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Lady Tourette in Tour

Let's bring the show that tells of Tourette's Syndrome around Italy. Together!

+ 5,000€
MSD Crowdcaring

Lady Tourette in Tour

Let's bring the show that tells of Tourette's Syndrome around Italy. Together!

+ 5,000€
MSD Crowdcaring

A special support!

The project has managed to touch the sensibilities of many people, including artists from the world of entertainment!

We are honored to have received supporting videos from the protagonists of the twenty-year italian soap opera "Un posto al sole", on Rai channel, like Lucio Allocca, Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli, Cosimo Alberti e  Raffaele Imparato.

And we are thrilled to have also received a video of support from a tourettic artist: Claudio Colica, actor and author of the videos of "Le Coliche", known and followed on youtube and social channels.

Our most sincere thanks goes to all of them!

What is Tourette Syndrome? Who is Lady Tourette?

What is Tourette Syndrome?

Let's try to imagine the feeling you get when a sneeze is coming: you can try to contain it, but you can't stop it. Well.

Whoever has the Tourette is caught suddenly, in fluctuating phases, by repetitive, involuntary and motor tics and sounds that are difficult to suppress (like sneezing!) affecting many aspects of his/her human, social and professional life.

The syndrome (with onset in infancy) is the result of a neurological process which however also has psycho-behavioral implications to which is added a marked creative intelligence with often ingenious, artistic implications.

Why is Lady Tourette born?

The challenge of BisLuck, as a company of artists, has been to translate, together with the support of the AIST, the  Italian Association for Tourette Syndrome,  a complex and interesting theme in a language familiar to us: the theatre

The Syndrome takes the appearance of Lady Tourette, an original character, with whom the protagonist, Mike, will have to connect.

Disclosure is not enough to get attention: it is necessary to empathize thanks to the emotion generated by the theatre. The dramaturgy is enriched by interviews, stories and anecdotes of patients, collected in the last year.

Bringing Lady Tourette and her company on tour means relating people with Tourette, families, schools, doctors and experts from all over Italy. Unfortunately, the Tourette Syndrome is little known, mainly in the south. 

This lack concerns patients, specialists and schools: patients often do not recognize the symptoms, confusing them with manias or attitudes, specialists risk to report incorrect diagnoses, condemning patients and family members to a long process of frustrating investigations and ineffective therapies, while schools are deprived of adequate preparation.

Project steps and Tour stages

The project, created by BisLuck, was born in collaboration with AIST. AIST has embraced the poetics and provided all the tools available (interviews with experts, meetings with patients, distribution ...) to contribute to the success of the performance that debuted on 18 May at the Teatro Verdi in Milan.

Project steps

-> In October 2018 the data collection useful for the dramaturgy starts: interviews, anecdotes, experiences of guys and children suffering from the Syndrome together with stories of their parents and families are collected;

-> In November company's artists meet together to investigate scientifically all aspects of Tourette. At the same time the writing of the script begins;

-> in the following months the creative process undergoes several changes, intuitions, while the characters and the message of the show are outlined and continue to grow rehearsal after rehearsal;

-> In May 2019 the show debuted at the Teatro Verdi in Milan;

-> From September 2019 Lady Tourette will start traveling around Italy, arriving in the theatres of the main italian cities (Genova, Monza, Treviso, Roma, Napoli, Foggia, Catania, Cagliari).

How the funds will be used

The company consists of 5 actors/dancers/singers, 1 director and 1 audio/lighting technician

Everyone's professional skills are an essential value for the Lady Tourette show, but to transfer the company along Italy we need the support of each one of you.

The funds raised by the crowdfunding campaign will be used to cover the group's travel, food and lodging expenses, rental of locations and technical equipment in the cities included in the Tour. 

In this way, the proceeds of each show will be donated to the AIST for scientific monitoring and assistance activities to family members and tourettics.

BisLuck and AIST, a winning collaboration!


The non-profit organization was born formally in 2018

Just as an identity document is created later than the birth of a person, in the same way BisLuck existed for about 5 years, thanks to the works produced in the past by its members and in close collaboration with the GiuliArt Academy.

The dramaturgical research has been directing by Noemi Giulia Fabiano (doctor in Sociology and Communication and graduated from the ICRA Project) aims to the realization of theatrical performances, often with a social nature.

Noemi created unconventional shows, such as Lady Tourette, thanks to the presence of Flavio, Chiara, Rosaria, Carolina, Sveda and Andrea, colleagues and actors of great value who have combined their poetry to the service of the scene, without sparing themselves.

The awards received at the Positano Theater Festival, at the Festival of Residences in Rieti, the formation with important masters of the sector (M. Borrelli, M. Monetta, G. Mauri, C. Boso, V. Olshansky, E. Wilcox) have enhanced the quality of BisLuck's works: delicate, thick, ironic but deep.


Based on international experience, the Italian Association for Tourette Syndrome and related disorders also operate in Italy.

In the US and Canada, similar associations of doctors, patients, families and volunteers have been active for several years. 

Their institutional aims are varied: 

  • dissemination of knowledge of the disease through medical/scientific conferences and meetings;

  • creation of scholarships and fundraisers for targeted research;

  • dissemination of knowledge of the Syndrome and related disorders through mass media and public events;

  • creation of support groups for relatives and patients;

  • monitoring and dissemination of scientific updates on the disease, related pictures and the most modern therapies;

  • development of an Italian "Registry" that allows to verify the epidemiological data of the disease;

  • legal-insurance-work assistance and contacts with Government Institutions;

  • awareness raising of educators, social workers and anyone dealing with this type of pathology to improve recognition and management.

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Project created by


The BisLuck cultural association was founded in 2018 by a group of young Neapolitan performers and artists.

The professional experiences of the members cover many areas such as theatre, dance, singing, literature, marketing, management, making BisLuck a strong, eclectic and competent team.

Crowdfunding is aimed at supporting the National Tour that the company, in collaboration with AIST, intends to carry out to disclose the Tourette Syndrome and connecting families, schools, doctors and experts from all over Italy, in a common discourse, favoured by the theatre: place of boundless humanity.

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