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LumiPocket, Affordable 3D Printer

A 3D printer, based on Dlp and resin technology, fast and really easy to use,
with a resolution of up to 50 micron!

110% of 10,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

LumiPocket, Affordable 3D Printer

A 3D printer, based on Dlp and resin technology, fast and really easy to use,
with a resolution of up to 50 micron!

110% of 10,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

What is Lumipocket?

LumiPocket is a compact DLP 3D printer. It is fast, affordable, and very easy to use! LumiPocket has a high printing quality that can reach 50 micron. It has a printing area of 10 cm diameter, 10 cm height, and it supports different printing materials, from a resin similar to Pla and Abs, to a castable resin for jewelers. Other kind of materials include flexible resins or with ceramic based filler.

What can I print with LumiPocket?

Check our Instructables guides and learn how to 3D print a working speaker, or how to make metallic custom parts by 3d printing the molds! You can use your LumiPocket to 3d print your collection miniatures or mechanical parts for your robots too!

For professional use, LumiPocket is the perfect tool for jewelers, that can print castable resin parts, or in the dental or medical field it is suitable for reproducing parts to be studied before working on the patients.

Lumipocket, the story

We started this mission last year, when we were just simple Makers trying to bring stereolithographic 3d printing available for everyone with affordable prices. We developed a compact 3d printer that was even foldable!

It was called LumiFold, and it started small revolution on the portable 3d printers. It gained a lot of popularity very fast!
Thanks to the backers of our first IndieGoGo campaign and the enthusiast feedbacks we received every time we showed LumiFold to the public during Maker Fairs, to international blogs, we decided to continue and we spent the last months to develop our next 3D printer: LumiPocket, improving the print quality, trying to make it as minimalist as possible, shrinking everything wasn’t necessary.

LumiPocket is versatile!

Simply regulating the projector height, it is possible to switch from very detailed print (up to 37um on XY plane), such as jewels, to bigger parts up to 10 cm diameter and 10 cm high. It means that with LumiPocket can be used to print different objects, not only small parts!

Lumipocket is fast!

With the best projector we tested (Acer P1500) and our resin (FunToDo Industrial Blend) the curing time can be as fast as 1 second per layer, one of the lowest for domestic 3D printers. With other projector and resins, the layer curing time is in the range of 4 to 10 seconds, still faster than most expensive FDM printers.

Moreover, with the DLP technique, the printing speed is not conditioned by the complexity of the printed object, or by the number of parts on the same printing tray.

Lumipocket is reliable and it requires little maintenance

With our top down projecting system, we removed one of the greatest issues related to resin-based 3D printing: the need to change frequently the printing vat. It is possible to have a printing vat for every kind of resin and change the material is very easy!

Lumipocket is very easy to use!

We developed a multi-platform software that do almost everything: it just need to charge a STL file, and the software will take care of the slicing and the printing. And if you do not have 3d modelling knowledge, it is possible to find online thousands of 3D models free to download and print!

Tech spec

Technology: Stereolithography (DLP)
Printer dimensions: About 8 x 8 x 30 cm
Printing area dimensions: 100 diameter x 100 mm
Printing time for layer: 1- 10 sec
XY resolution: Up to 37 micron (50 micron with Full HD projector and maximum printing area)
Z resolution: 50/100 micron
Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

​Supported projectors

Almost every DLP projector can be used, and no modification is required (unless you know what are you doing and you want to invalidate the warranty). We give you a list of compatible projectors that we already tested. In addition, if you already have a projector and want to know if it will work with the LumiPocket here is a list of technical requirements.

With the full kit is included a full HD projector, tested and compatible with our 3D printer, a finishing tray developed for remove and finish the printed parts.

Minimum requirements: 2000 lumen, 1024x768, focus between 16 and 28mm
Recommended: 2500+ lumen, 1280x720 or more, focus between 16 and 28mm
Tested projectors: dx325 Optoma, Acer X1260, Acer x1240, Acer 6510bd, Acer P1500

Compatible resins

An high quality, affordable and reliable resin is also important. We tested many resins looking for the one who gave us the best results. We can supply different types of resin, from a standard version, affordable and fast, to an industrial version, extra hard, or a castable version for investment casting.

Lumipocket for the social

We think that technology should be at the service of the humanity, and has the potential to help especially people with physical impairments: for this, we wanted to apply our knowledge on a project with the goal of creating 3d contents for blind people. We designed a converter for braille text that generates a 3D model that is printable with every 3D printer. It allows to 3d print tags, keychains, even three-dimensional pages, and it’s available for free on our website!

Currently we are making the last tests, we already are in contact with the suppliers for every component, and we planned production in the next weeks. With your support, we will be able to continue bringing the benefits of 3D printing available for everyone, with easy to use and affordable products.

Thank you!

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Project created by

Davide Marin

My name is Davide, and I always loved to create and build things! After my IT studies, I continued working part time on many technology-based projects as a Maker; About one year ago I started working on photo-sensible resin based 3D Printers, with the goal of bringing high quality 3d printers more affordable! After many working protoypes, and a lot of feedback from both hobbyists and professional, I founded Lumi Industries, trying to turn my passion into a full-time job!

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