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TAMBUCA - Art House in Tuscany

Courses, art exhibitions and workshops in Tuscany.

Expired on 07 Aug 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

TAMBUCA - Art House in Tuscany

Courses, art exhibitions and workshops in Tuscany.

Expired on 07 Aug 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Introduction to the project

We start with humility, but also with a lot of determination.

If you could meet us in person you would feel a wave of overwhelming, inexhaustible enthusiasm. We love this project, and we believe it to the end. Ours is a departing train, which we know will go far, and we would like you to climb aboard to face this journey together.

This is our first crowdfunding campaign, and we've spent days and nights here. We start with humility, in fact, asking for a budget that will only partially finance the project, but that can still be a nice launch pad for a gritty departure. We therefore invite you to read the project, share it, fund it even with small contributions, and if you have any doubts or curiosity we ask you to write to our e-mail address info@tambucaversilia.it in order to be there at all times.


"An unconventional Art School that comes to life in the studios of two emerging artists, inside a Liberty Villa in the heart of Tuscany."

We are Alessandra and Elisa, two very different artists but with a feeling born from the first moment.

We met at a bi-personal exhibition of Elisa at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, by chance, and we immediately started collaborating and discussing our work.

Two artists, two studies, two visions of reality, the same energy. Hence the desire to create a magical place where we can work and share our experiences and grow, grow together. A CENTER FOR ARTS, in short.

 The merger between the energies of Elisa and Alessandra, and between our surnames, TAMBurrini and PagliUCA.

The mission of TAMBÚCA is first and foremost the choice to enhance art as creative communication. Art seen and experienced by artists, artistic experience through a technical and practical value. Create a center for artistic aggregation, a real school in the manner of old "ateliers", where you can acquire technical skills through academic courses and discover your soul movements through unconventional and atypical courses, thanks to the exchange, communication and sharing of projects and revolutions.

A place where art is breathed in the air and where it is possible to bring one's dreams with the certainty of finding fertile ground for their fulfillment. A place where an idea can become a common movement and an ideal.

A place open to the city and to the global tourist flows that arrive in Versilia. The Tambúca Cultural Association proposes itself as an interesting experience in the promotion of the historical-artistic heritage starting from the conception and realization of didactic and tourist routes, also thanks to the integration of an editorial to promote the memory of the territory through its monuments, his past and contemporary artists and his historical places. A complete proposal, which includes cultural events and gatherings, exhibitions, workshops and artist residencies.


We imagine a Liberty villa surrounded by greenery, a place who can give breathe inspiration and create a unique climate to learn and apply the art. A place full of light, colors and smell of pigments. A location that is not difficult to find, here in Versilia, and especially in Viareggio, the city where we would like to be born the school.

The activities that will be carried out within the school will be many, and different. This is because our styles and artistic paths are very different. Alessandra is a hyper-realistic artist, very technical and in possession of academic studies, while Elisa has a more emotional and analytical approach to painting and art.

The structure will host the studies of both artists; each will have a training room where carry out their lessons, studied according to their personal style. There will be two more rooms, to accommodate other teachers who want to offer their courses and to create a rich calendar of workshops with internationally renowned artists, such as Luca Tedde, a very popular Sardinian artist, who has received a great success during his portrait workshop held in Alessandra's studio last April.

Inside "Casa Tambuca" there will also be a large hall, which will become the center for temporary exhibitions of local, national and international artists, and where will be organized end-of-course exhibitions with the drawings of the students.


- Oil painting

- Hyper-realistic drawing

- Course of drawing from life

- Wall decoration

- Course of creative introspection: investigation on the personalization of the sign and style

- Design workshop: creation of metal jewelery

- Workshops for children and teenagers

- Laboratories for tourists

- Minicourses of other teachers (Ceramics, Sculpture, Fresco and Engraving)



"Casa Tambúca" wants to emphasize the Art in all its forms; for this reason, an exhibition space will be indispensable in the structure to organize exhibitions and events for young artists and established figures.

In fact, we already have in mind to include exhibitions and workshops by established artists, thanks to a network of knowledge among artists.

We would also like to support the emerging artists of the territory, facilitating their artistic path and supporting them in their growth, providing the opportunity to "debut" in an environment saturated with positive energy.


How? Proposing mini courses and thematic workshops, periodically planned, with different artistic personalities and artisans, also in relation to the exhibitions of the artists we will host, as technical and theoretical insights. The invitation to propose courses and workshops will also be extended to other structures, which can collaborate with the "home", and vice versa.

Why? Our long-term goal is to be able to structure the "home" as an academy, creating macro-sections of specialization. Examples:

Section of HYPER-REALISM (with courses of drawing from life, oil painting, etc.);

ILLUSTRATION Section (with courses in graphics, comics, creative design, etc.);

DECORATION section (with Trompe l'oeil courses, fresco, basic whitewashing, etc.)


Street Art & Urban renewal? Yes We can!

We want to create a movement within which young artists can be free to propose projects aimed at revaluing the territory and the city in which they live, so as to feel an integral part of the community and have a new civic respect towards the environment that surrounds them.

How? Proposing art prizes (also open to schools), for example "Adopt a rock", for the redevelopment of the Viareggio breakwater.

By encouraging a partnership with the Municipality to create a collaboration and work together, we have several projects in the pipeline, such as the design of large thematic posters to be posted on the degraded buildings and the barriers of the construction sites scattered throughout the city.

Who is behind the project

ALESSANDRA PAGLIUCA | Artist and teacher

Alessandra (born in 1988, Chivasso, Turin) moved to Lucca in 2017, to open her own studio in the city of the Carnival, in Viareggio. City that conquers her because of "light" and colors.

She graduated in an art high school in Turin and then decides to devote herself full time to painting and self-taught artistic experimentation. Her "debut" took place in 2012, when she exhibited her first personal collection of artworks based on hyper-realistic research and the study of human faces and expressions. She has exhibited in several galleries both in Italy and abroad, and participated in several competitions that have seen her as a finalist on several occasions; she was even the winner of the award announced by Elio Fiorucci in 2014. Some of the main cities that have hosted her works are Florence, Turin, Venice, London, Montecarlo and Laguna Beach, in California.

Her work is also based on the creation of commissioned works for private customers and public bodies. Alessandra, in fact, is the owner of the "Atelier Artemisia" art workshop, based in Viareggio, where she permanently exhibits her artworks, receives clients and collectors, and lectures in painting and drawing.

More information on the website www.alessandrapagliuca.com

ELISA TAMBURRINI | Artist and decorator

Elisa (born in 1985, Lucca, Italy) realizes paintings, illustrations and decorations. By combining several seemingly incompatible worlds into a new universe, Elisa uses a visual vocabulary that addresses the most disparate themes that try to communicate with visceral and archaic emotions. The work includes both time and space: an imaginary and experiential universe that emerges only a little at a time.

Her paintings bear strong references to the imaginative strength and the motions of the soul. The possibility or dream of the cancellation of a fixed identity is a constant focal point. With a conceptual approach, she tries to approach a wide range of subjects in a multi-level world, she loves to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of a function that follows the form in a work.

She paints with oil, acrylic, oil pastels, charcoal, chalk and watercolors, she carves and processes metals, decorates interiors and exteriors of houses and shops, and tries to transform the environments that are proposed in moments that communicate, through the forms and colors, emotions

Design of the Logo

The logo of our "home" was created by the artists and designed by Elisa, in her particular style, to symbolize the union, the joint and the compensation of two different artistic spirits.


A monthly EDITORIAL will be drawn up and printed by the school, which will have a different theme every month. It will be a "journal" to discover artists, artistic and cultural movements, which will contain notions, advice and curiosity.

How the funds will be used

The amount we are asking for is a first tranche to start with the project. We want to be realistic and don't raise the bar too much, but it's certain that if we reach, and maybe who knows, we exceed expectations, we will certainly be able to do things big.

The funds we will collect through this first campaign will be used for these expenses:

- First rent and rent for the structure (we are looking for a villa for rent, and suppose a monthly request of about € 1000)

- Setting up the premises of the structure (eg whitewashing, only the materials, because we love to "get our hands dirty" ourselves.)

Then we will start with a second campaign, which will be aimed at "perfecting" what we have started. The additional funds will be used for other expenses, such as:

- Accomplishment of fire-fighting rooms, first aid kits and insurance

- Purchase of teaching materials (eg trestles, work surfaces, plaster molds, etc.)

- Advertising campaigns, marketing and website management

There will certainly be unexpected expenses, but we are ready to face any eventuality.

Our partners

We would like to thank the Municipality of Viareggio and the Capitaneria di Porto, the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, and the Baldini Vernici for the sponsor at the first urban event in Tambúca for their support and enthusiasm for the project " Pescatori di porte ".

Let's start with a big THANKS

Before even launching the campaign and starting to raise funds, we want to start with a "big and big" THANKS.

Thank you because you stopped to read our dream / project; and even if you decide not to make a donation, it may be of great help that you share the campaign on Facebook, or Twitter, or wherever you want. You could suggest reading to some friends, spreading the word, in short.

And we also want to say THANKS to all those who want to support us, becoming co-founders of this company, with small or large donations. Every single help, for us, has immense value!

We will update you on the status of the campaign and on the progress of the project.

We also invite you to share with us any ideas or thoughts, by writing to us at info@tambucaversilia.it

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Project created by


The cultural association "Tambuca" that gives life to the project was born in 2011 and operates in the areas of Lucca, Viareggio and in general in Versilia. It was founded by the artist Elisa Tamburrini and later also involved Alessandra Pagliuca, who became a partner on the occasion of this new "journey".

Alessandra Pagliuca & Elisa Tamburrini are the co-founders of the art house.

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