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imPlan • Marketing and Graphic department for Companies

Installation of a marketing and graphics department for any activity, reducing costs of external suppliers and time.

Expired on 20 Nov 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal.

All or nothing

imPlan • Marketing and Graphic department for Companies

Installation of a marketing and graphics department for any activity, reducing costs of external suppliers and time.

Expired on 20 Nov 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal.

All or nothing


imPlan is the first platform of graphic and marketing services that allows at small, medium and large companies to install this special department.

ImPlan was created to give everyone the opportunity to have a graphic and marketing department within their company.

Most companies work with graphic freelance or advertising agencies, but they do not have big budgets to invest. 

They can not increase their visibility and their sales because the agencies have only the primary objective of generating an immediate profit.

ImPlan is the first application mobile that offers every entrepreneur the opportunity to have a team of graphic designers and advertisers who will realize any type of graphics to the customer in a very short time, from business cards to road signs, to images for social networks or for the web.

Implan Italy was founded in 2014 and in these years of work has collaborated with over hundreds  activities.

We are noting that most SMEs do not have an internal graphic and marketing department. 

Among the Implan’s service has always offered a free graphic as a marketing strategy to acquire new customers and contacts, a strategy that would make this platform winning and attractive.

Here the desire to find an easy and accessible method to allow small and medium enterprises to have an advertising department and a functional, imminent and low cost marketing consultant.


A team of professionals will create persuasive images for each type of graphic and advertising content. 

Furthermore, by choosing the "Advanced" package, the entrepreneur can also have an advertiser at his disposal, or a marketing expert who will provide advice on any type of advertising campaign.

Becoming the tool for small, medium and large companies to install within its business a department that creates, improves or maintains the corporate image and increases, later, its turnover.

You will be able to choose between three different Plans (you can see on Business Model)

The customer that subscribes to ImPlan can cancel or renew the service at any time, without contractual restrictions.


An entrepreneur needs a company internal marketing and graphics department, because it takes less time to consult with the department and save money. (Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the ability to afford a graphic or an advertiser or even both.)

Not only they will have a department within the company remotely (by App) but they will have more money to invest for their company.

Every entrepreneur who has activated one of the packages can:

  • Request to department Create Persuasive Images for some online and offline advertising (so an image for Facebook Ads or an image for billboard)
  • Request to department produce graphics for any type of typographic material (from business card to exhibitors, from a sign to leaflets)
  • Have a marketing and advertising consultant to improve the performance of his advertising campaigns


From the Best of Digital research conducted by the leading company in the Digital-Coach sector, it is interesting to note that most of the companies interviewed use external suppliers, at certain times of the year, to manage Web activities, Social Media Marketing, Typography and Advertising Offline.

In particular, there is a strong correlation between the size of companies and the need for external suppliers: the larger the company, the greater the constant use of external suppliers.

The smaller the company, the lower is the need for external suppliers (90% of cases are for a budget limit).

Small businesses tend to manage the digital activities internally (without anyone isn’t really Marketing Consultant or Graphic Designer) to reduce costs, considerably reducing the quality of marketing and graphics and preparatory to the performance of their advertising activities (and so..their sales).

Large companies mainly use external suppliers, while Graphic Freelance and Startup internalize the Digital processes.

In summary, imPlan makes the Marketing and Graphic Department within companies and making more economical, fast and qualitative to improve their corporate image and their turnover, reducing costs.

The companies (both small and large) will no longer have to rely on external suppliers that require high costs, but they will have the opportunity to get involved and demonstrate their skills by improving their corporate image without high costs.

In these attachments, there are companies and the use of external suppliers (advertising agency o graphic freelance) during a working year.

53% of Web agency use external suppliers  in some periods of the year, 44% never uses it and 3% use always.

42% of Web Company use external suppliers in some periods of the years, 44% never uses it and 15% use always.

35% of E-commerce company use external suppliers in some periods of the years, 35% never uses it and 30% use always

42% of Traditional Company use external suppliers in some periods of the years, 27% never uses it and 31% use always.


ImPlan will offer all new customers a free graphic to try out the service (In neuromarketing is called reciprocity rule) attention: A customer who tries for free imPlan can not request advertising advice

Making in the client a psychological mechanism that, most of the times, leads to the establishment of a working relationship and the acquisition of credibility by imPlan.

In order to test this, there will be a time limit to trigger, in the psychology of the entrepreneur, what in neuroscience is called a factor of urgency and scarcity or the fear of not being able to take advantage of this due to temporal problems.

Once the free trial ends, the customer can request activation of the monthly subscription using all the services listed (according to the package chosen)


ImPlan offers three plans with different services:

Standard package at € 17.90 (+ VAT) per month

Pro Package for € 37.90 (+ VAT) per month

Advanced Package at € 97.90 (+ VAT) per month

For the customer there is a potential saving, on average, of at least € 70 for each graphic created by a freelance or at least € 300 for advice from an advertising agency.

In addition, the customer can request when he wants an additional service on request, how to create a website, a landing page or an typography catalog (and more ..) paying additional costs in addition to the package chosen (always respecting the company, providing it with an ever lower price on the market).


Behind imPlan there are:

Giulio Ferlazzo • Advertiser with 5 years experience, has brought concrete results to hundreds of companies. 

Sofia Crapanzano • Communication consultant, has worked for years for the largest Italian event company

Fabrizio Dragotto • advertising graphic and Google Certified consultant.

Alessandro Ferruggia • Lawyer and Legal Consultant


In the world there isn’t  online platform that offers a package of graphics and marketing like ImPlan, the only competitors to be evaluated are:

Graphic Freelance

Graphic agencies

Advertising agencies

Web Agencies

All indirect competitors that offer the same services that imPlan offers but at high costs and much longer production times.


The raising of capital through will allow us to:

• Create an innovative and intuitive portal (a web site) that will allow you to request services through your own dashboard, manage your subscriptions, request assistance. (SEE ATTACHED HERE FOR FULL DEFINITION)

• Create a mobile application (iOS and Android) to take the same services through your smartphone at any time and in any place.

• Make online marketing investments to make the service known online (Native advertising, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn adv and Google) and offline (promotional events, road signage in the major Italian cities).

• Create an internal community for graphic designers and marketing consultants who will work by receiving a salary on each job done.

• Various logistical costs

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Project created by

Giulio Ferlazzo

My name is Giulio Ferlazzo, I was born on March 14th 1994.
Since I was 12 years old, I began to insert myself in the world of advertising, visual arts, graphics and design, I worked for several printing companies in Palermo and the province, always doing the advertising graphic designer or the art director.
Now I have my lowcost printing company, we provide services to small and medium-sized businesses, franchise networks and big brands. (From September 2014 to Today).
These some of our customers:
The Mercatone della Carne
The Chioschetto of the Cathedral
Cancer Orthopedics
Athletic Center
Osteria Lo Bianco
CANDIA Institute
C.R.A.L. Sicilian region
Cine-theater Colosseum

and many others..