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Substantia is the novel written by Simone Pinna, who thanks to Eppela will be reviewed and illustrated by professionals!


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Substantia is the novel written by Simone Pinna, who thanks to Eppela will be reviewed and illustrated by professionals!


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

1. Card of the book

• Author: Simone Pinna
• Title: Substantia
• Editor: various proposals at stake, much dipederà from you! :-)
• Number of pages: expectation of about 650,000 characters (approximately 400 pages)

Official link: http://substantiatistainv.wix.com/substantia.

Download the free preview of the novel : https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4meac2hryts6zp/substant...

2. Gender

Fiction, with a strong and traits Horror thriller.

3. Plot

Substantia tells the story of Anton and Max, two characters at odds involved in the experiment secret of human guinea pigs "substantia". Their fates are intertwined by a whirlwind of false coincidences and catastrophes, but what will the consequences of incitement of an individual who is about to cross the limit of the human being?

4. Themes

Such issues are addressed in the novel?
"Love and family" are what really makes the characters human and credible, these strong feelings will lead them to make decisions that will change their perception of good and evil, making him doubt savor what really are these values.
a strong theme is the "segregation" mental and physical health of these individuals, who distort the value of time depriving them of much light as air, such as hallucinations can generate a mind undermined by loneliness? and if they were not just hallucinations?

The title and subtitle provide some useful information for the understanding of the issues addressed?
Absolutely not, the darkness of the plot is reflected dall'enigmaticità title.

Them feel interesting topics for a / a boy / girl of your age?
We are confronted every day with what is dear to us, and often underestimate the importance, if it were ripped off as we react? if it discovered that in fact it was all concocted just to get us to make precise choices? the idea of making the reader empathize in the chaos of the main characters is a profound goal I set myself, and I think we should all be afraid of losing that for which it is worth living and fighting. If this is not an interesting topic for my age it's probably because we have different ideals of life.

What situation or episode is particularly impressed you?
The fall of the truss is one of my favorite moments

On what grounds?
It is one of the moments that opens the story in great revelations and that unlocks the doors closed so far this novel. It is also the reason that prompted me to write Substantia.

5. Characters

What are the main characters?
There are actually three main characters in the novel, but only two are really active. I'll explain:
- Massimo: White male of about thirty, with family and life as a common citizen. What makes an ordinary man the main character? sottraigli what he loves.
- Anton: Child prodigy, what many would call a MESA, his IQ is so high as to make it a genius. or maybe a danger to the world.
- Dottor Asimov: special secret character...

In particular, who is the protagonist? What are the most important aspects of his character? Is certain feelings or ideals? During the story the character remains the same or undergoes an evolution?
While Dr. Asimov's motorcycle events and sometimes because of them, Max and Anton are slaves of what is happening and are modeled based on what they live, maturing and taking directions sometimes diametrically opposed. Maximum embodies the ideals of family, love, the search for "good for the next" ... and implementing it in a way not always morally correct. Anton instead embodies the anger and revenge, with the rationality of a genius and his ability to be an extremely higher. His choices are abrupt and painful but not wrong.

6. Space

Where the action is? Always in the same place or in different places? The places are real or imaginary?
The places where the action takes place are partly real, cities and islands existing backdrop to fantastic places hidden to the human eye for military purposes.

7. Time and order of the narrative

The story takes place in the present, in the past or in the future? And 'it indicated a precise historical period? However, there are elements that allow to establish it? What information is it?
The novel takes place in the near future is not entirely invented, we talk about a hypothetical world in twenty years. A world equal to the one we live in every way, but with slightly different political and religious figures, both for influence that role.

The narrative proceeds in chronological order? There are flashbacks that recall events earlier than the point where the story?
The events are well placed in time and apart from the prologue, we could say that the novel follows the course of events as they happen. The story of the characters still proceeds in chronological order but not the story of Max and Anton must be contemporary.

8. Crowdfunding

Substantia is a very ambitious novel, one of the goals I have set is to enter the drawings (one for each chapter) which distinguish the scenes just read and crowfunding is the best method to accomplish this task to raise awareness and substantia the world that is slowly creating around it. following the awards that I would enter for all those who decide to donate, and the steps needed to create the novel.

Step crowdfunding

Step 1 to 2,000 € - this is the minimum budget to be achieved to give life to the novel, with substantia these funds will be published on paper and in ebook format, the novel will pass a rigorous review under the eyes of industry experts. Just give birth to a high quality product.

Step 2 - € 3000 - at this stage will bring in the illustrations, created by professionals, such copertinisti and cartoonists, plus I will approach the next step with the funds will be more numerous illustrations, I would like to insert a chapter that represents the key scene that piece.

Step 3 - € 5000 - at this point the product will be finished and ready to ship, but with a high amount of donations I can refine it further! Cover made of cardboard, dust jacket, binding of higher quality and thicker paper and pleasant. A book is not only the history it contains, but also a pleasure to touch and keep in your personal library.

So if you reach the roof what happens to my donation?

Your donation back and you regain your money as it should be. To stimulate donations have established the prizes that will be withdrawn, as soon as the novel comes out, below the full list of prizes:

€ 5 novel in ebook format,
€ 10 novel admissible in hard copy at home at no additional cost,
€ 15 novel in hard copy signed by the author with dedication, admissible at home at no additional cost,
€ 30 t-shirts with the logo and substantia novel in print and ebook.

More awards coming soon will be fixed agreements with illustrators !!! There are postcards and drawings autographed if you will support me :-)

Why should you donate?

It's all very simple: the system that I adopt crowdfunding is ALL OR NOTHING, the donation reaches Eppela and until they catch up with the target value of 2,000 € will not be able to withdraw the money.


If you like my idea leaves a "like" the official page of the novel, it seems a small thing but it is a great help for my project! you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/substantiailromanzo.

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Project created by

Simone Pinna - Substantia

Simone Pinna was born in Rome in 1989 and is the author of science fiction substantia. Featuring vivid imagination as a child, high school age writes poems and short stories, but abandons his passion just finished high school to pursue a career working for a well known fast food chain. Finally in 2015 starts to write thanks to a dream (or a nightmare) made in a February night ... this has given rise to novel substantia.

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