Descent into Hell

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Descent into Hell

Close your eyes and imagine an intricate and unknown forest, just thinking about it fear rises: Dante Alighieri's Inferno becomes Opera Rock

-25 Days

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Descent into Hell

Close your eyes and imagine an intricate and unknown forest, just thinking about it fear rises: Dante Alighieri's Inferno becomes Opera Rock

-25 Days

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Close your eyes and try to imagine an intricate and unknown forest, just thinking about it, your fear rises. Now refine your hearing, listen to the sounds and open your eyes. Like Dante, you will be lost in the thick, dark and black wood and it will not be easy to find the right way. 

When the eyes open on the curtain, the descent into hell will already have begun. The audience will find themselves in a dreamlike dimension, as lost as Dante in the Dark Forest; wrapped in quadraphonic sounds and voices, images and shadows that will ferry you on an unmissable journey that no one has ever wanted to do, except Dante. 

Each person in the audience will no longer be a mere spectator, because the reality in which the spectators will be immersed will transform them into Dante or Virgil; in a damned soul or in Lucifer.

Every single sin will come to the surface and decide its fate.

The Project:

Descent into Hell was born as a Rock opera to be represented in theaters: Rock, Symphonic, Metal and ballad music to ferry the audience into the "Rock" (hard) descent into hell by Dante Alighieri. A quadraphonic soundtrack, a three-dimensional scenography and holographic projections of every environment and character of hell that will make the audience in the room virtually protagonist, in the musical Rock version created by Francesco Maria Gallo and composed by Francesco Maria Gallo and Andrea Ionadi with artistic consultancy by M. conductor Gianfranco Russo, the participation and vocal advice of the Soprano Maria Teresa Ionadi, the authorial advice of Saverio Romano and Elena Leva. 

Not only a Rock opera like many others, but a theatrical representation in music and visions capable of representing and making live, as if it were true, the experience of the most significant songs of the hell of the Dante poem. All this will happen through a mixture of quadrifonic sounds, three-dimensional and holographic representations (3D EyeDream holographic system) that cross not only the stage but the whole theatrical environment. The first of the show will be sold for television rights to a national SAT and DVB T2 platform for exclusive broadcast in 4K.



The Descent to Hell Tracklist from an idea of the storytelling sequence.

01. Selva selvaggia
02. Desolazione (lasciate ogni speranza)
03. Senza le stelle (gemiti e pianti)
04. Caronte e le anime Prave
05. Paolo e Francesca: canto di Francesca
06. Un bacio sospeso: canto di Paolo
07. Medusa
08. Innocenti Arpie (La Storia di Pier)
09. Il Gigante e il folle viaggio di Ulisse
10. Il canto del Conte
11. L'Imperatore del dolore
12. L'inganno di Dante

Hell is full of fascinating characters. We proceed song by song, choosing what we imagined in our storytelling, sometimes changing the infernal judgment and condemnation inflicted by Dante Alighieri. The musical genre will mainly be Rock and Metal and the sets and holographic characters will adapt to the story, telling a particular fact or telling trought the imagination of the author. 

How funds will be used

The funds will be used to partially finance the costs of the recording studio, the scenographic project of the rock opera and the press office entrusted to Parole e Dintorni by Riccardo Vitanza.

The communication of “Descent to Hell” was entrusted to the Milanese agency Parole & Dintorni of the legendary Riccardo Vitanza.
Riccardo is the number one communicator of music in Italy and among the first in Europe.
He follows the likes of Luciano Ligabue, Francesco De Gregori, Zucchero, Gianna Nannini, Claudio Baglioni, Renato Zero, Piero Pelù, Ornella Vanoni, Fiorella Mannoia, Emma, Modà, Raf, Umberto Tozzi, Ron, Nek, Enrico Ruggeri, PFM, The Vibrations, the Flight and us from Amartia for our Rock Opera Descent to Hell.

Here is an excerpt from Riccardo Vitanza's message directed to our author and vocalist Francesco Maria Gallo.

📩 "Dear Francesco,
the project is beautiful, congratulations!
We at Words and Surroundings are there for the communication of rock opera (calling it a musical is an understatement), for the communication of the phonographic product (CD + VINYL + DIGITAL) and for the communication of related initiatives.

Among other things, for this purpose, I will suggest some record promoters (with whom to make an agreement for the distribution of the product).

See you soon, Riccardo Vitanza "

Who's behind the project?


(Format author, music and lyrics)

Communicator, mass media specialist, television author and songwriter. Graduated at Dams of Bologna. He has written several television formats for Rai1 and Rai2 including "Literary Suicides: dying for the pen in the 1900s" (Rai2), the Job Award (2 editions for Rai2 and 1 edition for Rai1), The Voice of Ethics Ted TV broadcast on the ethics of innovation broadcast live on Sky Reteconomy and He has collaborated with Silvia Ronchey and Beppe Scaraffia as an authorial consultant at the Sanremo Poetry Festival (Rai2). He was the founder, frontman and author of the Calabrolesi Rock Band and later of the Legality Band Project, both rock bands that promote ethics and legality.  In 2010 he received the coveted Golden Lion of Class CNBC for social communication.


(Co- Author and lirycist)

Lawyer, judge in Rome and then (but not least) an extraordinary weaver of plots. Playwright, poet, writer and songwriter, Saverio dedicates his creative and intellectual life to his great passion for plot writing and he does it through his meditative and calculating thought on the path of contemporaneity after having crossed the past with destination to a ideal sustainable future.



While I reflect on good manners, on elegance, on being true Men (which is a distant memory) and on being subtle and complex men. Sip red wine with Beethoven in Moonlight Sonata. I think "seeing" is never a matter of eyes. 


(Art Director) 

He was born in Crotone in 1977, he began his conducting studies with M. Piero Bellugi and under his guidance he attended professional qualification courses for conductors in Florence from 1996 to 2002. In 1996 he made his directorial debut conducting the Beethoven Acam Orchestra of Crotone and in 1998 in a concert dedicated to Leonardo Vinci he conducted the Mediterranean Philarmonia. In 1999 he directed the Crotone Aurora Festival and in Florence, for "Pitti Musica", he directed the Florence Symphonietta in the courtyard of the Ammannati of Palazzo Pitti. In 2003 he obtained an academic diploma in Opera direction from the Royal Philharmonic Academy of Bologna. From October 2008 to June 2009 he worked as Concerts manager in Italy for Isabella Puccini Artist Management LLC - New York (USA). From 2009 to 2011 he was co-founder and musical director of the Philharmonic Orchestra (Tchaikovsky Institute). 


(co-author of music and arrangements) 

Born in Vibo Valentia in 1997, at the age of 5 he was already experimenting with self-taught music and enjoying the sounds of the instrument from which, from now on, he would no longer be separated. Eclectic, multifaceted, a true all-round artist, he cultivates many passions, including editing and musical mastering. Every year engaged in summer tours and business trips, we often find him in Duo with his sister Maria Teresa, with whom he plays both classic and modern repertoire, rearranging it in an acoustic key, revolutionizing and at the same time preserving the original sounds of the songs they offer during the their performances. Currently he frequent the Flamenco Guitar course at the Fausto Torrefranca Conservatory of Vibo Valentia, he has already been appreciated for his versatility both inside and outside the region together with the ethnopopular group Akusma-Rhythms of Calabria, of which he was first guitarist and has recorded the album "L'Amuri veni di l'Amuri" - Ed. Centofanti (RC). In addition to this, he is still the guitarist of the newly formed Tribute Band of Queen "Bohemian Quartet", which collects wide acclaim throughout the Calabria Region.


(Soprano, vocalist and vocal direction) 

Born in 1992 in Vibo Valentia, he obtained the Old Order Diploma in Opera Singing at the Alessandro Scarlatti Conservatory (ex Vincenzo Bellini) in Palermo (year 2017). Chameleonic performer with a double soul, the classical study of singing allows her to face contemporary repertoires making the most of the power and extension of her warm voice, full of harmonics and colors expertly dosed during each debut and performance. Creator of multiple cultural and musical projects, she made her first experiences as artistic director and music consultant, enjoying wide acclaim. He has achieved numerous prizes and awards at national and international level throughout his nearly twenty-year musical journey. He writes his "inner speeches" with simplicity and immediacy, sewing them through "needle and thread", that is with music and singing.



Born in Cosenza on September 6, 1998. She began studying singing from the age of 10, joining the small choir of the "A. Rendano" theater in Cosenza. He continued his studies at the "Lucrezia della Valle" musical high school, currently studying opera singing at the "Fausto Torrefranca" conservatory in Vibo Valentia. He has been part of various choirs, doing concerts in the province of Cosenza and also nationally. He participated at the age of 19 in "Sanremo Area" arriving at the regional semifinals with the song "Stringimi Forte" written by Antonello Armieri.



Born in 1996, she began singing as a chorister and also soloist at the age of 14 in an ethnofolk group, engaging in an interregional tour throughout Calabria. In addition to the numerous solo concerts, she is currently a student of the Soprano Maria Teresa Ionadi with whom we often see her engaged in various performances throughout Italy.



Born in 1995, he is completing his musical studies in drums and jazz percussion at the "Fausto Torrefranca" Conservatory of Vibo Valentia, where he is the current drummer of the Big Band. Parallel to his academic studies, he attended an advanced course on the instrument in the "Massimo Russo International Drum Academy", where he held an Academic Tutor role, giving lessons in the Vibo Valentia and Cosenza offices. He attended various Campus and Seminars with International drummers and had different experiences with musical groups, ranging between different genres. Among the various collaborations we remember the drumline "Wizdom Drum Band", with which he had the opportunity to perform in several regions of Italy and France.



Class 80 ', he started playing guitar and bass as a self-taught at the age of 14. In 2006 he moved to Bologna for work and played bass for the indie / rock group "Laradura", with whom he released a disc entitled "Senza fine" in January 2011. He collaborated with the Afrobeat Social Workshop of Guglielmo Pagnozzi and the Tuareg Timmidwa group.


(Sound Engineer) 

For over 20 years in the sector, together with various experiences as a drummer, I attended the SAE Institute in Milan, various training courses, I managed a recording studio, I taught sound engineer at professional training courses and I made technical lecture notes on concepts of sound and audio techniques. I studied audio techniques for both Live and Studio on numerous manuals in the sector. I work and consult as a sound engineer and audio technician for various sector services. 

My spirit: to innovate, try, always experiment with new techniques to achieve ever better quality and to cross the frontiers of quadraphony.



(holographic and scenographic graphic designers)

We are a close-knit group made up of professionals who have been working together for years in the field of visual communication. Our team consists of: photographers, graphic processing experts, specialists in the production of holograms, videomakers, marketers and designers. We combine our skills to interpret the needs of each client with originality and to develop effective communication strategies. In particular, we manage technologies, systems and software for the production of holograms. Studio Tangram can therefore deal with the creation of holographic events and take care of all aspects, from those concerning the development of holographic images and their implementation. We treat every aspect with care to guarantee the customer a quality holographic product and to allow the user to have an immersive and unique experience.



The exclusive EyeDream 3D holographic projection system allows live interactions between real people and holographic images with a particularly realistic and three-dimensional effect.


After 10 years of activity, since 2015 we have been working in quadraphony. Quadrifonia, first developed in the 70s by Pink Floyd, is a "surround" sound system that allows the listener to feel completely immersed in the sound, thanks to the help of rear speakers, configured to reproduce totally independent audio compared to the main front sound system.


Descent into Hell is the first and only rock opera ever created on the Hell of the Divine Comedy by the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri. The realization of this work was born exactly after the 700 years from the death of Dante Alighieri. It is an ambitious project because no one has ever dared to interpret Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy musically. We do it but we are not alone. After sending our project and some audio tracks of our Opera, we have obtained the patronage of the Symbola Foundation, the most important Italian body that certifies quality and does so also on cultural products. The Symbola Foundation is known in Italy for the annual publication of the repot on the cultural industry entitled "I am Culture". We are awaiting the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the UNESCO Department of Culture. The greatest risk, due to the complexity of musical compositions (because we feel strongly the duty to offer an excellent rock work) is that of not being able to stay within the established times for the production of the entire record project, but above all for the production of the show that we will bring to all Italian theaters. However we are confident and we work day and night because this is the project of our life and we will do everything to keep our commitments. If this does not happen in the promised times, we ask you to be patient because when beauty is coming, time willingly feeds on waiting.

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Project created by

Francesco Maria Gallo

Communicator, storyteller, television author, songwriter.

Graduated in musicology and mass communication at Dams in Bologna.
He has written several television formats for Rai1 and Rai2, including Literary Suicides: Dying by the Pen in the 1900s (RAI2), Il Premio per il Lavoro (2 editions for RAI2 and 1 edition for RAI1), The Voice of Ethics broadcast live on Sky Reteconomy and
In 2010 he received the coveted CNBC Class Golden Lion for Social Communication.

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