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qinab - the first intelligent social address book

qinab is the first address book social, smart and distributed.

All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€

qinab - the first intelligent social address book

qinab is the first address book social, smart and distributed.

All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€

-- The heart --

We Sicilians. And we are trying.

It is not easy to bet, where we live, with our work. Many are forced to emigrate, because in this beautiful land, the possibilities are very scarce. A large number of our colleagues decide to leave. we remained in a very few. Expats almost all; who works for Facebook, Ubiquiti, Google. We decided to tempt, to try to create this possibility, staying at our house. Trying to create the computing community that we have in mind by some time. We love to call SicilyconValley :-)

We invented qinab.

-- qinab - qinab Is Not Address Book --

qinab is an app for smartphones strongly revolutionary. It's a distributed address book that gives the user the possibility to always have updated contacts on your phone.

The data is updated directly by the owner and you will find yourself automatically corrected within your address book.

-- How it works --

As well as offered by countless other address book, even the native ones included on most smartphone operating systems (Android, iOS), qinab allows you to organize and store your contacts on your phone, but it is not a phone book.

The user accesses the service by simply downloading the application from the store or by registering via the web service, fill out your profile with your data (phone number, address, website, social profiles) and communicate with one click automatically his entire list, qinab think for him to spread the phonebook to your friends the correct data of your profile.

You can fill in different profiles - friends, family, work etc - so as to diversify the data to display according to the contact.

You can have different profiles, different numbers and email, depending on the type of contact (friends, family, work and other customizable by you), updated in real-time.

Everything is centralized in the cloud (with the ability to save contact list in the local). Longer enough with copies of entire rubric at each change of mobile phone, boring communications to all their friends whenever you change your mobile number or email. Not happen more than not being tracked, losing valuable job opportunities and social. Everyone always knows how to find you, why are you to inform them of changes to your references.

-- Future ideas --

* After the beta version, will work on qinab integration of NFC technology (Near Field Communication), which Enables short-range wireless connectivity. When two NFC devices are approached, it Creates a peer-to-peer between the two That can exchange information. We will use it to exchange contacts qinab.

* We imagine, in future, public profiles for business and professionals.

It will be possible to compile the profile of your business and make it available in the network, with a simple click, anyone can add in the address book your business contacts.

* Easily create (by simply copying the code That will be provided automatically) buttons (style facebook, twitter etc) on the ITS website to allow customers with a small gesture to store your references.

-- We're working on --

The proponent is a Sicilian boy, a founding member of some hacklabs among the most famous (Freaknet - Poetry HackLab). He participated in the implementation of other projects and is working full-time and to work in IT.

The rest of the team is made up of bright, sysadmin and programmers who have given (and continue to give) their contribution even for important FreeSoftware and OpenSource projects, in research or as a maintainer (eg. Debian maintainer).

All of them have worked together for several years in other projects, reaching harmony and trust between them that led them, with self-determination, to begins this new adventure. :-)

-- project tag skill --

python, django, html5, css3, bootstrap, sql, postgresql, carddav, android, nfc, REST, Linux, HTTP (varnish, Nginx), Memcached, Redis, phonegap, pizza e bevande alla caffeina ;-)

- What are we missing -

We need risose necessary for legal advice, brand, the first test server and a small room with 3 desks and an internet connection, and of course something for keep buying pizza and drinks with caffeine. ;-).

-- info and contact -



Web site






1441646573367178 ram

Project created by


Our names are Armando and Daniele, but many of us call ram and Eriol. We take care of informatics and computer science takes care of us for several years. We worked on different projects and in different team, a little everywhere, now we want to try to keep a whole team Sicilian. We do not want to get rich, but groped ourselves the opportunity to not take your bags.

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