Companies, no-profit organizations and associations have decided to promote the crowdfunding culture with Eppela.

Who can be a partner?
Whether you are a company, nonprofit body, cultural association, as of today, you have a new opportunity. Being an Eppela partner means strongly believing in crowdfunding, a tool which is capable of valorising and making your organisation visible, thanks to the sharing and help of those who believe in your initiative.
An innovative alternative to fundraising
The “crowdfunding” proposed by our platform, whose effectiveness is proven by the hundreds of projects financed since 2011, is a new frontier of fundraising, an additional tool to traditional communications and marketing channels.
Partners and people of the web: successful relations
Crowdfunding aims to involve the end user of the proposed project, making them an active player in the decision-making process. The strategic choices of an organisation will no longer be a surprise for brand lovers. The continuous relationship between organisation/company and sponsor will benefit partners.
Why be a partner
Becoming an Eppela means creating a process of widespread sharing whose driving force is creating relationships and strengthening its community. The first result achieved by a partner? The significant growth of its web reputation.
From nonprofits to businesses: it's worth it!
For the cultural associations and/or nonprofit bodies, being an Eppela partner means receiving approval of their work or new project launches. For a brand, a company or a young startup, the partnership is a chance to test your products/service before they go on the market.
Eppela supports its partners
Partners may enjoy consultancy and constant assistance from the Eppela team, in particular during initial projects and crowdfunding first-times. Careful choice of rewards, useful advice on text and video presentations: many little, but fundamental tips that make every project attractive to sponsors.
Become part of a network of companies and organisations
A number of organisations and brands have already chosen Eppela and crowdfunding, implementing their communication strategies and involving a wide audience. Just some of our partners: Poste, Fastweb, UnipolSai, Arpa, Lucca Comics&Games, La Sapienza University.
Offline and online: here comes your success
Eppela provides every project with all the tools useful for generating word-of- mouth. These tools can be used by the creator and their sponsors. The projects, furthermore, will be promoted by Eppela on its homepage, professional pages, blogs, newsletters and social profiles.