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Il Digital Innovation Manager dei liberi professionisti

Expired on 25 Feb 2019

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing


Il Digital Innovation Manager dei liberi professionisti

Expired on 25 Feb 2019

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

What is Pivonet

Pivonet is a project born from the passion for the business activity of their founders: Giulia and Stefano. It’s more than a passion: it’s a fire burning inside. The desire to create added value to our country and give birth to something good.
We want to turn off the pessimism that afflicts today's society.

Pivonet is the result of precise considerations and experiences, related to the mixture between humanism and digital innovation, which distinguish our professional and academic life.
Taking care of the web presence, online marketing and the consequent search for new customers is a work in all respects and, if the companies can afford a special office that manages this work, if the employees have time to independently manage their image, who is dealing with freelancers instead?

We decided to give a sample questionnaire, the result? A strongly neglected category, which has no working hours and is always available! A category that has to deal with continuous professional updates and innovative products!

While, on the customer side: there are thousands of lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, etc., but each has certain specializations and previous experiences. 

How do I find the one that is right for me and above all, where should I search for?
This is how Pivonet was born,. It’s a company that wants to:

Select freelancers based on their specialization and experience portfolio.
Create and maintain a web page updated for each professional.
Give the freelancers the opportunity to sell their service via the web page.
• Marketing and advertising campaigns targeting the public based on real needs.

What are the advantages and for what we distinguish ourselves:

• The activity is entirely done by our team through a direct relationship with the professional!
The costs are contained, through a monthly subscription from the price accessible to everyone!
• You can search for the right professional for you through the Pivonet website, not just through Google! Searching, contacting and purchasing the services of professionals is completely free.
• Registered professionals have access to the platform reserved for news, in-depth information, but also
dedicated events.

Upcoming developments in the roadmap

1) Innovative startup constitution.

2) Official launch of the platform through marketing campaigns.
3) Reach a sufficient number of professionals on the platform, in order to implement new features.
As you will have understood, our aim is to be a platform based on transparency (clear experiences and skills) and trust (professionals are selected and subject to customer feedback).
Transparency and trust are the keys that will lead us to implement, through the blockchain technology:
• A token (P. IVO) to be used for payments on the platform (can you imagine having a token that, if it rises in
value, will allow you to have practically free professional services?).
• Certify curricula, experiences and skills of professionals.

The exchange currency inside the platform will therefore be the P.IVO, a cryptocurrency that will be conceived and promoted by the company and which will be possible to buy inside the site through the conversion of other currencies or through a simple credit card; those who wish can still make and receive payments in classic currency, which will be converted by Pivonet at the time of the transaction.
The Token can be obtained immediately through offers above 55 €.
We would like to clarify that we are counting on obtaining a working system with cryptocurrency no later than
12/31/19, but we hope to have it sooner.

How the funds will be used

Pivonet is a young platform and the idea has come to fruition, so far, thanks exclusively to our funds, our
skills, our dedication and passion for the digital world.

Now it's time to launch the platform and populate it with all the professionals who want to be known.
So the funds will help us to:

• Consult a blockchain specialist to implement our token as soon as possible.
Complete the website in terms of graphics, features and legal aspects.
• Launch the Marketing campaign to acquire customers as soon as possible.


As a reward there will of course be our official acknowledgments, the aperitif, the lucky charm in silverplated by Zanetto, the P.IVO tokens (in order to bet on the success of our company), the card holder and the spinning top in silverplated by Zanetto.

Why the spinning top?

Because every freelancer is unique, he has his own peculiarities and his personal experience; moreover, the value of his knowledge is, at times, much higher than the economic value attributed to him. This is the case for the Zanetto spinning top in silver, a unique series, handmade, by a company that respects and represents Made in Italy since 1963. But above all, the spinning top must continue to turn to stand up, not to lose the 'equilibrium’. Does this reminds you of Italy, by chance?

Each of us can do something concrete so that we never stop!

We would like to point out that Zanetto is an Italian laboratory of high craftsmanship, dedicated to the creation of artistic objects in silver and noble metals for the homedécor and for the tablewear!
Given our difficulty in offering, at present, a tangible and usable product to all the people who want to contribute to our cause, Zanetto has kindly offered to sponsor our crowdfunding campaign.

Who's behind the project, discover Pivonet founders

Giulia (founder), 1995:
"I am passionate about new technologies and above all new marketing and business strategies that imply them. I have a degree in Economics from the University of Padua and I am close to obtaining a master's degree in Marketing Management at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. I have done a 6 month internship in an innovative startup that helps Italian craftsmen in the luxury sector (my other great passion) to sell their products in Italy and abroad."

Stefano (founder), 1991:
"I have been passionate about digital since I was a child too!I graduated in computer science and after a degree in law, I did a short training in a law firm and then worked in a super digital multinational company. Finally I decided to combine the experiences and give life to this fantastic project."


We thank our official sponsor, Enrico Zanetto, who allowed us to carry out this crowdfunding campaign.
Our videomaker, Riccardo Zanetti, we were very shy, he made us melt in front of the camera.
All of you, you who are our lifeblood, that you allow us at least to dream and who knows ... maybe even to

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Project created by

Stefano Caraceni

Stefano Caraceni
I'm Stefano Caraceni, I'm 27 years old and I have a technical-humanistic background. I cross the computer science education and the degree in Law with an internship in a law firm and the work in a super digital, international company.
I want to exploit my great passions: "Innovation" - "people" - "SMEs", to create a society that can help the professional categories to make the most of technology and consequently create progress for our country.

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