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The competence and the network of dodLAB is at the service of designers - experts or beginners - ho want to realize their ideas.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal

All or nothing


The competence and the network of dodLAB is at the service of designers - experts or beginners - ho want to realize their ideas.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal

All or nothing


MATERIE IN OGGETTO is an entity for the promotion and development of the language of design through knowledge of the tradition and materials.

The professionalism and the network of dodLAB's creatives are at the service of designers - successful or beginners, for job or for pleasure - who want to realize their ideas.



Michela, Cristina, Nicola, Federica: we are dodLAB. One of our main vocations is to rediscover and pass craftsmanship which is disappearing impoverishing the productive and cultural reality of our country. The potential of the experience of the craftsmen involved working as a unit so as to create real Made in Italy objects. For dodLAB the "protection of craftsmanship" is also applied through the search of vintage items that, after a phase of makeover or simple recovery of original appearance , are in some cases redesigned giving them a second life, a new use or a new function.

The visual-tactile experience and knowledge of materials is for dodLAB an essential factor of design as an essential tool to extend and enhance creative horizons. The knowledge both of the individual materials that of design history is for us the origin of each new creative act: retracing the experiences of the past, analyzing the objects produced and identifying ourselves in the sensibility of the same, dodLAB each time try to develop a design language able to communicate with all parties involved to final production.


MATERIE IN OGGETTO: the workshop

The debut of MATERIE IN OGGETTO, generated from our experience, is concretized in a first workshop that will be held at the Laboratory dodLAB in Milanon 21 and22 March 2014. The workshop will be the first opportunity to understand and develop verbal and textural languages able to generate design paths. We realize that often the specific skills of those involved in the creation of an object (artisans, designers, illustrators, etc. etc.) become the exclusive point of view and almost obstacle in the development and success of the project penalizing the positive and proactive dialogue. It was important for us to learn about the professionalism of others because we have upgraded our by appreciating it and generating a dialogue that led to the development of an effective common language: this is one of the messages we want to convey to those who will come to know us.

The development goals originated by this workshop are:


a) proposal to participate in a network of professionals / craftsmen;

b) sharing a meeting and creativity place;


a) promotion of awareness, purpose and collections of dodLAB;

b) ideas and methodology for the enhancement of vintage items;


a) sharing of visual and tactile experience;

b) advice and design support;


a) offer the support of the methodological experience of dodLAB;

b) accompany the future prototyping and creative projects;


a) knowledge of materials through historical notes in order to identify a design and creative process ;

b) cultural promotion and valorization of Made in Italy.


Come on, join in!

Supporting MATERIE IN OGGETTO, contributing on eppela.com, will allow us to build our cultural project and the ideas of many designers. You'll get opportunity to meet our vibrant and productive professional reality (and our enthusiasm!) and so you can explore the services that we offer. By participating in the workshop you will know closely the network that we have established over the years so being able to use your ideas through of dodLAB. You can give vent to your curiosity knowing materials and processes, performing experimental activities, developing critical thinking skills of feasibility and use of them in your projects.


What will we do during this workshop?



Day 1

- registration of participants

- presentation of dodLAB

- presentation of MATERIE IN OGGETTO

- presentation of the collections

- roundtable discussion among artisans of the network on materials and processes

- brief description of the laboratory

- setting of the working groups

- happy hour


Day 2

- registration of participants

- presentation of the project of Entre line (historical references, design and creative process, problems and solutions)

- detailed analysis of a component of the line Entre - materials, techniques, processes and technologies

- driven experimentation

- debate on the experience and possible developments and applications of the proposed technique

- closure of the session

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