Craft Camp 2013

Craft Camp is a 2 days event for designers, makers and artisans 2.0, it will feature workshops, debates and meetings about anything related with your business.

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13 Aug 2013


Craft Camp is an event dedicated to those who believe in “know how”, this includes people who create objects with their own hands, who use technology, who design ideas with their own creativity as a hobby or professionally. It is organised as a 2-day barcamp, a collaborative un-conference where anyone can take the floor, putting content to be explored, exchange experiences and ideas, share inspiration and experience. There will be hands-on workshops, round tables and presentations. We will discuss self-production and how to transform your creativity into a profession. Craft Camp will be a learning and socializing opportunity thanks to the participation of guests and the community. It will be an opportunity to meet many creative people whose handmade talents tell a story, the story of who invents, designs and manufactures. Craft Camp is an Etsy Italia Team idea designed to promote handmade items, a collaborative culture and a sustainable economy.

The scheduled confirmed workshops are:


- Creative recycling by Vendetta Uncinetta Give socks and sweaters that you no longer use a second chance and make puppets and hats.(Attn. You have to bring material that will be recycled!)
- Lumi by IreneAghDevelope your fotos on fabric with Lumi, because there’s nothing better than to wear your own art.
- Accessories with led lights and Arduino by Roma MakersBecome a maker: build you own technology accessory with Arduino.

THEORETICAL WORKSHOPS (by Etsy Italia Team members):

- Open a shop on Etsy.Everything you need to know for those who want to open a shop or have recently opened.
- Shop critique marathonPhotos, description, tags, everything will be analyzed and anyone can ge advice on how to improve your own store.
- Photography and Photo EditingAll the tricks on how to take good pictures.
- Using Social NetworksHow to promote your creative activity using social networks better.


- Stampomatica by Tecnificio and Lino’s Type
What would have happened if Gutenberg would have had a 3D printer? Stampomatica would have been born. Thanks to 3D printing and laser cutting, letterpress meet digital fabrication, creating a hybrid: an innovative and customizable typographic kit.
- Booklets a gogo by PaulinePaulette
Paola will teach you three binding techniques that will enable you to create small booklets. You will learn simple and easy to make techniques, and include:
1. Pamphlet
2. Hinge binding
3. Concertina

At the end of the campaign we will contact all people interested and request that they book the workshops they would like to attend.


Etsy Italia Team is the Italian community on A large group of creative people who, thanks to internet, try to help each other in today’s difficult modern craftsman world and in online sales. We try, in every way, to promote a consumer awareness culture, we value italian craftsmanship and the importance of collaboration.On this occasion, we want to share the knowledge we have accumulated over the past few years, selling on Etsy, with all those who will want to take part in this event.


By donating to this project, either with large or small contributions, you will give its’ creative participants a chance to meet, exchange ideas and participate in Italy’s largest handmade community, in person instead of online. Contributions starting at 2 euros and up, will finance all of the event’s organizing expenses. The organizers are all volunteers and EIT members and WILL NOT receive any remuneration.You must have a credit card to donate and depending on the amount you will receive different types of awards (see sidebar). The donated amount will be charged only in the event we reach our amount goal of €4,300.


Craft Camp will take place October 12 and 13; a detailed schedule, including times will be released at the end of the campaign.


It’s a secret! :) The Craft Camp will be held in Milano, in an easily accessible building. We will reveal the location at the end of the campaign.


What happens if we don’t reach our fundraising goal?If we do not reach our fundraising goal, we will still organize our Craft Camp, however in a smaller version and in a smaller location. Consequentially, less people will be able to participate. We will also look for sponsors, so if you’re interested or know someone who might be, please write to [email protected] !

What happens if we exceed our goal?If we exceed our goal, we will add other workshops to the existing ones. We can also spend and splurge on gadgets to give away and this will make the event even more special.

Thank you all for your support!



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