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Detective Gallo

Detective Gallo is a comedy-noir adventure, with Disney-style graphics and traditional point&click soul!

103% of 15,000€
07 Dec 2016
Expired on

All or nothing. This project will receive all funds raised
only if it reach it's goal.

Detective Gallo

Detective Gallo is a comedy-noir adventure, with Disney-style graphics and traditional point&click soul!

103% of 15,000€
07 Dec 2016
Expired on

What is it about?


Download the alpha demo from here!


Be Competent. Critical. Careful

In the darkness enveloping a city like any other, five exotic plants are the victims of a shocking event. There's no doubt: it’s a multiple plant murder.

The city is not particularly alarmed by the tragic incident, but a multi-billionaire is willing to pay an outrageous amount of money to solve the mystery.

And who, if not Detective Gallo, can accept the challenge (and the generous advance of his client)?

For the most cynical and sarcastic detective there is, a case that starts out as trivial domestic abuse will turn out to be the most intricate investigation he and his cactus(!) have ever seen...

Detective Gallo is a point&click, comic-noir adventure that is entirely hand-illustrated and hand-animated. Its protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case, bizarre characters, and puzzles that will put his insight and patience to the test.

Why we launched this campaign


To do things right, sometimes you need to ask for help. Of you, backers!

“Detective Gallo” is facing his most difficult investigation: the cynical bird is almost ready to deal with the perils of the case entrusted to him by the bizarre Phil Cloro… but he needs your help!

The expenses to complete the development of the game are still many (nicer and longer animations, more elaborate cutscenes, English and Italian dubbing, and much more!) and the team needs 15.000€ to realize a product of the quality you all deserve.

In exchange, you can bring home lots of goodies and gadgets, and even “participate” in the game with the exclusive rewards we’re proposing!


Click here for the high resolution image!


When will Detective Gallo be released?

It will be in June 2017. Until then, we will frequently update and communicate with the backers on the progress we’re making, and we will be always be reachable through e-mail, social networking and our official website.

Will I have to pay more for the physical rewards (i.e. shipping costs)?

All shipments in Italy are free! If you’re not in Italy, be sure to check the notice for the rewards of your choice. We are asking a 5€ contribution for the physical rewards including a DVD-box, and 10€ for the rewards with the big box.

On what platforms will Detective Gallo be available?

At the moment we are producing just on the PC version, in DRM-free version or digital download on Steam/Zodiac… But watch out for the stretch goals!

How can I upgrade from one reward tier to another of an higher amount?

You just need to pay the difference with a free offer (at the bottom of the screen). At the end of the campaign we will contact you and you will be able to choose your reward!

Will the Detective Gallo DVD version have an invasive copy protection?

No, it will be DRM-free and you will get a personal digital copy as well!

I’d like to pay with PayPal, but it seems impossible. How can I do it?

Pick the reward of your choice from this page, then go to the website www.detectivegallo.com where you will find the button that will allow you to pay through PayPal. Complete the transaction and we will transfer the amount to the campaign. Of course, you will be completely refunded if the campaign fails!

How to redeem my digital copy?

You will able to choose if reedeming your copy on Steam or Zodiac.

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Project created by

Footprints Games & Adventure Productions

Footprints Games is a development team born from the desire to tell interactive stories through videogames, embracing the style of the classic adventure games of old, but adapting it into modern products with a catchy look.

Adventure Productions is an Italian publisher. It has distributed more than 100 adventures in Italian stores and it’s behind the productions of several new adventures, like “The Wardrobe” and the “Shadows on the Vatican” series.