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Music For Peace

Music for Peace shows the benefits that a multicultural society brings to the artistic-musical sphere underlining its importance for human rights.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Music For Peace

Music for Peace shows the benefits that a multicultural society brings to the artistic-musical sphere underlining its importance for human rights.


All or nothing This project will receive all funds raised only if it reaches its goal

All or nothing

Using music to unite people of all cultures

Hello  everyone,

My name is  Joselin St.Aimee. I am a professional gospel singer,  educator, actress and the founder and artistic director of the Music for Peace project 2017. I am also the President of the nonprofit association, Acting Out English Academy. We teach  English through music and theater with an emphasis on African American culture.

Last year, I  and the administrative team of the association developed "The Music for Peace Project", for The International Day of Peace, which is on September 21st, and was established in  1982  by The United Nations.

The endeavor was to bring together professional artists from different countries, residing in Italy, to have an opportunity to combine their artistic talents to promote the purpose of peace. Showing recognition that the benefits of a  multicultural society brings to the artistic-musical sphere, and underlining the importance music plays in promoting human rights. It will, therefore, be a show dedicated to all those who value peace and coexistence between people and nations. 

The first event was organized on September 21st, 2016, and was sponsored by the Venice Municipality at Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre, and it was well received by the Venice community. Among the participants, were a  group of refugees hosted at the Cona reception center. They happily joined the Venice Gospel Community Choir in an exhibition of high symbolic value at a time when great conflicts and poverty force millions of human beings to flee from their lands.

We believed that it is essential that the concerts be available to the whole community, so we are providing two shows. One in the late afternoon at 6 pm, and the other in the evening at 9 pm. We will be hosting the concert again for the second edition at the  Auditorium Candiani in Venice-Mestre. 

We are moving forward and need your financial support

We are asking for your generous contribution,  in the hope that you may help us achieve our financial goals,  to continue The Music For  Peace project. Its influence has been recognized by important national and international institutions, such as UNICEF Italia, Veneto Region, Panathlon,  and Mestre Off Limits. They have given their patronage to the event.   Last year, the City of Venice contributed directly to the project, but unfortunately,  this year, because of lack of funding, they are no longer able to give the same support.  We are appealing to you the public and those who believe in our cause for monetary donations. As you can imagine, they are costs and expenses, and without the sufficient provisions, we will not be able to repeat the compelling experience of the past year:







"Support Music for Peace because peace matters!"

During the event, the artists will be accompanied by: maestro Michele Bonivento on the piano, Carmine Bloisi on drums, Luca Amatruda on the bass guitar. The following artists will perform: Joselin St.Aimee, Harold Badley, Foxy Ladies, Ken Bailey, Wendell Simpkins, Charles Cablan, and The Venice Gospel Community Choir.

Our slogan, "Support Music for Peace because peace matters", was displayed by each artist in a video below, which remind us to support peace through creative expression, and music is the greatest instrument to share feelings, love, passions for people of different cultures, religions and race.


Joselin St.Aimee is an American professional gospel recording artist, songwriter, playwright, educator, and actress. Her dynamic vocal talent and theatrical flare convey a powerful message of peace and cultural unity. She considers herself to be an ambassador of peace because of the messages in the music she performs which galvanizes, the betterment of human rights. On September 21st, 2016, for International Peace Day, Joselin created The Music For Peace Project, where she collaborated with artists from around the world that reside in Italy, to unite their talents for the purpose of Peace. The event took place at the Candiani Culture Center, in Venice Italy. Because of its success, the event will take place again At Candiani on September 21st, 2017 and is being endorsed by UNICEF Italia.

Joselin is no stranger to the stage, she has performed internationally throughout Europe, The United Kingdom, and The United States. In Venice Italy where she resides, she has had the opportunity to perform at some of Italy's most important venues. Teatro di Donizetti, Blue Note Milano, Arena di Verona, Auditorium di Milano, Umbria Jazz festival, Torre Alfina Blue Festival, Florence Gospel Festival, Trasimeno Blues Festival, and much more. She was featured on the syndicated television Station Rai Uno on a popular program called “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” and was a guest soloist on a televised program “Notte & Giorno” at The Vatican on Rai Uno a most significant Italian television station in Italy. She has shared the stage with some of Europe's most celebrated gospel and jazz artists. Cheryl Porter, Joyce Yuille, Harlem Voice Choir of New York, Harold Bradley, Sherrita Duran, Ken Bailey, Vincent Williams, Ronnie Jones, Joy Garrison, Nehemiah Brown, and countless others.

Her first CD “Love Sacrifice” was released in January 2012. Her song Rolling Raging sea was written by her and arranged by Michele Bonivento, renown Italian pianist, and arranger. The song was featured at The Boston Green Festival as part of The Future Springs project released in 2013 and produced by Goodwind productions. Her love for music, theater, and storytelling inspired her to create Freedom Warrior. It depicts the true story of Harriet Tubman, the runaway slave, an American hero. Her mission in life is to use her talents to bring the message of hope and peace to the world through the performing arts.


Harold Bradley is one of the most important figures of African American music in Italy. He was the founder of the mythical Folkstudio in Rome in the 60's, where he still lives. The venue became a landmark for many national and international artists. Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Francesco Guccini, Pete Seeger, Mimmo Locasciulli, Francesco de Gregori, Rino Gaetano, Gianni Togni, Antonello Venditti, Luca Barbarossa and Sergio Caputo were among the most important performers. In addition to conducting the evenings, Bradley himself performed singing blues, jazz, gospel pieces and chants of the civil rights struggle in America. At the same time she founded the Folkstudio Singers group with whom she performed for several years.

Since the 1990s he has collaborated with Jona's Blues Band, with which he has a very successful tour in Italy. He also sings with other gospel groups as with the St. John's Singer of Manziana, with Masa Opasha and Annette Meriweather, and in events aimed at keeping the attention of apartheid in South Africa. In the 2000s he started collaborating with the American Gospel Bronzeville group and appeared as special guest along with Jona's Blues Band at Tropea Blues Festival, collaborating musically on their CD Back to Life (Sifare publishing). In 2004 he published the Kumbayah song for the Darfur Children's Choir, together with the Colored Pencil Choir, also participating in broadcasts on RAI's solidarity theme. In 2010 she sang with Tony Formichella for her CD "Not too long ago". He has also recently signed a record contract with the Terre Sommerse label. Today, almost 90 years old, Harold Bradley represents an icon of African American music in Italy and still performs in public concerts. One of the latter kept him in the prestigious setting of the Parco della Musica in Rome last year.


Ambra, Federica and Sara Baccaglini, in the art of FOXY LADIES, are three Venetian sisters who have always had black music, soul, gospel and blues as a soundtrack.

The father starts the music very young and they do not leave her anymore. Each one boasts important solistique experiences, but it is only together that the voices tell a unique and exciting story.

After numerous soul and gospel concerts made in more than ten years of career and two active records, Foxy Ladies receive national awards, and in 2013, in the Rai 2 live life program, they are presented as "the sisters of I sing".

In 2016 they took part in The Voice of Italy in Raffaella Carrà's team, and are the first ever voice group in the history of television talent. Thanks to their talent and their verve they are very successful among the Italian audience and are often guests of the Radio 2 Social Club radio program, with Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Perroni and international guests.

In the fall of 2016, they released their first unveiled "Givin 'my best," but the desire to leave other "Foxy Ladies" original songs inspires Baccaglini's sisters to make their first album Unpublished "RADIOFOXY in FM", of which "Black Pastel" is the first single. The sparkling, intense, exciting and ironic atmosphere of RADIOFOXY in FM, collaborations with exceptional musicians including the Aliendee beatboxer and the Psycodrummers percussionists, make their debut record a success.


Kenn Bailey is a singer and saxophonist Anglo-Jamaican, lives in the province of Padua. Those who hear him say that his voice and his talent in playing the sax are able to make the listener discover the deepest roots of African American music. His musical career begins as a child in the Pentecostal Church of Nottingham (UK), where his parents, from Jamaica, play an active role in the religious community. From them learns the first African-American music influence and approaches Gospel music. Bailey's language combines Jazz, Soul, RnB with Reggae with originality and wisdom, without neglecting the influence of European pop, coined by "BO-POP". He has recently played for Eros Ramazzotti at the Arena of Verona at the WMA (Wind Music Awards 2015) and has launched himself with the creation of a new music group called "Spaghettification". Last year he wrote a song titled 'Darkness', sung in Italian and English. The piece came from the 12 finalists at the Festival Show. Below the first single 'Laugh Out Loud'.


Wendell Simpkins is born in Aiken (South Carolina, USA), Wendell lives in Milan today. He is by no means a stranger to the stage, since he has started his artistic career since the age of 3 in churches and schools in his city. Wendell feels blessed and honored by the Lord for his voice and for the opportunity given to him to make it available to all those who want to get closer to a deeper spirituality. Its versatility knows no bounds. He has studied classical music but can sing for any type and genre. In addition to singing, Wendell directs, teaches music (even in seminars) and is a talented composer. Wendell was rewarded in 2015 and 2016 at the "GMA Italia" (Gospel Music Awards of Italy) as Best Male Artist of the Year and for Best Live Performance.


Charles Kablan was a finalist of the RAI program "The Voice" 2016, his voice left the mark remaining impressed in the hearts of the spectators. Originally from the Ivory Coast, lives in Bergamo and sings in the gospel chorus "Henry's Friends" of Seriate. He has always been passionate about singing, he is totally self-taught by never having singing lessons. She dedicated her participation in the RAI 2 program to her father, to all the people she loves and to her gospel choir. His "The Voice" adventure began with a re-read by Adele's "Hello" that made the shadows come to the public, both in the room and in the TV talent show. And not only: one of the judges, Raffaella Carrà, has not stopped tears in front of the immersive interpretation of the hit hit to success by the British pop diva. Charles during the final evening of "The Voice" sang his unpublished song entitled "One Heart Only".


The Venice Gospel Community Choir is directed by Joselin St.Aimee, is the result of one of the activities of the Acting Out English Academy association, which St.Aimee is President. The choir was born with the aim of promoting African-American culture by spreading a message of peace and tolerance among peoples. Why "Community Choir"? Because its doors are open to all those who are united by the passion for singing and Gospel music, representing an opportunity for meeting and multicultural and multi-generational exchange, as well as being an occasion for learning the English language Through music.



Michele Bonivento is a musician with delicate emotions and bluff-funk sound scratching, organist with intense feeling and powerful rhythms. Eclectic arranger and producer, has more than 40 CDs and lots of productions for advertising, video and theater performances. He devoted his life to the pursuit of a piano that is always aimed at awakening the deepest emotions. Experiences with different African musicians such as Abdou 'Jaetz' N'Diaje (Youssou N'Dour bass player), Moulaje Niang, Dudu Kwate, Badara Seck, Jamal Ouassini lead him to the deepest intrinsic of the inexhaustible musical ideas of which only l 'Africa is capable.

He has collaborated with artists such as Cheryl Porter, The Gospel Train, In The Spirit, The Gospel Times, David Massey, Kay Foster Jackson, Wendy D. Lewis, Herbie Goins, Vincent W. Williams, Darrell Hill, Ian Siegal, Thompson, Barbara Evans, Ian Siegal, Dana Gillespie, Josel St.Aimee, John Henry Blues, Joyce Yuille, Andy J. Forest, Larry Ray, Elliot Murphy, Ashley Davis, Will Roberson, Kimberly Dovington, Carl Verheyen. He has performed concerts in England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary and the United States, participating in the most important festivals including Pistoia Blues, Trasimeno Blues Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival.


Carmine Bloisi is an international caracterist drummer from the early 1980s studied at C.A.M. Of Scandicci (Fi) with Alessandro Fabbri and Agostino Marangolo. He has been an integral part of RUDY ROTTA BAND from 1998 to 2010. Among his collaborations in studio and live there are real sacred monsters of world music such as Hammond Brian Auger, guitarists Peter Green, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, John Mayall, John Mooney, Ana Popovìc, the harmonicist Sugar Blue, the bassists Darryl Jones, Richard Cousins, the singers Karen Karoll, Zora Young, Eugenio Finardi, recording studio and live. He participated in numerous festivals such as the Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Rapperswill Musik Festival, the Roma Festival, the Milan Blues Festival, the Sanremo Blues, the Pistoia Blues, the Narcao Blues, the Ameno Blues Festival, the Jazztage Festival Lichtensteig and the BBC Birmingham.


Luca Amatrudais born in Cariati on 6/10/1984, he began his musical career at the age of 13. Under the guidance of Master Mauro Puntin, he undertook the study of the trumpet, the baritone, the trombone and the bass tubing that will lead him to perform initially in band formations and later in big bands. At the age of 18 he is passionate about the electric bass, instrument with which he immediately finds a great feeling, expressing his voice so full. He then started studying it by self-taught, succeeding in entering the conservatory "G. Tartini" in Trieste, having the fortune of being accompanied by teachers of the likes of Glauco Venier, Klaus Gesling, Marcello Tonolo, Pietro Tonolo, Marc Abrams, Stefano Bellon, Claudio Sessa and Riccardo Chiarion. Since then he has completed his musical studies by participating in several masterclasses, including Stefano Bollani, Peter O'Mara, Matthias Nadolny, Uli Beckerhof, Gunnar Plummer, Bruno Castellucci, Norma Winstone, Nik Bartsch, Alain Caron, Jeff Berlin , Jimmy Haslip, Saturnino, Steve Swallow, Adam Nussbaum. He has succeeded in affirming the field by collaborating on numerous projects and crossing various genres such as jazz, gospel, soul, R & B, rock, and pop. During his musical career he collaborated with: Donald Lawrence, Damien Sneed, Dexter Walker III, Cheryl Porter, Cedric Shannon Rives, Malik Young, Sherrita Duran, Francesco Bearzatti, Giampaolo Casati, Tiffany Stevenson, Matia Washinghton, Danton Whitley, La Shaye Pascal, Alessandro Pozzetto, Rudy Fantin, Nevio Zaninotto, Gaetano Valli, Lorena Favot.

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Project created by

Acting Out English Academy

The Music for Peace project is organized by ACTING OUT ENGLISH ACADEMY (www.aoea.org), a non-profit association whose goal is to promote African-American culture and English language learning through music and theater.

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