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Pionieri in Silicon Valley

Pionieri in Silicon Valley vuole portare 4 studenti di informatica in Silicon Valley, per crescere e fare un'esperienza unica nella culla della tecnologia.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Pionieri in Silicon Valley

Pionieri in Silicon Valley vuole portare 4 studenti di informatica in Silicon Valley, per crescere e fare un'esperienza unica nella culla della tecnologia.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


This project started during a  lecture where some external speakers shared their innovative experiences with us. That day, a young  man called  Federico talked about his emotional experience in Silicon Valley: back from California he came up with a new idea,  a good network  for its development  and a new challenge !

After Federico’s experience, two faculty members  and three  students  decided to go to California : they came back full of new contacts, enthusiasm and a different look on life. Thanks to that experience students and professors started to collaborate with organizations both in Silicon Valley and in Italy, and changed their approach  towards new ideas, developing businesses and interacting with different people. Collaboration, contamination and openness to new cultures, ideas and people are all part of   a new atmosphere created between organizations, faculty members and students of  the Computer Science department in Torino. The organizations who funded  last year’s project received from the students  some of the network ‘s contacts,   good scouting s in Silicon Valley and an entire year of publicity   thanks to the conferences students held   around Italian Universities.

For those who teach and do research in ITC innovations and in the field of entrepreneurship  ,like we do, Silicon Valley is an important benchmark where skills like technology, innovation  and  coming up with new ideas  will revolutionize the way you develop a business .
During our journey in Silicon Valley  we went not only to  Google, Facebook, IBM, VMware, and new start up companies, but also to Berkley and Stanford Universities. We met many Italians who were extremely appreciated in Silicon Valley for their background, ability in innovation and problem solving: these were our students  ..


Give 4 students the chance to go to Silicon Valley and organizations the opportunity to enrich their business !
We would like  to repeat the same experience every year and give  the best four students in the Computer science department  of Torino the chance to  finish the “innovation and  new business” course not only with an  assessment but with a genuine opportunity  to fulfil  their dream, open their mind and  go to Silicon Valley.  A place where different cultures collaborate and blend with one another, where . students can actually talk to CEOs (and CEOs listen to them), where universities collaborate with companies, and entrepreneurs with researchers. A place where you breathe enthusiasm, cooperation, openness and self-confidence.

We want our students to master new skills and knowledge, learn about collaboration, openness and innovation,   and acquire self-confidence.

On the other hand, we want to enrich the collaboration between our department and companies by giving organizations the opportunity to assess our students as their employees (a sort of  pre –recruiting experience)  expand their network,  discover what happens in Silicon Valley, the cradle of innovation and entrepreneurship, and go and visit the companies of the valley.
And last, but not least, the organizations that will finance our project will be  rewarded  in terms of brand advertising: the four students will talk about their experience in all of the universities that are developing the same project.


Student with be chosen among the best, most capable people according to their curriculum and initiatives shown during the four conferences on  innovative issues


To create a BTOU WORD !

We want to create an innovative  standard course where  every year the best students will have the chance to go to Silicon valley to improve their skills  and where  the organizations who will   finance them will get, in return,  new ideas, networks, a scouting in Silicon Valley and, why not,  an assessment of  a potential human  resource to hire !
We want to test this innovative project and get feedback from everybody so we can improve it for the years to come... creating a successful story that will   urge Universities and Organizations to collaborate together  with the help of students  

The Computer Science Department of the University of Turin believes and supports  this project  with Eppela, to help students  get a better future !

Last year I met Federico, he was full of life and happy to share with me and my students his amazing experience in Silicon Valley. When we came back he finished university, started a project, got  venture capital, and went back to Silicon Valley.
After two hours of Federico’s speech both students and faculty were enchanted by the experience and willing to go there! And we did go : we went to  Berkley and  Standford Universities, but we also visited o  Cisco, Vmware, IBM, Facebook, Google.
The atmosphere was different: work becomes extremely important if the employee is happy, we will work better and the company will grow  and the country will grow... and finally everybody could gain from this positive situation.
To be happy,  workers  need to spend some time on their hobbies, which can become ideas or activities connected with their job. They shouldn’t  have too many problems with time management in their everyday l life. They should be able to take care of their children and their house, go to the gym or swimming pool to keep in shape, listen to music, play music if they like, walk, go to the hairdresser’s, eat some healthy food,  possibly not in front of the computer, etc..
Everybody works hard, so hard that you can find a sign  in WMware  that says, “if you are sick, please stay home and do not work : don’t come here to contaminate everybody...”
Everybody respects everybody and each worker is important for his/her company. Workers work hard and take responsibility even if they are not a  project leader...there is  actually teamwork where people  collaborate with each other, and they win or  lose as a team. Team building and team balancing is crucial: young people are important because they need to work and they are willing work but, above all,  they do not ask themselves if a work can be done  or not, they just do it!
The risk is important in Silicon Valley,  you are encouraged  to take  risks,  the more you risk the more you learn  “it’s the fail culture”  a positive way of reacting to failure: it’s not how you measure your failures,  but how you get back  up again.
That week, I met young entrepreneurs: they don’t eat, sleep, they just follow their dreams from an Api marketplace “Mashape” to a hardware that processes big data called  “Ronnie”.
My colleague and I came back full of new ideas: we started new activities, developed a social network, started  focusing on the relationship between universities, organizations and students.
We have set up good contacts in Silicon Valley, now we are exploiting a project with A3cube, a silicon Valley start-up company , we have two  students   that work in Italy for a company in  Silicon Valley  and one student that is working on  his final project in Silicon Valley for Cosimo Spera , a serial entrepreneur who is  developing an innovative application called “Bebell”.  We have enlarged our team.
The Silicon valley experience is working : new networks, new opportunities , new skills, new businesses and a big network!!


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Siamo un team di docenti, collaboratori e studenti del Dipartimento di Informatica: studiamo innovazione e start up, sviluppiamo innovazioni tecnologiche con l’obiettivo di creare prodotti, partecipare a progetti fare ricerca e creare innovazione. Sviluppiamo la cultura dell’innovazione, della collaborazione e dell’apertura per insegnare ai nostri studenti e per far crescere loro, noi stessi e il nostro Paese.

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