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The Steampunk League

A steampunk videogame involving Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft and other historical characters fighting against the vile Thomas Edison

All or nothing
Goal: 8,000€

The Steampunk League

A steampunk videogame involving Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft and other historical characters fighting against the vile Thomas Edison

All or nothing
Goal: 8,000€

An anachronistic steampunk adventure

At the dawn of the twentieth century, a rich inventor named Nikola Tesla has developed a mysterious invention capable of changing the world as we know it. His eternal rival, Thomas Alva Edison, decides to spend all of his remaining resources to create an army of robot and outlaws in order to get his hands on Tesla's invention. He manages to do so.

To stop Edison and prevent the invention from causing unimaginable damages, Tesla has only one option left: restoring the League with his companions Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe e Ada Lovelace and chasing his rival, whatever it takes.

The game

The Steampunk League is an action-platformer single-player videogame with isometric 3D graphics. It takes place in an alternate Victorian Age but it is based on the real and historical struggle between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, two great innovators of electrical engineering.

The game mechanics take inspiration from classics of the platform genre and are combined with dynamics from puzzle and action-role playing games. There are many levels full of obstacles, passages to unlock and enemies to fight. The player can choose between four unique characters, and have a different experience with each one of them..


The adventure to stop Edison's plans will take the player around the world: experience the not-so-quiet English countryside, deal with the russian cold, explore the most beautiful cities of the ninetieth century like London or New York, all redrawn in a steampunk fashion.


Face levels full of obstacles like mobile platforms suspended over deep abysses, poisonous traps, fire pits and much more. Complete the levels as fast as you can to achieve new records, or take your time to discover every secret – but be careful: there are enemies lurking behind every corner.


Every level can be played with one to four completely different characters with unique abilities and upgradable weapons. Fight against Edison's army and use strategy to defeat bosses represented by historical characters like Conan Doyle, Rasputin and many others.


By working on the versatile Unity engine, we recreated maps with different levels of depth which, thanks to the isometric perspective, make exploring the levels similar to watching Realist paintings - with a touch of cartoon- and comic-like style. We were insipred by lots of stuff and reinvented cities and environments to make them as unique and steampunk as we can.


Our main composer is Stefano Gargiulo, a young italian talent who has won several awards - among which the Los Angeles Music Awards.

The characters

Choose between four iconic characters of technology and literary innovation: the inventor Nikola Tesla, the writers Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft or the mathematician Ada Lovelace, all of them reinterpreted to fulfill at best their roles in this adventures. Obviously, this applies also to Edison and his followers.

The GOOD fellas

http://i.imgur.com/iXvSCWv.jpgNikola Tesla
Protagonist and famous inventor of Serbian origins, great innovator in the field of electromagnetism. Not very practical with the world but determined to stop Edison from ruining it. He fights with weapons and gadgets based on electricity, of course designed by himself.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft
In our game the notorious horror writer is a detective of the occult and friend of Tesla. Among his weapons you can find a Cthulhu tentacle used like a whip and spells evoked directly from the Necronomicon.

Edgar Allan Poe
Weak, introverted and tormented: the nature of the writer reflects also on his skills in the game. Poe is capable of moving without alerting enemies, but when stealth isn't an option he send crows and use powers coming from the darkness of his mind.

Ada Lovelace
Considered the first programmer in history thanks to her research in the field of mathematics, Ada Lovelace hates those who use technology for vile purposes. She defends herself by sending robots against her enemies and she's also a skilled sniper with crossbows.

The BAD guys


Thomas Alva Edison
Much like the real counterpart, Edison is a scientist and business man who doesn't care about anything else when money and fame are involved. In his hands, Tesla's invention could become a weapon able to destroy the world.

Saint Germain
An alchemist and an enygmatic character, he defines himself the "Count of the Millennium". He is in constant search of a way to become immortal, and Tesla's invention gives him the opportunity to create any sort of monstruosity.

Arthur Conan Doyle
The depression and negativity of the writer have brought him to identify himself with Moriarty, an evil character from his books. Edison offers him to use Tesla's invention to make his dream to become Moriarty come true.

Curious about the potential of Tesla's invention, the Russian mystic join Edison's party and put his obscure powers at the businessman's disposal.


On which platforms will The Steampunk League be available?
The game will be released for PC, Mac and Linux. Since the game runs very smoothly on gamepads we are planning to release it on the main consoles in the future.

When will it be released?
The Steampunk League is in advanced production stage, so we reasonably think to release it in the first half of 2016.

What is the purpose of this crowdfunding?
The game is in development from many years and the production costs are overwhelming. We need his crowdfunding to be able to release the game complete and bug-free. Also, we need to face testing and marketing expenses, and we also wish to release The Steampunk League in as many languages as possible.

How can I keep myself updated?
Through our website, on our Steam page, on Facebook and Twitter or simply by writing us an e-mail.

Rewards from other times

We cured our rewards a lot. Who donates is directly contributing toThe Steampunk League release, and because of that we want to give our supporters the chance to buy the game at a discount price compared to that of launch and the chance to obtain many different and unique rewards that will be avaliable only during this crowdfunding campaign.

In cooperation with Morgoth Lab we want to thank our donors with handcrafted, signed and numbered steampunk-themed finesses to make every reward unique.

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Project created by


DiXidiasoft is a software house founded by ex-students and freelance developers. Today is composed by professional progammers and artists working on the production of genuine videogames.

http://thesteampunkleague.com/ http://dixidiasoft.com/

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