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Connected to your devices, the bracelet allows to call, listen to music and manage apps through customized gestures, without touching the screen.

All or nothing
Goal: 30,000€


Connected to your devices, the bracelet allows to call, listen to music and manage apps through customized gestures, without touching the screen.

All or nothing
Goal: 30,000€


GET is a project that connects your senses, habits and behaviours with your every-day-tools and mobile apps. GET is a bracelet which allows you to gain access and control over such tools through an invisible and intuitive interface which is so smart that it can recognize your gestures thus interpreting your will. Due to bluetooth connectivity and the bone-conduction technology, making a phone call has never been easier and more fun. Your hand will become your handset and you will no longer need any extra accessory.

GET also allows you to keep track of your physical activity and your sleep cycles replacing any other wearable device on the market.

This projects tests new types of interaction which do not require any physical contact with mobile devices imaging a future where the perfect interface becomes the human body itself.


GET uses your gestures to access and control your devices in the easiest and most intuitive way ever. Furthermore, through its bone-conduction technology you will be able to listen to any notification (whatsapp messages, tweets, emails, messages, etc..) while respecting your privacy. The bone-conduction technology is composed by transducesers which emit sound waves thath can only be heard from your internal hear. These waves are trasmitted at a frequency that travels through your bones. Hold your thought: we already know what you are thinking and do not worry: bone conduction will do you no harm. GET is safe for use, as a matter of fact bone-conduction technology comes from the medical field and has been used for years on hearing-aid devices and, as far as Bluetooth technology, it is the lowest emissor among Electromagnetic fields and it helps you not to have your smartphone close to your head thus reducing even more the emission near the brain.

As with any mobile device, you will have the chance to access specific apps, functions and notifications.

GET's mobile app will allow you to customize any gesture and relate it to the specific function/command.

This means GET has two different modes: passive mode and active mode.

- While using the active mode, you will control your apps and your devices' functions (i.e. read the latest news, call your favorite contacts, ask for the time, activate music playing, add a reminder, etc..).

How to activate it: a simple gesture will activate a specific app;
How to execute it:all you will need to do will be to lift your finger towards your hear.

- While using the passive mode: GET will send you feebacks through vibrations and led's.


When it comes to use GET, all you need to do is to put it on your wrist and connect it to your devices via bluetooth connectivity.

GET is a discreet and comfortable wearable device which you can wear on any occasion and adapt it to your lifestyle. GET is produces for daily use and you can use it during your free time, sport activities, travels, work and study. GET will always be there, set and ready.

GET can be easily charged through USB port.


You can make open offers, if the amount you want to pledge is not listed. Use this feature if you need the reward to be delivered out of Italy, as follows.

Free Shipping in Italy
Shipping in Europe 25 €
Shipping Extra-Europe € 35

* Once selected the reward, you will have the option to modify your pledge and / or add shipping costs, if not included. Just click on the black square on the right of the payment page.


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BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE A Maker Faire Roma raccolti 30mila euro dai progetti Postepay crowd http://snip.ly/LuPX

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Does it have a microphone? Yes, it does. It has a directional microphone so it can be used as handsfree.

Why is it called GET? Because, you can GET basically anything you want out of it

How do I pair it with my devices? You can pair your GET via Bluetooth with any mobile device, computer, laptop and tablet.

Can other people hear my notifications? Absolutely not, the only person who can hear your notifications is you. Music and communications are transmitted directly into your bones and not your ears. But, if you want to share your notifications with other people, all you have to do is to lay the bracelet on a table and the sound will be spread.

How do I charge GET? GET comes with a micro usb connector so you can easily charge it as you would charge your phone. If we reach €65k through our crowdfunding campaign, we will apply inductive-charging technology.

Can I make more pledges once I have pledged? Yes simply do another pledge. Thanks for loving us so much!!!

I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids, do you have any research which proves it will work for me? The bone-conduction technology comes from the medical & military field. It works through the temporal bone and the sounds is directly transmitted to the middle and inner ear. It simply helps to receive the sound waves by vibrating the bone of the inner ear, this means that the ability to hear varies depends on the ability of the inner ear to receive those signals. We tried our prototype on some people with hearing problems, and results are mixed, since the damage on the inner ear can be on different levels. Over 600 people have had the chance to try GET already and none of them had kind of problem when hearing contents like text messages or listening to music.

What is the difference between GET and other bone conduction devices? GET focuses on our lifestyle and everyday experience. We have therefore thought of it as a product that can be used constantly and in multiple situations, in sports and fitness activities, during office hours and leisure time. It has 2 strategically located transducers which are able to guarantee a high-fidelity conduction sound experience, while reducing any leakage to the minimum. Furthermore the gesture interface and the incorporated microphone make this a unique product.

What kind of content can GET manage?

GET can read any text or audio notification. GET will use voice interfaces and assistants such as Siri and S Voice which are known to be reliable and efficient when using speech-to-text and speech-to-text technology. These features will not only allow you to easily hear and write your messages, they will also enhance your device’s functionality. You will be able to access emails, twits, whatsapp messages and news but also web pages, documents, notes, etc…


Edoardo Parini, Media & Interaction Designer, Switzerland;
Emiliano Parini, Communication Manager, Italy;
Enrico Parini, Strategic adviser, Italy;
Davide Deri, Business economy, analysis, Switzerland;
Fernando Tiago Fernandes Economics and finance, marketing, communication, Switzerland;
Johan Wüethrich Embedded system and developer, Switzerland.

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Project created by

Edoardo Parini

Media & Interaction Designer, ECAL
My work is focused on the user experience, to make technology effective and accessible. This requires a not invasive, but increasingly fast and intuitive interaction. The integration of the 'bones conduction' technology allowed a perfect cohesion for the an invisible interface to access and control devices andd apps through simple gestures.

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