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ORA X: app for parents that informs and helps

ORA X is the first app for parents to be informed about kids' school life and to manage kids' ride to/from school.

Expired on 30 Mar 2019

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal

All or nothing

ORA X: app for parents that informs and helps

ORA X is the first app for parents to be informed about kids' school life and to manage kids' ride to/from school.

Expired on 30 Mar 2019

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reach it's goal

All or nothing

When is ORA X timing

Time is the key element: the minutes run, I have no time, I want fast solutions and easily accessible information. As a parent, this requirement amplifies and the thought of not having everything under control causes stress and anxiety. During our child’s school life, there are inevitable commitments to face, commitments that require time and organizing skill (for example enrolments, school payment deadlines, sourcing educational materials, etc.). These duties can disturb the family peace. But now, you can live your ORA X (zero hour) with less stress thanks to an app where you can find all the information about your child's school in an organizer manner. It is an easy tool to refer. You can look up the canteen menu and school news that are updated by class representatives, associations and institutions. They are all connected, without getting lost between a chat and another, and where you can ask for help from another parent in case of unforeseen for the accompaniment or pick up of your child.


A clear, non-invasive and useful place. An app that informs and helps you.

It's called ORA X and you can already download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

This App was born as a real help for families with children mainly from 3 to 13 years. The goal is to improve the life quality of parents who don’t have the support from grandparents or babysitters and are forced to juggle family and work life. ORA X aims to promote sharing and collaboration between families and reduce hardship and stress.

With this app:

- you can ask a ride from a parent whose child is in the same class and be rewarded with star points. These points can be accumulated and will allow you to take advantage of discounts at partner companies of ORA X;

- you can share organized information regarding your child’s school without getting lost in group chats.

There is only one problem: you could not say "I did not know"!


ORA X project optimizes children's travel by car, on foot or by bike and promotes sustainable mobility, becoming a great ally for our city : less traffic to and from school means less CO2 and pollution and healthier air for our children and for the community. ORA X is part of a wider program of lifestyle education that guarantees the well-being of the person and the health of the environment. The project aims to educate children over time, through positive feelings related to sharing the educational path with their friends and respect for the rules. The aim is also to promote the autonomy of children starting from the home-school-home path, to make them grow in a safe and conscious way. In the home-school path children learn to be alert to the dangers they encounter (cars, scooters, dogs, etc.) ; they socialize and take responsibility more quickly, taking advantage of important experiences for their psychophysical development.

From idea to nowdays

ORA X was born from our real need which then turned out to be the need of many other parents as well. After winning the competition "Innovation: feminine noun" of Region Lazio we created our company (Wside Srl) and built the app with dedication and hard work day by day. We launched the ORA X website (www.oraxapp.it) and a Facebook page and began to spread the project in small steps. The app immediately received public recognition and has been reviewed by mum bloggers, newspapers, etc.. It has obtained the free patronage of the School and Solidarity Community of Rome Capital, to witness the commitment and collaboration that are active between citizens and institutions. ORA X was soon adopted, through word of mouth, by other parents who felt the need to find a solution to a better management of time and daily life.

How we will invest money

After a year of experimentation we have treasured the feedbacks received and we would like to continue our project by offering an enhanced service, implementing it with new features and making it known to all parents. 

The service is free for users, however there are ongoing costs of management and development, not easy to sustain.

So, thanks to your support, we can guarantee the continuation of the project, investing money according to our goals:

-1° goal- 15.000€: restyling of ORA X with the implementation of existing functions and the addition of some features;

-2° goal-7.500€: creation of the web platform with dedicated access to the Institutions;

-3° goal- 7.500 €: project advertising and partnership development.

1) Restyling of ORA X with the implementation of existing functions and the addition of some features that will make it even more useful :

-money collection with the possibility to combine a prepaid card and monitor class expenses;

- alert close to events or deadlines;

- invitations and a list of parties;

- board about tips and announcements for families;

- shopping (area dedicated to products and services related to school life);

-babysitter: a dedicated section where users can view the results of the babysitting scouting platforms in the area surrounding the school they belong to, both in case of accompaniment and pick up at school and in case of children's entertainment; service "on demand" to quickly find a babysitter when you have something unexpected. Nannies will be evaluated and selected by "Mamme and the City Association" according to precise criteria.

2) Web platform with dedicated access to the Institutions, where schools can transmit direct communications to families with references to their websites.

3) Project advertising and partnership development:

• publicize the app in different media so that our user base increases (until now the app has spread only through word of mouth and we thank all the parents who contributed to its dissemination);

• create a sales team for meetings in schools in order to present the project and transmit its social value to all parents and institutional bodies;

• strengthen partnerships with companies in the kids & family sector to offer discounts and benefits for our users.


Silvia Sarra – CEO

She is an ex Italian teacher with a degree in Literature and Philosophy. She has taught for many years, has a lot of experience in the school system and is an expert in class dynamics. Silvia is a mother of two sons who are now fathers themselves.

Valentina Passaniti - COO

Siciliana doc and graduated in Sociology with communication and mass media. She has occupied various job positions between Milan and Rome, all in the marketing and communication field.  She is a mother of 2 children, Samuele and Viola, who totally changed her life in a positive way and redesigned her priorities! Valentina is interested in social dynamics and how they are influenced by new technology. She is ready to face this entrepreneurial challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism. Linkedin profile


She is of Neapolitan origin. She moved to Rome in 1999 to continue her studies. She completed her degree in Communication Sciences in 2004 and immediately started working in the field of marketing and communication. She has a blog of sweet recipes and 1000 daily commitments. She likes to use time as an instrument and not as an armchair and she is convinced that tenacity is the force that makes you face the difficulties to reach your goal. Maika is married and has 2 children. Linkedin profile

Pietro Marrone - CTO

He is a Senior Software Engineer with a deep knowledge of software development and a natural passion for programming. He is father of two little girls.Linkedin profile


Palermitana, graduated in Modern Literature, co-founder of Mamme and the City Association. Since she was a mother of 2 princesses she returned a little girl: through the innocent eyes of her daughters she perceives everything with greater sensitivity, she treasures small things and protects the most precious: her family. With the same dedication and enthusiasm she selects the babysitters.

Specialized in social media marketing. Co-founder of Mamme and the City Association, responsible for training courses for babysitters and event planner. Motherhood gave her a new life. Thanks to this new work (the mum), her skills have amplified and today she puts into practice the teachings of her previous life proud of what she has become.

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Project created by

Maika Messalli e Valentina Passaniti

ORA X is a project by Wside Srl curated by Maika Messalli and Valentina Passaniti, 2 mothers very attentive to the needs of contemporary society, eager to improve their quality of life through innovative and supportive solutions that facilitate the development of an eco-sustainable society.

In collaboration with Mamme & the City, a non-profit association founded with the aim of supporting the family by promoting the bond between parents and children, before, during and after the birth of children.