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The web series that will drag you into the world of Live Action Role-play Games.
Be our crowd, Getalive!

All or nothing
Goal: 22,000€


The web series that will drag you into the world of Live Action Role-play Games.
Be our crowd, Getalive!

All or nothing
Goal: 22,000€

Getalive is a comedy web series on Live Action Role-play Games (LARP). Don't panic if you don't know what we are talking about! Getalive will drag you into a magical, epic, crazy and definitely irresistible world. If, on the contrary, you are more than familiar with the subject, just dive into the show and smile: it's about you! Six main characters juggling between daily life and foam swords, always shifting roles until, eventually, they'll find one that goes with everything.

We are LARPers ourselves and we are also people telling stories through the movies. In 2011 we decided to put both this things together and called it Getalive. We did it through three associations: two LARP associations - Clavisomni and Gruppolucenera - and Babele Filmica, which focus on the film industry. We decided to portrait the world of LARP because it is original, fascinating and weird. Our goal is to bring you inside the world of gamers, to make you see through their eyes and through the eyes of their characters. And above all, we want you to have fun.

We need your help to complete the first season! There are still ten episodes to go. Ok, we know Hollywood is far away in dreams and you are not likely to be impressed by our incredible special effects. Getalive is indeed something simple, funny and light-hearted, but nonetheless, the costs are heavy. Until now, we have worked with volunteers who lent us their time and energy for the mere pleasure of being part of a project and to support it. The amount we hope to raise will help us both to continue the work we already begun and which has been supported by so many people right from the start and to recover initial expenses and cover for all the coming production, pre-production and post-production costs.

The money we'll raise will be used to:

- pay our enthusiastic and passionate actors
- pay the crew, that is, all those names you see in the credits
- rent locations, equipment and a whole bunch of things that will make Getalive even more (in)credible
- buy film props and materials, thus keeping our set designers happier and more relaxed
- feed both the crew and our main and background actors while filming. And yes, they are no small eaters.
- pay Jens Ekbom for his wonderful background music
- order stage costumes from skilled and imaginative artisans
- dress hundreds of thousands background actors (more or less)

If we succeed in raising our target budget, we will be filming the remaining 10 episodes during the summer in the woods and valleys of the flourishing Tuscan natural landscape, as we already did when we filmed in the wonderful setting of the Acquerino Natural Reserve.


In the next ten episodes the protagonists of Getalive will try to give a meaning to their lives and to those of their game characters: lives that may initially look as distant, although they attract, communicate with, mingle, touch and, for a few short moments, even overlap each other. All the characters are engaged on a quest for their personal development to confront with their nature, to better live their present and their future and to finally come to terms with their past. Exactly what all human beings have been doing, since life came to this planet. You’ll see main and secondary characters shifting roles, live real and imaginary lives, constantly switching between life and game and vice versa, always back and forth or simply pushing forward, at times, with that tangible feeling there may be no coming back. Like the funniest and most exciting live action role-play game.

Like in our daily life.

The protagonist, Filippo (Francesco Gori), has no clue about LARP. He's having a bad time, both with his girlfriend and with his, obviously more than temporary, job as a journalist: he’s just a trainee. To cheer him up, his cousin Loris (Duccio Mantellassi) - a boisterous guy, with a passion for heavy metal, fantasy novels and motorbikes - drags him to a "live event". From that moment on, Filippo's life will never be the same again. For Sara (Elena Talenti) as well, life is no bed of roses: she had given up LARP for a while, until she had a chance meeting with the one guy who could talk her into going back: once again, the overwhelming Loris. Ugo (Marcello Sbigoli) is a middle-aged man and has long been a passionate and expert player. He has an issue with mobile phones and a great need to unwind. Ramona (Azzurra Rocchi) is a natural born warrior: confident, charming, dangerous and with a taste for newbies. Kevin (Alessandro Patrizi) is the nerd by-the-book and a fussy, learned and expert mage in the game. It’s quite difficult to imagine he could also live in a non-imaginary world.


Luckily enough, we are not embarking on this adventure alone. From the trailer broadcasting onward, we got the support of many organisations, mostly gravitating around the gaming sector. The most confident among them are confirming their support by taking part to this crowdfunding campaign.

Lucca Comics & Games: the main European event dedicated to comics, games, videogames and imagination. With its over 500.000 visitors and more than 1.500 different events, ranging from meetings with authors and editors to shows and LARP sessions, Lucca C&G is a Neverland where dreams may come true.
Dany Orizio: starts to work as illustrator for role-play games like "WarHammer40000", "Mutant Chronicles", and becomes one of the main Italian artists dedicating themselves to the Gaming industry, with productions ranging from Magic, World of Warcraft to Dark Tales. For Getalive he drew three pencil studies of our protagonists.
Lucio Parrillo: an illustrator who has spent the last 15 years working for major Comics and Games publishers, his work goes from the Incredible Hulk and Ironman to Magic and Dungeons & Dragons. And it is from the most famous role-play game ever that Lucio selected 3 pencil studies for Getalive.
Angelo Montanini: he’s the most famous Italian illustrator of Tolkien and already took part to the exhibition "Immagini dalla Terra di Mezzo" (Images from Middle-Earth). Since 2013, together with Ivan Cavini and other famous international artists, he is one of the main artists exhibiting in the Greisinger museum, dedicated to Middle-Earth. For Getalive Angelo made 3 pencil sketches of the most popular among Tolkien’s characters.

Feudalesimo e Libertà: a young satirical website, owes its success to its unmistakable style and the passion it demonstrates by taking part to many initiatives, both during festivals and in other occasions. They contribute with their new line of T-Shirts: their most successful merchandise products.
Orgoglio Nerd: a "nerd" information network also boasting an editorial line by Daniele "Il Rinoceronte" Daccò. They dedicate three of their most successful nerd-style T-shirts to our series.
Lokee: a social network for anything imaginary, it scouts the web with reviews and original contents mainly focusing on the world of games and narration. Among our first supporters, they now honour us with their brand new line of T-shirts.
Asterion: a giant in Italy both for board and role games. Publisher of Sine Requie, a real success by Leonardo "Il Moro" Moretti and Matteo "Curte" Cortini, who's also guest-starring in the series, and The Little Prince, Game of the Year, Lucca Comics&Games 2014.
Jolly Troll: founded as a business organisation and later as an e-shop, in 2013 opened its own editorial branch, GG Studio, which was awarded the prestigious Role-play Game of the Year at Lucca C&G 2014 with Savage Worlds right during its first year of activity.
Mini G4m3s Studio: Italian publisher, extremely active in the role-play game segment. The recent professional cooperation with Bigio and its comic strip Drizzit is a perfect example of the combination of entertainment and quality contents that characterizes our campaign.
International School of Comics: founded in 1979, the School has constantly gained importance and now has 9 branches in Italy and in the USA. The interest of the School and its students toward creative professions resulted in a voluntary cooperation with our project. For the project, the School offers the possibility to attend a course at one's choice in its branch in Florence.
Greebo Games: a sculpture and teacher at the International School of Comics in Florence, Lorenzo Giusti, known as Greebo, he eagerly welcomed the chance to take part to our campaign and offered his products and creative art. 

David Becheri - Babele Filmica and Gruppolucenera. Director of photography. Sometimes mistake for Jimi Hendrix, he love chilli pepper and sandals. He’s outrageously lucky in finding a parking spot.
Marta Corti - Clavisomni. She’s in charge of communication and music. She loves the 90s- 80s-70s-50s-40s-30s sometimes reaching to the 800s. She tries to mislead her nerdism using Rock'n Roll.
Carlo Cupaiolo - Babele Filmica. Videomaker. He makes wine, oil and watches sunrises in Iceland. He’s scared of nerd, but we discovered a black D&D box in his wardrobe.
Edoardo Dalla Via - Gruppolucenera. Game Designer. He loves board games, role-play games, and games in general. Obviously a nerd. He even sold his Magic card set for Getalive. We love you, bro!
Matteo Giovannelli - Babele Filmica, Gruppolucenera. Software programmer for the banking sector. He writes the swing, dances the screenplay, has a vintage dog and a jeep with a pedigree.
Alessandro Patrizi - Clavisomni. Graphic designer. He loves comics, Lovecraft and Star Wars. He hates the Jedi, wind, the alarm clock, overestimated things, approximation and stuff like that.
Emanuele Tassi - Babele Filmica. Camera operator and electrician. He only feeds on chees, he takes pictures of nerds as he would on a safari and he cannot pronounce the word crowdfunding.

Q: I won't be at Lucca Comics & Games to get my reward. What can I do to receive it at home?
A: Just add 7€ to the cost of your pledge and the reward will be sent to your home by express courier if you live in Italy. For international rewards, please add 15€.
Q: I'd like to receive a reward but I don't know how to add shipment charges. What do I do?
A: Choose the pledge you want and then click on “Pledge”. On the following page you'll find a link for shipment charges where you can change the amount: add 7€ for national deliveries or 15€ for international ones.
Q: Ok. I found where to add the shipment charges. Do I have to click “non voglio la ricompensa/I don't want the reward”?
A: No, just change the amount and go ahead to payment. (Be careful: if you do click on it, you won't receive a reward.)
Q: I chose the reward I want but I didn't add the shipping charges. How do I do it?
A: Click on the button “Pledge”. After that, go to the bottom of the new page, change the amount to 7€ (or 15€ for international deliveries) and then go to payment.

Remember: All rewards (except for Getathanks) need to have shipment charges included because they all include a Getafunder reward.

For any info or FAQ about rewards, please contact us. 



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In 2011 seven Larpers and entertainment professionals decided to put these two worlds together to create a web series. Three origins: two Larp associations – Clavisomni and Gruppolucenera – and Babele Filmica that operates in the motion picture industry. We want to tell the story of the world of Larps, how we got to know them but without taking ourselves too seriously. Getalive is a little like saying Get-a-life but also Get-Alive. Most of all it's:“Play a Live!” (Live =Larp session in Italian)

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