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Teatro Due Mondi is planning a tour to Argentina with a show on Amore. 17 towns and 9.000km from North to South. Help "Ay l'amor!" to fly overseas.

102% of 3,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.


Teatro Due Mondi is planning a tour to Argentina with a show on Amore. 17 towns and 9.000km from North to South. Help "Ay l'amor!" to fly overseas.

102% of 3,000€

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

Doing theater is a small thing if there's no encounter with the spectator. Of any kind and any place in the world. We need those meetings, they make our work grow and develop.

To create always better theatre shows, we want to meet a new audience, away from home. And we want to bring together the culture grown in Romagna with that of other places of the world.

Argentina is our goal 2012. From North to South, we will travel 9,000 km by bus, performing "Ay l’amor!", our show-concert that sings the love, for a woman, a man, for an idea, a dream, a passion.

We’ll be your ambassadors in a land where many Italians have emigrated. And we want to do it at our best, with the whole group of the Teatro Due Mondi.

We already find funding for hospitality and bus travel, but to finally taking off... we need your help. We still lack the amount for 3 air tickets. We ask you to take part in the adventure: donate us a small feather, and let our wings fly. Thank you all!



Who we are and what we do?

We are an independent theater group. For thirty years we have been bringing our performances in the street, outside the official circuits, involving both casual and experienced spectators. Our workplace is Faenza, our theater is the world.

2012 is time for Argentina, 17 cities, more than 9,000 km and over 100 hours of travel by bus, 18 performances of "Ay l’amor!" singing the passionate and political Love, of the heart and life.


We will carry to Argentina our theatrical knowledge born in Romagna and that a little represents Faenza, our town. "Ay l’amor!" will leave a mark in the hearts of Argentines and awaken distant memories in those Italians who had emigrated years ago.

There will be meetings with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, with the Italian communities and from the Emilia-Romagna region in Argentina. We'll meet other cultures, collect experiences, of life and art.

And in Faenza we'll bring back our "cards", ideas and impulses which will give new sap to our work. For each tour is a great school, it gives us new perspectives for our work.

When and where?

We’ll leave on August 27. From Buenos Aires 1,000 km by bus to the North. In Santiago del Estero the first show, then San Miguel de Tucumán, Jujuy and Salta, border with Bolivia. Another 1,000 km to the Northeast, border with Paraguay: Formosa, Corrientes and Resistencia. Back down to the Center to Parana and Rosario, and then via Coronel Suarez and Santa Rosa La Pampa, to Patagonia in Cipolletti and Neuquen. We’ll go back up to the Cordillera 800 km to Mendoza, San Juan and Villa Mercedes. In early October, the last date in Cordoba, the heart of the Pampas Argentina.

You'll find the final dates on our website. And then you can follow us on Facebook, you will not lose our tracks.

What we need

Organize a tour for a large group like ours is not easy and it’s more and more difficult to finance it.

We already covered a good part of the costs. But still not all for traveling overseas. This time we’ll need also the contribution of those who believe in our project.

Of those who believe that art needs to go around the world to live and grow; those who already know us and support all our new artistic adventures; of those living in Argentina who still feels a tie with Italy, who emigrated once and want to know something more of their Italy. With your funding, large and small, we expect to pay 3 air tickets.

Who will be on tour?

"Ay l’amor!" is a group’s performance. We'll be 7 people but it’s as if we were 14: each actor or director is also something else: technician, tour-manager, administrator, head of press office, tailor, porter, light designer. But on stage we are: Actors: Angela Pezzi, Renato Valmori, Tanja Horstmann, Maria Regosa, Stefano Grandi e Monica Camporesi; and director: Alberto Grilli.

What we will show in Argentina

"Ay l’amor!" is a show-concert. Six actors, on high ladder, sing and act the short stories taken from Southern Italian songs and original compositions. Ironic and funny, dramatic and passionate scenes, they talk about all sides of love, sentimental and ideal. Songs of conquest and surrender, of hope and disappointment make a sequence of tarantellas, folk songs, waltzes and more, taken from the repertoires of Roberto De Simone, Matteo Salvatore, Eugene Jackson, Otello Profazio, Rosa Balestrieri and others.


Who we are:


Video “Ay l’Amor!” I:

Video “Ay l’Amor!” II:


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TEATRO DUE MONDI We are an independent theater group based in Faenza. For 30 years we have been bringing our shows in the streets all over the world with an extraordinary theatrical skill, poor and sumptuous, epic and ironic at the same time. Our artisan-actors train every day, can sing, dance, play music, give off energy on stage. About our shows some people say: "able to strike the spectator and to make him wander into new worlds."

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