created by


Difondo is an electroacoustic music project by Giampaolo Campus and Sergio Camedda who since 1998 has taken to the participation to: festivals, exibitions, works commissions, soundtracks and releases for various netlabel.


Difondo is part of “I Parafonisti del Baldo” Cultural Association in Trentino (Italy) organizing events and releasing on the web works of many local artists through Parafonica Netlabel.


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