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The first shadow theatre for your smartphone

All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€


The first shadow theatre for your smartphone

All or nothing
Goal: 10,000€


Imagine you can turn your home in a theatre, think about the magic of creating stories, characters and adventures and now imagine to do that with your children.

Turn on your mobile phone torch and be enchanted by your child's creativity that doesn’t know limits.
Cartoo is the first card kit that turns your smartphone in a shadow projector and in a really creative workshop that helps parents and their children to be creative while playing.
Cartoo means cardboard and ecology but also means cooperation and socialization.

Fairy tales, children, colours, ideas, family, friendship...

These are the very special ingredients Cartoo is made from. Cartoo is a shadow theatre. Cartoo is a simple card kit that, with the help of your smartphone’s torch, it turns into a projector. 

Cartoo stimulates grown-ups and children imagination, providing everything needed to create stories, draw characters and animate them.

A new vision for smartphones

Cartoo helps parents and children to use technology creatively together, completely changing the role of smartphones: from distraction to interaction!
Cartoo helps grown-ups to bond with little ones, preventing the isolation that very often social networks create around us.

Cartoo helps:

1. Grown-ups to bond with little ones.

2. Children to develop imagination and narrative skills.

3. Adults and children to use technology creatively.

4. Little ones to overcome fear of darkness

The kit

Cartoo is a smart kit, easy to assemble. When folded it becomes like a book and can be stored on a bookshelf. Once assembled, you only have to insert your smartphone with the flashlight on and the show can start.

To draw characters Cartoo provides PVC films and a chalk marker (erasable with a damp cloth). Cartoo also provides a guide with models of characters to trace, more will be available to print on the website.

What you will find in the package:

● 1 projector and side supports

● 1 base

● 1 chalk marker

● 6 clear films

● 1 guide with usage instructions

● 1 plot outline

● 1 guide with models to trace

Our vision for Cartoo

Cartoo isn’t just a product, it’s much more than that!

Cartoo is a social game with high educational and creative value. We believe Cartoo is also a strong media to create workshops, imprinted on keywords: storytelling, creativity, cooperation. That’s why we are developing activities for School and themed solutions for events and demonstrations.

With your support we will be able to

Up to now we have self-funded the entire project working hard to perfect Cartoo, clear films, characters, packaging, prototypes and web site.

Thanks to Eppela and the collaboration with Visa PostePay Crowd, we can now hope to achieve what before looked like a "mission impossible.

Funds raised throughout the campaign will be used:

● To develop printing process.

● To develop web site.

● To enlarge the community of parents and educators.

● To develop Cartoo App.

● To create workshops for children, also with charitable foundations.

Behind the project

We are: Antonello (Diego and Luca’s dad), Rudy (Diana's dad), Marianna (Thea and Virginia’s mum). We are happy parents and we like to be creative while playing with our children.

The idea of Cartoo was born one year ago during a typically warm Italian spring evening.

Diego’s Grandma was trying to distract the little boy from watching cartoons on her mobile phone, when she switched on the torch on her phone and dimmed the room lights. It was in that very moment that the magic started.

Diego and his little brother were mesmerised looking at their toy dinosaur’s shadow projected on the wall and they had a fantastic time making up amazing stories about dinosaurs.

After that, Antonello with Rudy and Marianna started to design Cartoo.

Antonio Ilic (Antonello) Vitolo: Coordinator

Consultant for companies and educational institutions, he is a communication and social innovator. Graduated in Design at the Politecnico of Milan he is passionate about creative process and how design brings innovation.
He is Dad to Diego (3) and Luca (1) and he loves to entertain them in a creative way.




Marianna: Communication and illustration

Graduated at IUAV, Venice, in product design, today she is a communication designer and an illustrator with double flair: rigorous and essential on one side, hyper-decorative and narrative on the other. Art lover, she gets inspired from nature and vintage objects.
Mum to Thea (6) and Virginia (4).



Rudy: Production and Laboratories

Design studies led him to explore world of cardboard and today he is an experienced designer in this field.
He has been entertaining young and grown-ups with his magic shows for the last 20 years.
His love for design and entertaining people makes Rudy a key person in our project.

Junior staff

Luca 1 year old

Diego 3 year old

Virginia 4 year old

Thea 6 year old 

Diana 9 year old

Italy & the UK

Cartoo, an Italian idea

Cartoo was born in Naples from an idea of three skilled friends and it is supported now by one high profile company that specialises in cardboard processing: IOPRINTO.

Cartoo and the UK

As part of the Cartoo team lives in England, it has been developed as an international and bilingual project and it will be delivered in all Europe.

Cartoo continues online

Soon there will be a section on the website where new characters can be downloaded.

As soon as our crowdfunding campaign will be successful we are planning to build a smart App to create soundtracks, to make plots, and new characters to trace. The website together with the app will also give the opportunity to all the little story tellers to take part in competitions! 

"Pending" Cartoo, a social initiative for children

We have borrowed the old Neapolitan tradition of “pending coffee”, a cup of coffee paid for in advance to a stranger as an anonymous act of charity.

Pending Cartoo gives our supporters the possibility to donate a Cartoo to one of the charitable foundation selected by us.

With every 10 Cartoos donated we will run a free creative workshop for the children belonging to that specific charity

Because Cartoo loves sharing and bonding.

A gift for you!

To thank you for being interested in our project and sharing it we want you to enjoy our theme song, exclusively written for Cartoo by talented Lorenzo Castellarin.
You can enjoy it as background music or ringtone for your smartphone!


AUTHOR: Lorenzo Castellarin


Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Be Ambassador

If you are a Cartoo lover and want to be an ambassador we have prepared this kit for you: click here.


Video :

Direction and camera:  Antonio Longo;   Video and Audio editing : Carlo Licenziato ; Graphic effects: Marianna Longo

Music: Lorenzo Castellarin

Translation: Marianna Longo, Alessandra Ravalli Parello, Francesca Cipolletta, Bruce Rafeek

Video reviews: Elena Vellusi -Libreria Lanovecento di Pozzuoli;  Giuliano Montieri - Dalla Parte dei Bambini

Cartoo testers and their families : Bruna Fusco, Monica Piscitelli; Irene Buonocore, Marco Critelli, Alessandro Giglio, Caterina Cassese, Filippo Iacobelli, Enrico di Giugno, Nikosand Sladie piccole Stephania e Zapheiria; Angelou, Maurizio, Ludovica e le piccole Giorgia, Lorenza e Marcella;  lulian Farley

Prototyping: Arianna Peluso, Giuseppe Peluso


How can I contribute?

Register at www.eppela.com site and choose our project to link ... .. choose your reward and help with credit card

Click here and download the guide

I decided to change my reward. How can I do it?

Enter the reserved area of the site Eppela and click on "your bids" button. In that section you can change your preference.

Is Cartoo customizable?

Yes, Cartoo is customizable. If you're interested in, you can select the donation method: "partners". You will receive 100 Cartoo kits customizable in terms of product graphic and characters to trace. Otherwise,  you can contact us and tell us about your needs: cartooproject@gmail.com

Why should I choose Cartoo?

Cartoo cares about the quality of children's game time. We work to find solutions that enhance creativity and well spent time, both for adults and children.

I've just supported the project by booking Cartoo. When I will receive it?

As soon as our crowdfunding campaign will be successful we are starting Cartoo manufacturing by July 2017. After that we will be able to ship first products.

Who is going to receive the Pending Cartoo?

E-mailing at cartooproject@gmail.com you will show us the Charity Foundation you want to give to a Cartoo. Every 10 Pending Cartoo donated at the same Foundation we will activate a free workshop. Your donation will be published on our website showing the associations that will get Cartoo and where the workshop will take place. 

Are the shipping costs included?

At the moment, shipping costs are only included for deliveries to Italy.

International deliveries fees will be defined individually.

How to support us: share and spread the word!

Cartoo is a social game that aims to stimulate children's imagination and collaboration with adults.

If you liked the project please share our idea with your friends.

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Project created by


We are: Antonello, Diego and Luca’s dad, Rudy, Diana's dad, and Marianna, Thea and Virginia’s mum.

We are happy parents and we like to be creative while playing with our children.

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