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Crowdfund your idea on Blockchain in a few steps

+ 5,000€
Postepay Crowd


Crowdfund your idea on Blockchain in a few steps

+ 5,000€
Postepay Crowd

About the project

Build your Ethereum based Crowdsale and start your ICO with no setup costs and zero lines of code required. All is Blockchain based through our awesome Smart Contracts.

Have a great project? Fund it with a trustworthy crowdsale. 

With FriendsFingers you will be able to create your Ethereum based Crowdsale without coding. Setup your Crowdsale start and end time, target and goal. Choose your Token name, symbol and rate. No payments required. We will take a max of 5% fee only on success campaigns.

Many people or startups already have ideas that they want to develop on Ethereum or simply they need to raise funds for their projects. Who would send money to someone they don’t trust?

Sometimes a good idea takes a lot of funds and collective effort. You could ask for donations, but donors prefer to give to projects they are more certain will get traction and proper funding.

FriendsFingers helps you to start a crowdfunding that would be ideal for investors: you set up a goal and a deadline for reaching it. If you miss your goal, the donations are returned, reducing the risk for donors. Since the code is open and auditable, there is no need for a centralized, trusted platform. Therefore, the only fees paid will be the Gas fees. You don't need to have any technical skill or to pay nothing in advance.

By using Ethereum, you can create a contract that will hold a contributor's money until any given date or goal is reached. Depending on the outcome, the funds will either be released to the project owners or safely returned back to the contributors. That is all possible without requiring a centralized arbitrator, clearing house or having to trust anyone. You can even use the token you created earlier to keep track of the distribution of rewards.

Rewards in crowdfundings are usually handled by a central unchangeable database that keeps track of all donors: anyone who missed the deadline for the campaign cannot get in anymore. Instead we are going to do this the decentralized way and just create a token to keep track of rewards, anyone who contributes gets a token that they can trade, sell or keep for later. Donors get to keep their tokens, even if the project doesn't achieve its goals, as a souvenir.

How it works

The crowdsales started on FriendsFingers and the corresponding tokens creation processes will be organized around Smart Contracts running on Ethereum Network. All the source code of both Smart Contracts and platform will be verified on Etherscan and published on GitHub, where you can read and analyze any line of the code you will use. Our platform itself will be a DApp (Decentralized Application) hosted on GitHub pages. We have no servers and no databases, we don’t store any datas in places you can’t see them. All will be public on the Blockchain and open-sourced on GitHub to have a strong and trustworthy crowdsale.

Furthermore, Shaka (HAK), our token, will give holders rights to be active part on platform key decisions like in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

If you trust us, your investors will trust you the same way. We want to give you the better solution to make your crowdfund trustworthy and disruptive.

Starting Crowdsale

Users that want to start a crowdsale on FriendsFingers must only fill a form with all informations needed to start it like the project name, the crowdsale goal and target, the crowdsale deadlines, the name of the token to issue, the tokens rate per ETH, the Ethereum wallet address where funds will be collected and some others informations regarding crowdsale official links and Whitepaper. After the crowdsale end no more tokens can be issued.

Participants willing to support crowdsale can do so by sending Ether currency through FriendsFingers platform or by sending Ether to the designated address using their preferred Ethereum wallet. By doing so, they are purchasing crowdsale's token at the rate creator has chosen before which are sent instantly to their wallet.

At the end of the crowdsale, creators can choose to restart another round with lower rate per ETH for a max of 5 times, or they can decide to close the crowdsale.

When each round of the crowdsale ends, if it reaches the goal, funds will be immediately transferred to the creator designed wallet except a little fee of the raised amount which will go to FriendsFingers wallet. Starting fee is 5% and it should be only decreased in time according to the Smart Contract. 

If crowdsale doesn’t reach the goal, investors can easily claim their funds back and creators don’t have to pay any fee to FriendsFingers. Creators can't be able to restart a crowdsale if it ended under the goal.

Shaka Token (HAK)

The Token for a new way crowdfunding. Shaka (HAK) is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum issued by FriendsFingers and that will give holders rights to be active part of the platform like in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Each token offers the following rights to its holder:

  • Right to vote on platform key decisions. Each token grants its holder one vote which may be used at token holder’s discretion participating in platform proposal. The more tokens one has the more votes one can cast with a max of 100 votes per user. Only whole HAK tokens grant votes - if a token holder owns a fraction of HAK token, such fractional HAK token does not grant any voting rights. Proposals on platform may interest for instance:
    • propose or decide to block a fraudulent Crowdsale
    • propose or decide how to spend our Crowdsale token fee
    • propose or decide how to spend funds not claimed one year after the Crowdsale closes
    • decide how to invest unclaimed tokens after the Incentive program ends
  • Right to have a discount on platform fee when start a Crowdsale
  • Right to rate Crowdsales started on FriendsFingers
  • Possibility to promote Crowdsale on FriendsFingers social and media channels

We may always add rights for token holders, in that case we will communicate them on our official channels.


Q1 2018
Any user will be able to start a Crowdsale using FriendsFingers.

Q2 2018
Platform improvements. Partnership with external projects.

Q3 2018
Crowdsale and Token Smart Contracts redesign and improvements.

Q4 2018
Voting, Incentive and Rating Smart Contracts released. Token Distribution.

Q1 2019
More and different types of Crowdsales and Smart Contracts creation released.

Q2 2019
Adding Swarm and/or IPFS to store any additional datas. Landing page generator.

Q3/Q4 2019
Introducing DAICO (ICO controlled by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

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FriendsFingers is an open-source Decentralized Application (DApp) built on Smart Contracts running on Ethereum Blockchain.
FriendsFingers helps startups and small businesses to start a trustworthy Crowdsale and issue an ERC20 Token with no setup costs and zero lines of code required.

Who we are?

Vittorio Minacori 
DApp and Smart Contracts Developer  

Claudio Mammana 

Product Designer 

Vincenzo Petrucci 
Social Media Manager 

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