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Arezzo, Italia
Civic, Art, Education
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A Partecipated Festival for Young Theatre

A Festival to bring young people closer to the world of theater by actively involving them and promoting the professional U35 Theatre excellences

Expired on 03 Nov 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

A Partecipated Festival for Young Theatre

A Festival to bring young people closer to the world of theater by actively involving them and promoting the professional U35 Theatre excellences

Expired on 03 Nov 2018

All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

What is it about?

The Arezzo Crowd Festival is a Theatre festival that will take place in June 2019, conceived by the Officine Montecristo cultural association, to bring young people closer to the world of theater and at the same time to enhance emerging professional companies.

The idea is to overturn the traditional concept of theatrical festival, involving the public before the artists,
through a large participation and the principle of sharing contents.
Thanks to the principle of Crowd, in fact, the Arezzo Crowd Festival wants to highlight the importance of building a bottom-up interest, directly from the needs of the new generations, activating a path of awareness, participation, valorization and aggregation.
The base of the Festival is the active involvement of young people between 18 and 30 years old in the organization and design of a theater festival. For this reason an Artistic Committee has been created where, with the supervision of experts from the Montecristo workshops, the students directly decide all the main aspects of the event such as the theme, the graphics and the companies that will take part in the contest.
The other important principle of the event is the enhancement of young professionals in the theater world, emerging excellence, which will be given the opportunity to be known. This is why the Festival will open its doors to artists and theater companies under 35, which will be selected through a public call, with the opportunity to be hosted during the review and to win the prize of € 1,000, awarded by a jury both popular and of experts.

The Artistic Committee

The Artistic Committee is formed by 70 young people, between 18 and 30 years old, coming from all over Italy, who have come to know about the Festival thanks to meetings in schools, universities, cultural circles and of course through word of mouth and online publications. All interested parties were able to register by replying to a public call on the Festival's Facebook page by 31 May 2018. And it is thanks to the Festival's social channels, and in particular to the Facebook page, that the youngsters organize themselves for meetings and activities and express their preferences from time to time going to directly model the face of the event.

Education and Activities of the Artistic Committee

The activities of the Artistic Committee are divided into two macro areas: the choice of the artistic line of the Festival (choice of theme, the poster, selection of participating theater companies) and participation in creative activities related to the Festival (WebTv, Blog, Theater Group, Social Storytelling).

Choice of the artistic line:

As soon as the entries to the Artistic Committee were closed, the members were immediately called upon to make the first choice for the theme of the Festival. The theme chosen for 2019 was "Contaminations". The next steps will be the choice of the poster (September / October) and the selection of the U35 theater companies that will participate in the Festival (November / December), for which public selection tenders will be announced.

In order to be able to carry out these activities with full knowledge of the facts, a theatrical grammar training course was started for the members of the Committee. The course includes a part of theoretical training that has already been started, divided into two blocks of meetings (5 weekends in June / July and 5 weekends in September / October), with the possibility of participating live or via video or through handouts of the meetings uploaded to the Facebook group dedicated to the Artistic Committee, with the aim of providing essential tools to read the grammar of the theatrical event through the points of the evaluation form that is provided to the participants. In addition, there will also be a viewing program for theatrical performances (October / November 2018) with the aim of gaining confidence with the critical judgment in preparation for the selection of theatrical companies participating in the Festival.

Creative activities:

Conceived with the aim of involving the members of the Committee more, and at the same time also to offer them the opportunity to learn new skills and specializations, they are divided into four groups to which the boys of the Artistic Committee have joined, and for which they receive assistance and training from Officine Montecristo professionals:

  • Web Tv: Hosted by a dedicated online portal (www.kipleo.it), it will collect interviews, programs and documentaries
  • Blog: Container updated on the activities of the Festival, with columns and insights
  • Theater Group: Path of study on the theater with professionals
  • Social Storytelling: Experimental narrative using the Festival's social networks

What we have already achieved

The idea of the Festival was born the first days of April 2018 from the desire to bring back to Arezzo a great theatrical event involving young people and local associations. Looking backwards, we can be satisfied with what has been done so far. Only in the first month did we conceive the concept of the Festival, created the logo, launched the website and social channels and made many meetings (with institutions, youth associations, schools, theaters, etc ...) with an excellent reception, which allowed us to grow and make known the idea.

In May we were ready to start the machine of the Festival and so we officially opened the registration to the Artistic Committee, giving all those interested the opportunity to register by May 31; in the meantime every Sunday we organized lunches at the Montecristo Officine headquarters, open to anyone who wanted to know more about our initiative. At the end of May there were as many as 70 boys and girls from all over Italy who had chosen to join our project, as well as numerous theater companies that wanted information about the announcement to participate in the Festival. These first important results have given us even more desire and charge to carry forward what started.

In June, the activities of the Artistic Committee began with an Open Day as orientation for the Artistic Committee, and firstly the theme of the Festival was chosen: "Contaminations", voted by a majority of a broader range of themes through the Facebook group dedicated which is the command and meeting booth of participants from all over Italy. Saturday activities were added to Sunday lunches for the members of the Committee, who saw the mornings engaged with the theatrical training path, and afternoons with the activities of the 4 working groups (Web TV, Blog, Social Storytelling and Group Theatrical). They were a June and a July really full of work and inspiration!

In the meantime we have continued to make known our project on the territory getting a lot of positive feedback, and even succeeding in organizing a support dinner for the Festival, to be able to support part of the living expenses waiting for the crowdfunding. The dinner was a success, with more than 90 people taking part in it and many businesses in Arezzo and its province that collaborated in the realization of the event.

A Theatre Festival in Arezzo, Tuscany?

The idea of the Festival has born from the need of a group of young people from Arezzo to increase the interest in theater and performing arts in Arezzo, a city that boasts a great cultural tradition and national and international events. The goal is to involve the city at all levels: traders, institutions, companies and citizens, developing a theme in rebirth both for the number of enrollments at school and professional level, to make Arezzo a new pole of tourism and excellence in the theatrical field, with an event that can grow over time and set up as a fixture on the Italian scene.

In addition, the activities, training and use of the Festival will be free!

To do this, we strongly focus on communication and we have had great support for an emerging reality, with a strategy of social and media use that gives to the event we are organizing a large resonnance nationwide, to attract virtuous investors who they propose themselves as patrons of a cultural event with great growth prospects and enriching the supply and demand of the cultural market.

How we will use the funds

Festival activities that will be financed through crowdfunding:

  • THEATER RENT: € 2,000 / € 3000 (depending on the allocation of Municipal Patrocinio)
  • SIAE EXPENSES FOR SHOWS: € 500 (in case of reaching the minimum Crowdfunding objective)
  • HOSTS AND UTENSES RENTAL: € 3000 (the Officine Montecristo office will be made available for a whole year as an office and hall for the activities of the Crowd Festival)
  • COMMUNICATION: 3000 € (professional social media manager for 1 year)
  • REWARDS: € 1000 (including costs of materials + shipping costs for rewards)
  • COMMISSION EPPELA: about 1000 (5% of the total + VAT + 1.2% + 0.15 for each transaction)

These expenses will allow us to cover one year of activity for the Artistic Committee and for the organization of the Festival:

  • Free workshops open to the Artistic Committee: basic levels of acting and theater to enable them to be judges aware of the choice of artists
  • Organization of the editorial staff of a TV and a blog dedicated to the Festival: training and rudiments to create an editorial staff that will follow the progress of the event.
  • Daily management of social and website channels: to keep the communication on the event constantly updated.
  • Public meetings: dedicated to debate and gathering ideas, or with professional theater and TV guests.
  • Selection through public calls: for posters and artists, opening the Festival beyond the city limits.
  • Organization and management of the Festival: guarantee maximum participation and the largest number of events during the days of the festival.
  • Organization of side events at the Festival: thanks to partners who will help us to fill the schedule around the theater shows with concerts, parties and events.

Other estimated costs for which we will look for technical sponsors will be:

PROMOTION: € 500 (flyers, posters, sponsored content on social media)

Thank you for your support!

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Project created by

Officine Montecristo

Officine Montecristo is a cultural association and theater company of Arezzo founded in 2016. It deals with the production of music and theatre shows  and the promotion of cultural events related to the performative arts, with particular attention to emerging professionals and to the European dialogue of new generations of artists.

The founding members of Officine Montecristo are Giovanni Firpo (Director),
Giuliana Rienzi (Technical Director) and Mariangela Mazza (Legal).

Arezzo, Italia
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