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ilTrovaTreni 2.0 - restyling, security and mobile

ilTrovaTreni is a useful tool for many travellers and commuters. Are you a satisfied user or just curious? Help us improve it!

All or nothing
Goal: 4,000€

ilTrovaTreni 2.0 - restyling, security and mobile

ilTrovaTreni is a useful tool for many travellers and commuters. Are you a satisfied user or just curious? Help us improve it!

All or nothing
Goal: 4,000€

What is the “ilTrovaTreni”?

ilTrovaTreni” is a website entirely dedicated to the auctions of train tickets. IlTrovaTreni provides the travellers with an optimized platform to transform a wasted ticket in a great deal travel.

For those looking for a deal :

thanks to some simple criteria, it is possible to find in a few clicks the ticket you need in our database. It will then be possible to contact the seller using the dedicate form and conclude the deal.

For those with a ticket to sell :

once registered for free on the web-site, it is possible to upload a ticket to our database and make it visible to thousands of our users. The offer is also published on our social networks to make it even more visible.

With 7500 subscribed users, more than 700 online items and nearly 1500 tickets exchanged on the site in 2014 for a value of 45000€, IlTrovaTreni is the larger platform of this kind in Italy. Moreover, we are on the major social networks as Facebook (with more than 7000 active users), Twitter and Google+.

Where does the idea come from?

In 2012 I came back to Italy after some years spent in France, where I got the habit to use some specialised web-sites to look for cheap train tickets at the last minute or to sell my own tickets that I could no more use. Back to Italy; I still needed such sites (my girlfriend lived far away) but the only thing I could find was general online selling platforms where it was hard or nearly impossible to find a precise ticket for a specific trip. Nevertheless, I noticed that many people had the same problem...

Such a dedicated web-site would have been useful for many people, so I decided to create it! After some learning, the first version of the ilTrovaTreni got online on June 2012. Some time and advertisement later, the first tickets also arrived.

In October 2012, with the help of a designer friend, we put online an improved version of the site with a new interface.

At the beginning of 2013 we got awarded by our first 500 registered users and an average of 50 tickets online.

In May 2013 the users were more than 1000 and the online tickets more than 100.

We added some improved search options, automatic email for the online tickets, the automatic publication on the social networks, ...

In 2014 ilTrovaTreni is a community of more than 7000 and more users, with an average of 700 online tickets and 18000€ of exchanges last month only.

We receive every day congratulations and thanks from our users, but also requests for new functions, upgrades, ideas and suggestions.

That is why we ask for your help here on Eppela.

​Goal of the campaign

Up to now ilTrovaTreni has been developed and mantained for free by me and some friends. The few advertisment on the website are finally enough to pay for the fix costs (server, yearly fee for the domain name, etc...) but not to deveop the site as our users ask us to do.

We ask for funding here on Eppela to upgrade ilTrovaTreni.

The minimal budget of 4000€ allows us to :

- pay for the professional restyling and reorganisation of the website; (1500€)

- create a new homepage for an easier surfing; (750€)

- introduce a system of feedback to improve security and reliability; (500€)

- create a premium version and the introduction of the TT+ (sponsored auctions); (250€)

- adapt the site to mobile devices; (1000€)

The success of the campaign would allow us to offer you even more!

A gold budgetof 6000€ (2000€ more) would allow :

- the ilTrovaTreni APP (for Apple and Android), for an easy and direct access; (1800€)

- the creation of a dedicated section for the current offers (for ex. "Sabato2x1" of Trenitalia); (200€)

A platinum budget of 8000€ (2000€ more) would allow to :

- develop a check functions for the tickets on sale; (1500€)

- create a guide to use the website and a blog to collect the news. (500€)

Are you one of our faithful users that we helped to save or get back his money or just a curious traveller who still did not know about us? In both cases, we ask you to contribute to our campaign to develop a project who is already used and appreciated by thousands of Italians.


To thank those of you who will contribute to our campaign, we thought of several rewards. The new site will have a section to thank you for your help. Also, the comic in the video, designed for this campaign, will make an excellent original postcard for you and your friends. The new website will have premium options to highlight the tickets online: we offer a premium membership to our supporters on Eppela.

Also, for the most kind of you, there are t-shirts and plenty of travel gadgets. We also thought about professionals who may want to become our partners and advertise on the ilTrovaTreni.

And if you just got plenty of money and feel generous, we have a super offer for you!

They talk about us

Stanchi di affrontare spese astronomiche per il treno?

Poco pazienti per le lunghe ore di viaggio e i ritardi di intercity e regionali?Ecco il sito che vi permetterà di trovare biglietti per treni a media e lunga percorrenza in Italia (solitamente treni veloci, frecce Trenitalia o Italo) a prezzi più che abbordabili:


Con una facile registrazione sul IlTrovaTreni potrete vendere o acquistare biglietti a prezzi stracciati, messi in vendita online da chi non può utilizzarli. Sul portale origine, destinazione e calendario delle partenze: una piattaforma semplice per aiutarvi a viaggiare!”

da TravelEasyGuide (http://traveleasyguides.blogspot.ch/2014/01/il-trovatreni.html)

A starci dietro le tariffe low cost per l’alta velocità offrono delle gioie non indifferenti a chi si sposta di frequente e, se per contro non offrono pressoché niente in termini di flessibilità, è vero che è ancora la rete a fornirci la soluzione con un tot di siti dedicati alla compravendita di biglietti ferroviari come Il trova treni.”

da VanityFair.it (http://amoriinvaligia.vanityfair.it/2013/10/04/storie-ad-alta-velocita/)

Trovo che offriate un servizio veramente valido, soprattutto per chi viaggia frequentemente e prenota con anticipo i biglietti rischiando così di incorrere in imprevisti che possono impedire il viaggio. ” Serena (email)

Complimenti per il sito, è un ottimo servizio per chi ormai viaggia e cerca di risparmiare.” Natascia (email)

Complimenti ottimo sito!”Tony (facebook)

Post-scriptum for curious people

Paper tickets are not nominal and can be resold (at a lower price than the original one); electronic tickets can be only sold if the owner name is modified (free for all Italo and most of Trenitalia tickets). ;)

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Project created by

Stefano Bertone

Researcher and astronomer, Ph.D. of Science in Paris and Turin, actually working at the University of Bern. With some friends I created ilTrovaTreni some years ago to help travellers and commuters to find and sell cheap train tickets on a dedicated online platform. The large and growing community is now asking for new functions and a safer and more reliable platform... and we need your help! :)

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