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Theatrical event nationally syndicated Text on femicide, staged November 25, 2013, in 21 Italian theaters.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Theatrical event nationally syndicated Text on femicide, staged November 25, 2013, in 21 Italian theaters.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

A project conceived and coordinated by

Cultural Association Liberipensatori " Paul Valéry "

Till death do us part

Di Francesco Olivieri

Theatrical event with national circulation

Text on femicide, staged November 25, 2013,

World Day Against Violence Against Women,

in 21 Italian theaters

(see artists and venues in the list below)


"Till death do us part" is the story of two women who are killed by their companions.It is a complaint against femicide written by a man who has put in the shoes of the victims.Two women apparently many different , one that reflects all the clichés of women abused and often killed , the other that eludes every cliché and that despite living a comfortable life and seemingly full of affection has the same fate as the first.With humor and at the same time with tragic tones both narrate from death their condition until the time of the killing .An invitation to reflect on a play that increasingly afflicts our society.

On the occasion of the day against violence against women, on November 25, the text will be represented in 21 different Italian theaters, theater companies from as many

(see artists and venues in the list below).

Every place of performance will be linked by a live webcast that will follow the event and every Italian city.

Artist and major artists have already confirmed their participation as a testimonial of the event. A demonstration of how it is , that against femicide , a common struggle and not of kind.



"Till death do us part" is a project within the Cultural Liberipensatori "Paul Valéry" in Turin, initiative and enthusiasm of a playwright and three actresses who have wondered how it is possible through artscenic raise awareness on an issue as sensitive and important as the femmincidio.

The opportunity is now presented in the form of a play of rare strength and delicacy at the same time, the title of which is in fact "Till death do us part", a text written by a man on his own initiative .A man who speaks through the voices of the two protagonists, Federica Mellori and Hypatia Florentines. A contingency that there seemed rather peculiar, because it is a universal struggle, not gender.

Hence the decision to network, the most extensive possible.

To date we have managed to involve more than 30 actresses on the whole national territory, to cover more than 20 municipalities then almost all Italian regions.

States are realizing a dream represent 25 November , on the occasion of the World Day Against Violence Against Women, a stage version of the text "Till death do us part" in each of the cities involved.

'Cause we need your help

The goal of this fundraiser is to make this initiative more and more widespread because we strongly believe in the power of the word, in the evocative power of theater in all its forms and in its ability to stir the conscience .So we would not like having to stop here.

We believe we have a duty to do something , especially in non-conventional places of theater, such as associations , schools and hospitals.Why can not face this struggle alone on the stage.

And it is precisely on this path which started a viral campaign on the web that already gave us the wonderful satisfaction.

But we can do more.

We need you, women, but especially to you, men.

Give us a hand, but not in your face!



(list of theaters and times being updated ) :


Stefania Rosso, Daniela Vassallo, Manuela Grippi – Torino, Maneggio Cavallerizza Reale ORE 21

Raffaella Tagliabue ed Elena Dragonetti - ALTROVE Teatro della Maddalena - Piazzetta Cambiaso, 1  - Genova, ore 21

TeatroInRivolta, Patrizia Monica Triolo, Tiziana Pasquero, Elena Garbieri - Val di Susa, Credenza di Bussoleno ore 21

Karin De Ponti e Valentina Scattolin accompagnate dalla suonatrice di viola Priscilla Panzeri regia di Karin De Ponti e Valentina Scattolin - Circolo Arci Milan Noeuva, Via Pascoli 4, Milano –  Teatro MACAO, Viale Molise 68  ore 21- Milano - ore 18,30

Isabella Dilavello e Margherita Sciarretta - Biblioteca Civica ore 15, Libreria Pagina 12 ore 16:30, Foyer del Teatro Camploy, ore 19, Verona

Patricia Zanco e Patrizia Laquidara - Palazzo Bonin Longare, Via Palladio 13, ore 18:30,Vicenza

Sara Alzetta - Sala del Consiglio Comunale ore 21, Trieste

Eleonora Marzani,suono a cura di Marta Sales - Teatro Marinoni Bene Comune, Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio, Lido – Venezia, ore 21

Silvia Giorgi e Virginia Spadoni con quartetto femminile di sassofoni Le Singeleé - Sala del Consiglio presso Biblioteca Comunale,San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini) ore 21:30

Monica Scattini accompagnata dalla violoncellista Julia Kent - Teatro Valle Occupato,Via del Teatro Valle 21, Roma, ore 21

Anna Garofalo e le Faraualla - Aula Consiliare della Provincia, Bari, ore 21

Ivana Lotito, Claudia Lerro, regia di Manfredi Saavedra - P.Art, via P.Cafaro 2, Galatina ore 21

Ilaria Bordenca, Agrigento - OpenSpaceTheatre, Via Empedocle 159, Agrigento, ore 21

Compagnia Teatrale Gli Incauti, Giulia Valenti - Associazione Menomale,Via de Pepoli 1/A, ore 21, Bologna

Compagnia Teatrale G.O.D.O.T. Con Federica Bisegna, Lucia Sardo e le loro allieve, regia di Vittorio Bonaccorso, musica a cura di Erik Cascone - Lanificio Centro Produzioni Ragusa, ore 21, Ragusa

Nicoletta Magnani e Jane Bowie - Varese, ore 21

Catia Ubinelli - Auditorium San Rocco, Senigallia, ore 21

Chiara Cavalieri e Paola Cerimele, regia di Manfredi Saavedra, musiche di Antonio Romano - Teatro Savoia, Campobasso, ore 21

Rita Azteri e Maria Loi - Sala Conferenze Ex Distilleria Pirri, Via Ampere2, Cagliari ore 21

Video di lettura del testo Finché morte non ci separi dalle seguente nazione Lucia Falco: Bangkok



The Facebook page of the event: www.facebook.com/finchemortenoncisepari?fref=ts

The Facebook page of Federica Mellori: www.facebook.com/federica.mellori   

The Facebook page of Ipazia Fiorentini: www.facebook.com/ipazia.fiorentini

The website of dell'Associazione Liberipensatori “Paul Valéry”: www.liberipensatori.net/sito/




1441645429652824 liberi.pensatori tiscali.it

Project created by


We call Liberipensatori "Paul Valéry," and we are "wonderfully sick" of theater, poetry, literature, music, sow new drama and new forms of expression in the wake of the great theatrical tradition. We believe in the power of the word, in the evocative power of the theater and in its ability to stir the conscience. We want a theater of lightness and at the same time civil commitment. Looking for the kindness. And we do not care niches, we aspire to the multitudes.

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