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Inspired by Worms and Angry Birds, this new crazy videogame let you challenge your friends with a barrage of carrots, mufflers and sperm whales!

All or nothing
Goal: 8,000€


Inspired by Worms and Angry Birds, this new crazy videogame let you challenge your friends with a barrage of carrots, mufflers and sperm whales!

All or nothing
Goal: 8,000€

What are the Angrymals?

Once upon a time there was a busy garbage truck, running along its way.
Once upon a time there was also a super-secret mobile research lab, speeding on the road.
And the exact same time there was a bus of actors and buskers too, full of fancy costumes and scenic elements.
Their story starts and ends like that, with a malfunctioning traffic light just near a zoo.
And in this zoo, after that bombastic explosion, are battleing the Angrymals: bizarre animals absurdly dressed, inexplicably angry, who don't lose a chance to throw each other everything they can find.

The Game

How many of you spent the night with friends roaring with laughter with "Worms"? And how many of you spent unending study or job breaks making the unstable structures of "Angry Birds" collapse to the ground? 

Angrymals takes inspiration from those two gaming milestones, and puts them on again in a totally new way.
From your smartphone you can challenge the friend right on your side or some random Nicaraguan guy: each of you will control his trio of animals, bunked behind clunky fortresses made of scraps; one hit after another, the two defiers will try to KO the enemy team.

The craftier players who don't want to use a ready-made fortress, will be able to unleash all of their creativity to design new ones, choosing to favor aesthetics or projecting the most impregnable stronghold ever built.

The variety of races, weapons and construction blocks will be huge, and ever-expanding: in fact new features will be released periodically. Features that you can unlock viai "Angrymals Caps" that you will earn playing..

To complete the view there are bonus quests, achievements and events... it being understood that the purpose of "Angrymals" is to make everyone have fun, from the casual gamer with 5 spare minutes a day, to the most nerdy ones, who can spend the night refining the perfect strategy to make their worthy foes sweat.


Icing on the cake: Angrymals will be released FOR FREE. Yep, correct: you won't have troubles engaging that penny-pinching friend of yours for a fast match... you can download "Angrymals" from the main app stores without spending a cent!

Feel a "pay2win" smell? Nope: every advantaging element in the game can be easily unlocked via the "Caps" you'll unlock match after match.

Will there be any in-app purchase? Sure, they will concern cosmetic features, obtainable via "Sionera Tokens".  
One of the most interesting features in "Angrymals" are the "skins", fancy costumes to dress up your animals in order to transform them in parodies of your favorite movies and videogames!

Why we choose crowdfunding

Developing a videogame is a time-consuming process which requires huge investments and specific skills. Even if we are trying to make "Angrymals" as simple and immediate as it gets, this doesn't mean its realization is child's play: after two years of work the game is in an almost-mature stage of developement, but we are in need of more financial resources to face the next steps. Most of all for what concerns testing, infrastructures, publishing and promotion. And honestly we would gladly eat sometimes...

Thanks to the crowdfunding, people like you can show us their support, helping us to keep believing in this project and bring it right in your hands ASAP.


To show you all our gratitude, we established a nice range of rewards, which will be automatically delivered to you following your backing.
First of all, the game: starting from 5Ä (approx 5.52 USD) you will obtain the early access to "Angrymals"! This means that you can try it exclusively way before the official launch, and help us during the developement with ideas and suggestions.

In the following steps you'll be granted the official sound track, and some very particular skins to customize your team.

For the diehard fans, there is also the T-Shirt, realized exclusively for this campaign!

If you are very very kind, then you'll have the chance to commission the realization of a custom skin, and, last but not least, an holiday with the developers! 

Some of you might have already noticed that next to every reward there is a precise number of tokens and caps: these are the Angrymals Caps and Sionera Tokens, mentioned above, the currency within "Angrymals", which will allow you to unlock additional content if you want to. The envelope represents the number of invitations for the beta version you will recive: in this way you will be able to preview Angrymals together with your friends... more friends, more fun!

Stretch goals

The minimum requirement to succesfully close this campaign is a 8,000Ä goal. Should we not be able to fulfill this objective (and we really hope we are), all the backers will be quickly refunded.
But we don't want to think of such a sad possibility, so we will now explain you what we are going to do once the goal is reached and exceeded. Here is a list:

8.000€ -
"Angrymals" released on the main mobile platforms (Android + iOS + Windows Phone)

10.000€ - Multilingual support and ITA localization

12.000€ - A Fortress Designer to project custom defensive structures

15.000€ - Introduction of the joints system: hooks, hinges, pulleys, engines... to enhance your creativity and trasform your fortress in hilarious counterattack machines

20.000€ - Release on Facebook

25.000€ - Release on PC - Mac - Linux, and the unconditioned love of the team (certified by a photo with dedication of the team, emailed to the backers personally)

696 types of seriousness

Despite the light-hearted spirit of this campaign and of the game itself, we are taking this project very seriously.

We decided to put aside our former jobs (no matter how satisfying) to realize the dream we have being chasing for a long time: developing videogames.

For us, developing videogames represent the perfect mean for expressing our creativity in countless areas of interest. It means exchange views with a lot of people, and, most of all, entertain.

We know it is not an easy task, but we are confident that, putting in this dream a lot of effort, professionalism, dedication and passion (and maybe a bit of luck) we can achieve this goal.

And your help can make the difference!


Q: On what platform will "Angrymals" be available?

A: At first, "Angrymals" will be released as a mobile version for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Later, given the results of this crowdfunding campaign, we will release it also on Facebook, and on PC/Mac/Linux on a third phase. We don't rule out its future presence on console.


Q: When will I be able to play "Angrymals"?

A: Sadly for this kind of projects the release dates are bound to many causes, and they are subject of changes. We estimate that "Angrymals" will be officially released in spring 2016; however, those who will support the project with at least 5Ä (approx 5.52 USD) will receive one or more invitations to the beta stage, which will grant them the access to the game months before the official release (roughly december 2015). 

Q: How can i be updated about the progresses in the developement?

A: No problem about that! Follow us FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube!


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SIONERA Entertainment

SIONERA Entertainment è un astro nascente nel firmamento dei mangiatori di sushi. Oltre a questo, è un trio di professionisti rubati allo sviluppo software, l'illustrazione e la musica, che con grande caparbietà e passione lavora per concretizzare il suo sogno più grande: sviluppare videogiochi.

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