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Positive Farmers

Support us and our Social Farm

Social Crowdfunders
All or nothing
Goal: 20,000€

Positive Farmers

Support us and our Social Farm

Social Crowdfunders
All or nothing
Goal: 20,000€

What is it about?

Here is our project!

"Positive Farmers" is a campaign created to support the activities of the Social Farm created by Florence's Misericordia, a place surrounded by nature where those who take care of the have taken the first step to take care of themselves, too.

Self-care, social inclusion, employment, productivity and land. Here are our positive factors!

The people working in the Social Farm are some agricultural workers and some people with intellectual disabilities who, in little more than two years, and not without difficulty, managed to cultivate 6 hectares of land. The business idea? Selling boxes of km-0 vegetables and wholesome fruits!

But this is still not enough. The dream is to increase the production, planting other varieties, herbs, planting fruit trees and recreating the vineyard that once was present in the farm.

So as to increase our crop we must build a well that picks up water from an underground source. This will allow us to ensure adequate irrigation even in the hottest periods of the year!

That's why we chose Eppela and crowdfunding ..! Thanks to you we could do it to increase our ... POSITIVE FACTORS!

How funds will be used

The crowdfunding campaign will serve to build a well to help the irrigation of the fields.
The geological surveys carried out have identified the appropriate location for the construction of the well that will be right next to vegetable gardens and orchards.
From the well, a pump will push the water to the irrigation system (which is partly already present) and so, the spring water will solve the water supply problems that affect the farm, especially during the hottest months of the year.
What will the money collected be used for?
• Digging of an excavation of 110 meters
• Purchase and installation of an electric pump
• Installation of the connecting pipe to the irrigation system

Who's behind the project?

The project, currently, involves:
two agricultural workers, of which an agronomist
two special workers with the support of an educator
• during the harvest season, the intervention of seasonal workers with intellectual disabilities, accompanied by properly trained volunteers and educational staff of the Foundation San Sebastiano (a foundation dealing with research and support for intellectual disabilities).

Thanks to your support we can raise productivity in order to increase our team of workers!

Our challenge!

Fundraising through the innovative crowdfunding system is a challenge for the Florence's Misericordia, also to show that a long-lived and historical institution move with the times.
If we reach half of the final objective, our FACTORS will DOUBLE!
Indeed, your donations are worth twice ! This campaign is part of the project Social Crowdfunders promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and by Siamosolidali, the Foundation's portal created as a support to the varied world of associations.
The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze will double the amount of supporters once our campaign will reach 50% of the final goal !!!
What do we need, then? Your invaluable help!
Every contribution is a positive factor in this campaign and you can help us to achieve our goal!
10,000 Euros are a goal that seems far away but with your support we can do it !!!

How to donate?

Donating is really simple, even if you're not a wizard of technology!

- Subscribe to Eppela clicking Log In / Register at the top right and enter your surname, name, email address and a password of your choice. If you're already an Eppela User then sign in with your email and the password you indicated at registration.
- Support our project by selecting a reward from those suggested or by clicking on "Contribute" under the title of this project
- Fill out the form with the data of your payment card (circuits Visa, Mastercard, American Express).
- Click on "Contribute" to support us!
In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of crowdfunding, gcontini@misericordia.firenze.it, the project team at info@fattoripositivi.org or Eppela customer care at: customer@eppela.com.

Thanks to your support we will be getting closer to our goal!
If you will support us also receive updates on the campaign!

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Project created by

Florence's Misericordia

The Venerable Confraternity of Florence's Misericordia e is one of the longest city association, born in 1200. The Confraternity has worked for the transport of the sick in hospitals and funeral services. Today, the association is called to face new emergencies, offering a range of services for the citizens ranging from health transport, residences for the elderly and disabled until to food aid.

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