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Open will be the first bookshop offering more than a book.Open will be a space where you will be able to spend time, work and exchange ideas.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Open will be the first bookshop offering more than a book.Open will be a space where you will be able to spend time, work and exchange ideas.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Did it ever occur to you to be in a bookshop, willing to read a book, and not to find a comfortable place where to seat?
Are you too one of those people that use their tablets while eating?
Do you like to work with other people, knowing that if you need help everybody will be happy to provide some?
Do you also believe that having an aperitivo is the best way to do some networking?
Can you think of a place in Milan where you can do all this?

Open will be the first bookshop that will offer you more than a book.


I am professional in the field of communication and I believe in the book revolution, in every form.
I had an idea and I was lucky to meet the right people to make it happen.While running dressed like a reindeer,
I met Fabrizio, who renounced to a promising career to adventure in the no-profit sector. He knew Piergiorgio, a sui generis lawyer, who met, in one of his startups, Carla a woman that is able of connecting companies like if they were persons.


Open will be a space of 1000 mq where you will be able to buy books or comfortably read them on the sofas.
Tablets to discover the apps’ world with the help of a digital expert, if you need it. A 20 meters long table to eat, read and think freely. A co-working area to create and share. Three meeting rooms for small and big projects. All this in a logic of ideas’ cross-fertilization, because we believe in the power of diversity and of collaborative intelligence.


We are almost ready, we are going to open on the 20th of November in viale Montenero 6, Porta Romana,
Milan. We need your support to complete the last piece: thanks to your help, we will be able to buy 100 tablets that will allow us to organize free courses and laboratories of digital alphabetization for all kids in schools.


100 tablets and e-readers to use, try and even rent;
6000 book titles for the paper lovers;
80 places to seat, which, depending on the level of relax you are looking for, can be chairs, armchairs or sofas;
One 20 meters long table to realize your thoughts;
30 co-working positions for the truly free professionals;
3 meeting rooms for 6 up to 50 people to share small and large projects;
1 tasting bar for when you need to take a break;
courses of digital survival to be prepared for the app jungle.


You can get to know better our founders here

Giorgio linkedin
Fabrizio linkedin
Piergiorgio linkedin
Carla linkedin

If you read untill here, you deserve a big thank you from the four of us!

If you then decided to support us, our acknowledgments will be made more explicit on this page, once the campaign is over...so STAY OPEN!


1) What are the advantages of the Premium card?
The Premium card gives you the possibility to use for 30 days the tablets available at Open, so to access to a selection of our premium applications and to consult several newspapers, national and international magazines, all of which carefully selected by our staff. Furthermore, the staff will be available to answer to all your questions and doubts.

2) What does partecipating to a workshop mean?
It means that you are invited to take part to a one-hour workshop of your choice, among those that we offer.

3) What types of workshops do you offer?
We have different types of workshops. From the course that teaches you how to create an interactive book to a laboratory in which children can familiarize with the digital world, to a course that explains how to link your passion for sports to a beneficial cause.

4) What is the “special” book?
It is a book that it is special, because it tells a unique story, the story of how this innovative idea is born. The author of the book is Giorgio, one of the founders.

5) What is the difference between the Premium card and the Member card?
Whit the Member card we offer you the possibility to consult all our Premium digital contents for an entire year, some discounts on the rent of our spaces and work positions and the opportunity to take part to some of our courses.

6) What? The aperitivo in a bookshop?
Yes, this is a revolutionary idea. We are preparing for you a special food area, where you will be able to drink your aperitivo from 18.30 to 20.00, while relaxing and doing some networking, if you like it. And if you want, you can also participate to the events "Meet, Talk & Drink" which will be hosted during the aperitivo time.

7) And do you offer the dinner as well?
Of course! We have an elegant restaurant-bistrot inside Open, where you can taste and enjoy only high quality food in a special atmosphere.

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Giorgio Fipaldini is a professional in the field of communication and digital languages. After graduation, he starts nurturing a particular interest for the new creative potential of digital languages. His entrepreneurial adventure starts there, first in the digital design sector, with Binario Srl, then in the digital publishing industry, with Tapook, brand with which he launches, PlayArt, a multi-awarded app, that introduces kids to art. Currently, he's working on Open “more than books”.

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