Last update 1 Settembre 2015

Dear user, Anteprima Srl owns the brand Eppela, a crowdfunding platform, hereinafter "the company".

In its management of the Eppela platform, the company collects, processes and communicates the personal data of its users to third-parties, hereinafter also "the interested parties," who register to the site to whatever ends.

LThe platform has offices in Italy and is thus subject to Italian state law. The company Anteprima Srl acts in full respect of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and, in compliance with that prescribed by article 13 of the mentioned decree, provides all indications on the processing of your personal data and your rights in this informative text, according to the "Data protection code." Before giving your consent to data processing, please read this information carefully.


The Data controller (that is, the person who is responsible for decision-making regarding personal data processing objectives and procedures and the instruments used) and the Supervisor (that is, the person to contact to amend/manage your data) of the processing is Anteprima Srl, with registered offices in Lucca 55100, Piazza dei Servi no. 11, VAT number 01837640463, represented by its acting legal representative, domiciled for the appointment at the registered offices of the company. The Supervisor of the processing is domiciled for the appointment at the registered offices of the company.


The interested party's personal data (that is, the data provided by someone registering to the website) are to Anteprima Srl, and processed by the latter, also through communication to parties when necessary and instrumental, for the following objectives:

  1. for objectives closely connected and instrumental to the execution of the obligations deriving from relations, which may be contractual, established with Anteprima, connected to the organisation, management and issuing of the service;
  2. in order to fulfil obligations, of any nature, provided for by EU laws, regulations and standards or in any case connected to the obligations deriving from provisions issued by judicial authorities, by administrative officials or police bodies, to those authorised by the law or by monitoring and supervisory bodies;
  3. objectives connected to Anteprima Srl's asserting or defending a right in a court of law. The authorisation for the objectives as according to the previous points a) b) and c) is mandatory; denying consent could make it impossible for Anteprima Srl to provide services and/or fulfil obligations originating from the relations established through the Eppela platform. The relative processing does not require the consent of the Interested parties. Consent to processing your data for the following different objectives, which are necessary for Anteprima Srl's work should be considered optional and thus denying consent will not impede the issuing of the services provided by Anteprima Srl through the Eppela platform. The relative processing requires the consent of the Interested parties:
  4. for marketing and/or, in any case, promotional purposes as specified at point via computer (SMS, MMS, e-mail, fax) or traditionally (mail, telephone call);
  5. Read all the details for communications with third-party companies, with consequent processing by them, which can use the data for marketing and/or, in any case, promotional purposes;
  6. for profiling and/or analyses correlated with market and/or statistical research.


Sensitive data is, as according to art. 4, paragraph 1, letter D), of the Privacy Code, all that which is "...suitable for revealing the race and ethnicity, religious, philosophical or other types of beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or religious, philosophical, political or trade-union organisations, as well as personal data suitable for revealing the health and the sex life" of the Interested party. These data, possibly collected by Anteprima Srl in its work through the Eppela platform, will be processed exclusively following the Interested party's specific expression of consent, issued in writing.


The Interested Party's personal data collected for objectives directly connected with issuing the services provided through the Eppela platform will be processed by the internal and external employees and collaborators of Anteprima Srl, who have been officially appointed as according to art. 30 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. The processing of the same may occur through manual, IT and/or telematic/computerised means, in compliance with standards and principles of legality and correctness, through the most suitable means for guaranteeing security and confidentiality; they will be communicated to third parties only where strictly necessary.


Anteprima Srl, in compliance with all that provided for by the previous points, communicates the data of the interested parties to:
  • the creators in order to allow the same to fulfil their obligations towards the interested parties/donors;
  • the suppliers of IT services which Anteprima Srl may make use of in their work through the Eppela platform;
  • third parties to the ends of detecting the degree of satisfaction of the quality of the services supplied through the Eppela platform, and/or market research processing, and customer profiling.


As according to article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, all interested parties may exercise the right, through written request forwarded to the Data controller/Supervisor, via ordinary mail sent to the address Anteprima Srl, Lucca 55100, Piazza Dei Servi 11, or via e-mail to the address [email protected]: 1) to be informed as to the existence or lack of existence of their personal data, even if not yet recorded, and to have them communicated in intelligible form. 2) to be informed as to the origin of their personal data, the processing objectives and methods, the methods used for processing via IT tools, the details of the Data controller and supervisors as according to article 30, Legislative Decree 196/2003, who their personal data may be communicated to or may, in any case, become aware of them, on any grounds. 3) have their data updated, amended/integrated, cancelled, transformed into anonymous form or blocked. 4) as regards data processed in violation of standards, in addition to their rectification or transformation into anonymous form, the certification that the same parties which the data were initially communicated to have been informed of the rectifications/cancellations/transformations. 5) at any time, access their profile, on the website, and amend their data.


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