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Nuragic Park

The journey that will take you back in time, up to the Bronze Age. Discovering the Nuragic civilization.

18% of 40,000€
10 Jul 2017
Expired on

All or nothing. This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

Nuragic Park

The journey that will take you back in time, up to the Bronze Age. Discovering the Nuragic civilization.

18% of 40,000€
10 Jul 2017
Expired on

The project: a theme park on Nuragic civilization

Eraclides, Shardana, Sea Peoples, Nuragic. These are the names assigned to the populations that, thousands of years ago, have lived in Sardinia and dominated the Mediterranean, of which the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks told stories.

The traces that they have left us are tangible signs of their history: from the  Nuraghes to the  Giant's Tombs, from Domus de Janas to Sardinian Bronzetti. They have been the undisputed protagonists of the Bronze Age and there is much still to be discovered about them and to date it is too often not spoken about.

It is precisely for this reason that we, Gli ultimi NURAGICI, have decided to ask for your help. Along with you we want to realize Nuragic Park: an outdoor, multisensorial museum, which will rise in a portion of La Sughereta park (Tortoli', Ogliastra. Sardinia) through which it will be possible to share and spread the history and the knowledge of the Prenuragic and Nuragic civilization.


Because no civilization deserves to be forgotten.

What is Nuragic Park?

Well, precisely, now you're just wondering: but what exactly is Nuragic Park? It is a park-museum that will be built inside La Sughereta, a green area in the municipality of Tortolì, in Ogliastra (Sardinia).

The central focal point of the project is the display of distinctive artifacts of the Bronze Age. Today, Gli ultimi NURAGICIhas a unique collection of its kind: about 150 pieces of bronze, as well as clay and 10 complete armor sets. All created thanks to techniques and archaic instruments, those presumably used by the ancients.

Nuragic Park: the structure
The park will consist of a hall and a hut museum, the most important room where all the reproductions will be exhibited; you will be able to attend the workshop-huts to witness live the processing of metal and clay and experience countless related experiences to Nuragic Civilization.

Within Nuragic Park, more precisely, you will find: the reception; the meeting hut, a place to meet and share; the museum hut, where bronzetti, weapons, armor and clay artifacts will be exhibited; the amphitheater, where you can attend musical and folkloristic performances; the bronze hut, where you will witness the creation of bronzes; two kilns, one for mineral extraction (Copper) and one for the processing of bronze; the clay hut; the bakery hut; the bread and clay oven; the didactic farm; the wheat horticulture; the ballistic area; the multifunctional hut, where there will be run  shepherding activities, tanning of skins, horn and bone processing, and weaving of linen.

Why a park?

The park, an outdoor facility, will allow us to clearly convey who were the ancient populations that sailed for millennia the waters of the Mediterranean sea. Nuragic Park will not be a simple show. By accessing it you will have the pleasure of going back in time; everything will be set up for that purpose, there will be models that will wear the armor of that time and there will be only one currency allowed : the "Ox-hide", the copper plate that the ancestors used for their commercial exchanges.

An experiential show in all aspects that comes off the traditional museum conception. You will be aware of who the people really were  who have influenced history, observing and analyzing closely the finds that are left there. Children will be involved with the learning by doing method, thanks to periodically organized activities within the park-museum. The youngest will, for example, work the clay and at the same time study more participatively the Nuragic Civilization.

Multi-sensory exposure for visually impaired people.
The park is a type of structure that will allow us to create a multisensory exhibition for the visually impaired. It will be an open air complex and this will help visitors to indulge in the smells and noises that surround them. The experience will be made even more immersive by a wireless audio system.

No infrastructure barriers. The artifacts will not be closed off but laid out on spinning bases that will make them, for the first time in Sardinian museum history, accessible to everyone. Especially the visually impaired visitors, who will be able to touch them with their hands to perceive the materials and especially the shapes.

Breakdown of funds

40,000 € is the target budget that we have estimated to start the project. Only if we reach this amount will we be able to access the funds raised and then start to build Nuragic Park. We need € 80,000 to complete the whole project.

The funds will be divided in the following way:

  •  € 40,000: Fence and land arrangement; main building structure (hall); Hut-museum construction;
  • + € 20,000: Hut-laboratory construction for the production / processing of the metals; predisposition of the ballistic area;
  • + € 10,000: Realisation of the laboratory-hut to produce /process clay;
  • + € 10,000: Completion of the project: amphitheater construction; wireless sound system; oven for breading and food production, multifunctional-hut.

The rewards

Each reward is tied to a term (or a place) that has the same conductor thread… the Nuragic Civilization. 

They are all important and have a special meaning to us, from the first to the last, and we will be infinitely grateful regardless of the amount of donation you decide to do.

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Gli ultimi NURAGICI: ​who are we?​

Gli ultimi NURAGICI is a Sardinian cooperative that deals with the promotion of the Nuragic Culture through Experimental Archeology. I am Andrea Loddo - president and founder of the cooperative - and in the last 7 years I have reproduced, strictly through archaic techniques and methods, numerous clay artifacts (Statues, pots, etc.), bronze (Sardinian Bronzetti, weapons, armor, etc.) and other materials of natural derivation. Thanks to this intense research I could tell who the Sea Peoples were: uses and customs, military businesses and religious cults.

I am currently involved in another project: Nuraghes (by Mauro Aragoni), the film that reinterprets Shardana's history in a fantasy key. In addition to playing a role in the film, I am the costume designer, the historical consultant and the maker of weapon, armor and all the props used in the movie
Nuragic Park will be used as a set for Mauro Aragoni's film and it may be reused for future film projects.

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Project created by

Andrea Loddo

I am Andrea. Since 2010 I am working on Experimental Archeology: I realize Bronzetti and other objects related to the Nuragic Civilization. This has allowed me to deepen my research and to nourish the love for my homeland: Sardinia. In recent years, I have started my spreading activity and now I want to build Nuragic Park, a project born out of my desire to leave something really important to posterity: to bring the Nuragic Civilization back to life.