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Roma, RM, Italia
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FLOOK is on its way: It is the revolution!

It is neither a book, nor a movie, it is so much more. Personalise the stories of your authors, starting with Federico Moccia

102% of 10,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

FLOOK is on its way: It is the revolution!

It is neither a book, nor a movie, it is so much more. Personalise the stories of your authors, starting with Federico Moccia

102% of 10,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

So, what is Flook? Flook is a new way to enjoy a story.

Within a story written by your favourite author you can add your videos, your photos, your music, and, if a paragraph has particularly impressed you emotionally, you can even add text and write your own account, to emphasise your particular mood.
Flook is revolutionary compared to how we are used to reading and experiencing a book. It is a new way to discover a story of a writer that we love and "fill it" with our memories, photos, videos, and even our music. We will no longer be limited to highlighting, as we have always done, the pages that we liked the most. Now we can go to each page containing fragments of our life, just as if it were our own diary.
We can also, after personalising the Flook give it to the one we love, with all the best moments we have experienced together.

When the story takes the form of a FLOOK, the author tells it through text, video, images, animations, music, ... that flow and combine in perfect harmony.
In turn, each of you can provide and upload your own content, such as video, selfies, music ... and even texts. At this point the FLOOK will automatically merge them in the author's story without you having to do anything.
You just have to let yourself dive into the story, as happens in the best books or movies, among other things, and identify with yourself, now more than ever, whenever you rediscover the content provided by you in the important moments of the story.
Your FLOOK will be unique, because only you can access it, personalised with your content, your feelings.


Logging in with a personal password, you can enjoy your version through the "FLOOK" app, downloadable from all main stores wherever you want: on Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac whenever you want: both on-line and off-line.


You can give the FLOOK as a present or even share it with that special someone. 
If you do this, from that moment just the two of you can upload your more personal content and enjoy the personalised version made by both of you. Accessible only with your password, it will be a story created by you both, no one else will know ...
Are you ready to give or share, with the person close to your heart, the FLOOK of a great author personalised with your images, texts and music, ... the importance of which only you can understand how much they represent your experience and memories? 
The FLOOK will be like your personal and intimate diary. At any time you can add your notes, highlight the moments that have struck you, continuing to personalise it with new content.


The FLOOK will always be with you and, like a diary, it will constantly be enhanced with new content that will be provided not only by you, but also by the author or other artists who wish to participate by providing their contributions to this journey in the story ....


Only you, or the person you have chosen, can access your version of the FLOOK. However the FLOOK allows immediate connection with major social networks. If you wish, you can share in real time, your impressions or the content that you entered, or talk with the author, ... even with the characters of the story or the other people who, like you, love the story. Show your 'friends' the photos, texts, ... everything you have entered!


We are producing the first FLOOK, based on a new original story by Federico Moccia. Of course, for now, it is strictly confidential, but it will not fail to surprise and excite you. Among the characters in the story, one stands out who lives, in total anonymity, in the virtual life of social networks. It is a 3D character but indeed very fascinating. Federico, to enrich his FLOOK, wanted to gather around him some of the most promising video makers: Theo Putzu, Beniamino Barrese, Square, IlariaPezone, Lucia Bulgheroni, Roberta Borgonovo. They have produced more than sixty videos, music clips, photos, ... in short, all the multimedia content that you will find in the basic version of the story, before your personalisation. FLOOK is a real gym of creativity! Federico's first FLOOK will be on the market by the end of 2015.


The FLOOK by Federico will be the first of this new narrative genre, but others will soon follow, in different sectors, such as children's literature, created by established authors who already deal with several multimedia languages ​​or other different designers, especially among YouTubers. Leggera is looking for talents who want to test themselves with this new expressive language!


FLOOK is a revolution in the art of narrating and living stories! Be among the first able to immerse themselves in and customise this great new multimedia story. Become part of the community, discover the rewards and support the campaign.


Motivated by the desire to demonstrate that even in Italy innovation starts and grows, two years ago Federico Moccia and Guido Silvestri founded Leggera Srl, the innovative start-up of FLOOK, intersecting the work of a team of visionary digital architects: UbiquityLab.
With their help we developed the distribution platform of FLOOK: scalable and highly innovative internationally, not only for its personalisation and socialisation, but also for the ability to manage and develop fresh media elements. FLOOK will be available on the market by the end of 2015.


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FLOOK by Leggera

We are Federico, successful author of books, movies and TV programmes, and Guido, manager in multinationals. We come from very different backgrounds but are united by a friendship that dates back to school and above all by the love for great stories. We developed FLOOK observing how new generations of writers are naturally multimedia orientated and how readers seek places of discussion about the characters and the themes of the stories, to bring out their own feelings.

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Roma, RM, Italia