When a community cares for others

After the death of their parents, the community of Roseto unites to give support to little Chiara and Claudia

28 Apr 2021

"That of Antonio and Francesca is a story that involves each of us: the story of a love that not even death can ever break or simply soothe, a great Love, lived between heaven and earth." These words were written by friends and colleagues, but generally felt by the whole community of Roseto degli Abruzzi, even going beyond the territorial boundaries, ending up embracing and involving an entire nation.

Crowdfunding, launched to create a support fund for little girls left without parents, was the means by which people were able to participate in this call of Love and Solidarity. Born from a spark, this mechanism has triggered the propagation of a human heat that we can rarely feel.
A heat that still, after weeks, creates shivers down the back and straightens the hairs on the arms when we read these words.

A sign that when the Love we have given remains and passes, even through others, to stay with us, forever.

Today we wanted to talk to those who have the possibility that the fuse caught fire and became a wonderful project that we and the community of Roseto will hardly forget.

How was the project born alongside Chiara and Claudia?

It was not something planned at the table. Simply in those dramatic moments, a group of people and friends of the two boys felt the need to do something for these two girls inside. From the spontaneous desire of each of us to do something, a support network was born. I, Licia and others decided to activate this tool and from that moment on, a spontaneous group of friends took action to give us a hand to carry out the project but also to make sure that it was widespread enough to have national resonance.

The whole community of Roseto and beyond joined this project, how was this huge involvement possible?

It was a nice surprise also for me and Licia, the one who together with me started the fundraiser. The word of mouth and the emotional involvement aroused by the loss of these two parents, first Antonio, then his wife Francesca, touched the heartstrings of the city community that united in a choral way to give concrete support to the two very small girls, Chiara and Claudia were orphans of both. It is as if each one has felt the weight of the responsibility to give a future to these two angels to whom fate has given them both pillars of their growth. Within a few days, what were a simple post on social media and a message on What'up messaging, have turned into the common crusade carried out and relaunched by institutions, artists, bloggers, promoters of associations, journalists and many ordinary citizens who have contributed and bounced the message of solidarity. However, I think it is quite evident that if this emotional outburst found fertile ground it was thanks to the sign and love witnessed in life by their parents. Everyone loved Antonio and Francesca because in life they gave themselves to others with passion, dedication and great humanity. And it is as if the Rosetans and all those who have known them even outside, wanted to return that sign to them in a testimony of love passed by the parents to the two girls.

Beyond the funds, what would you like to leave to the small ones through this project?

Simply the sign of the love that their parents gave in life through a movement of mind that ignited in all of us. Their loss triggered love because Antonio and Francesca gave it and this allowed it to reach their children through us. Chiara and Claudia will know that their parents were an example in life and their example materialized for them even after their untimely death. And this will certainly remain for them.

Why did you choose crowdfunding as a fundraising method and what potential did you see in the tool?

Because crowdfunding has a series of characteristics that seemed suitable for the purpose such as flexibility, community involvement, variety of its forms in terms of freedom of sharing. It seemed to us a popular and "democratic" tool, quite simply within everyone's reach. Then the platform's serious reputation did the rest.

What would you like to say to those who have not yet participated in the project, why is it important to support it?

It is important because we strongly believe in the value of the word "restitution". Because when you are lucky enough to be well and can afford to give back at least part of what you have received, it is important to do so. And in this case we believe it is even more so to support two girls of only 5 and 7 years from whom fate has snatched the one most dear to all children, that is, their parents. Let us remember that we were all children, let us remember the extent of the love we have received or that we would have liked, and we will surely find the desire to be there for Chiara and Claudia.

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