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Maremma ed Arte per la Dislessia

Have fun with us to support the MULTISERVICE CENTER in Grosseto to offer the most innovative and effective growth paths for dyslexics and DSA

Expired on 11 Jul 2020

Keep it all This project will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal

Keep it all

Maremma ed Arte per la Dislessia

Have fun with us to support the MULTISERVICE CENTER in Grosseto to offer the most innovative and effective growth paths for dyslexics and DSA

Expired on 11 Jul 2020

Keep it all This project will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal

Keep it all

About our project

Hello, my name is Lucia Brunelli, and I am the mother of a son with dyslexia. For years I have been strongly committed to the theme of dyslexia and Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). For the past 10 years, together with a group of attentively selected educators, I have assisted dyslexic students of all ages in finding innovative and effective strategies designed to respect their individual learning methods. Our proven methodology leads to scholastic achievements which generate a sense of well-being in our students and their family members.

We created this crowdfunding campaign to ask you for your generous contribution to support the creation of a MULTI-SERVICES CENTER in Grosseto, which I began organizing over a year ago, to offer diagnostic assessments and training courses on personalized learning systems in the various subject areas (literary, mathematics and English language) specifically for people with DSA.

Unfortunately, with the suspension of all activities due to Covid-19, we are currently unable to rely exclusively on our own strengths and resources.

Thanks to your help, we will be able to empower students of all ages to achieve their learning goals (think that dyslexic people and DSA are at least 5% of the Italian population, that is more than 1,500,000 people!).

Are you with us? I really hope so.

Whether you support our project’s platform, simply wish to live the experience of a wonderful holiday, a cooking course on the typical dishes of Maremma, a naturalistic watercolor course in the Tuscan Maremma after the long period of lockdown, or maybe have a prestigious naturalistic watercolor by Lucia Brunelli in recognition of your precious contribution, you just have to SUPPORT AND SHARE OUR INITIATIVE WITH OTHERS  "MAREMMA ED ARTE IN MAREMMA".

As you can see, I am all-in, because I am offering my naturalistic watercolors and my B&B "House of Lucia" to give you a reward that can pamper you, like a dream holiday in Tuscan Maremma: I passionately believe that the MULTI-SERVICES CENTER of Grosseto can make a difference for many dyslexic people and their families.

We already have the name, the logotype and the location... the last thing we need is your help for a great start!

Dyslexic students and those who passionately believe in this project will be extremely grateful for this precious opportunity to make a difference in the world more easily!


Behind the creation of the project

How did the “MAREMMA ED ARTE IN MAREMMA” project come about?

I have always felt intense emotions in seeing the profound change in those individuals who realize that someone truly believed in them, leading them to manifest incredible abilities that even they were unaware they possessed.

This emotion guided me in the transformation of my passions into professional experiences.

Therefore, we may have already met each other in diverse contexts other than that of dyslexia and learning disabilities (DSA), for example in the naturalistic context, when I worked for the most prestigious publishing houses that published my illustrations (such as AIRONE and GARDENIA). 

If instead you love to travel, you may have come to discover the incredible beauty of our Tuscan Maremma, while staying at my B&B "House of Lucia".

In 2005 my son arrived, and my love for him became the most passion I ever experienced.

Intelligent, creative, and outgoing, my son illuminated my life with his inner light.

Everything proceeded as planned until he started school: he had extreme difficulty in learning to read, write and memorize.

What happened?

Even his teachers seemed uncertain as to how to proceed with my son and did not know how to help me find the most appropriate methods to help him at school and in the afternoon during homework.


But we were talking about my son, and I could not give up.

This is how I began my intense journey of personal and professional development to which I have dedicated the past 10 years of my life.

Firstly, thanks to six years of volunteering as a representative for the province of Grosseto for the most important Italian Association involved in dyslexia and DSA, I was able to interact with fantastic educators with whom I created an information point and training courses for students with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and educational tutors. It was an amazing school!

Then, I further enriched my competencies by reading literature, participating in innovative training courses, and above all by interacting with adults with learning disabilities who understood and used their individualized learning methods to their advantage to achieve success in life. Together with a group of attentively selected educators, I decided to open a MULTI-SERVICE CENTER in Grosseto, designed to become the reference point on the theme of Dyslexia and DSA able to make the difference in the lives of our students.

What we will do with the funds raised

At the end of the campaign, as soon as we receive the amount raised through the platform, we will start the opening of the MULTI-SERVICE CENTER on Dyslexia and DSA in Grosseto. Your generous contributions will be applied as follows:  

  • Trademark registration
  • Part of the rent for the first 12 months
  • Local accommodation and whitewashing
  • Utilities connection and a portion of consumption (water, electricity, WiFi, local insurance) for the first 12 months
  • Purchase of furniture (desks, chairs, bookcases, etc.)
  • Purchase of basic equipment (laptop, tablet, monitor screen)
  • Printer rental
  • Print communication materials

How to donate

Choose your preferred reward in the "Rewards" section and donate the corresponding amount. You can also donate the amount of your choice without requesting any reward in return. We will find another opportunity o meet and thank you in person. We greatly appreciate you sharing our link and even a donation of 10 euros can make a difference in helping us reach our goal!

Dyslexic children and teens join us in sincerely thanking you for your generosity!

If you have chosen the children's book "In the Garden", a print or the original of a naturalistic watercolor by Lucia Brunelli, your reward will be sent directly to your home. Please indicate your address during your donation process and the work of art will be sent to you at the end of the campaign, once the funds have been officially transferred.  

If you have chosen a stay at the "House of Lucia" in the beautiful Tuscan Maremma, a cooking course of typical Maremman cuisine, a natural watercolor course or the use of the garden room for events, you will be contacted at the end of the campaign to establish the dates and the means for using the reward chosen.

If you have chosen one of the courses that will be taught at the MULTI-SERVICES CENTER on methods of study, reading techniques or English or Mathematics for dyslexic and DSA students, then you will be contacted by us to receive all the information and advice necessary to define the best course of action for you and your child.

We will decide together regarding the date, time and method to carry out the interview on dyslexia and DSA.

1589274274450951 mio profilo

Project created by

Lucia Brunelli, Rosy Alfinito e Antonella Brunetti

Lucia Brunelli- Watercolors published in AIRONE, GARDENIA, WWF. The B&B "House of Lucia" blends the passion for art and Maremma. 10 years of personal and professional training in dyslexia and DSA. 

Rosy Alfinito- translator, interpreter and vocational trainer, has implemented a program which offers the freedom to adopt individualized strategies to which she has dedicated herself for the past 10 years. 

Antonella Brunetti- speech therapist specialized in DSA rehabilitation techniques

Italia. Per i rewards, Europa ed il mondo
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