Happy Birthday Aref Brescia!

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Aref Association organizes the exhibition: "1871-2021 the Paris Commune. 150 years from the first assault on the sky of the proletariat"

20 Apr 2021

Let's blow out the candles and wish a year full of art!

Never before in these very long two years have we learned how important art and culture are to nourish the mind and spirit.
Never before in this 2020 have we lacked the silence of museums, the smell of theaters, the red velvet of cinema seats.
We never imagined that for over a year art would no longer be part of our lives. Never.
But, perhaps, this warm spring 2021 brings with it a glimmer of light that hints at a restart and the enthusiasm begins to be felt, so we cannot be caught unprepared! Aref is organizing a big party for his 20 years and has invited everyone, absolutely everyone, to participate.
We take out the elegant dresses, festoons and hats. A great party is approaching, let's find out together in preview!

What territorial need is Aref born from and what is its mission?

Aref is a cultural association, founded in Brescia to promote knowledge of contemporary art from Brescia and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Why the choice of an exhibition on the Paris Commune? Does this choice have a connection with our days?

The Paris Commune is a very important but little known historical event, which took place 150 years ago, in which the Parisian proletariat managed to give life to an autonomous and self-managed government. A political experience of organization and rebellion that today should teach us how not to let our guard down in the face of the oppression and interference of the powerful in our lives.

A difficult year for the art world, how did you face the stop of this pandemic period?

This year Aref turns 20! And it is the first time that we are closed to the public, the first time that our SpazioAref office is not frequented by a large audience that alternates every week in the Gallery or in our museum hall.

Our goal was not to lose contact with those who have been following us for years. Therefore we felt that the best way was to use our archive, our knowledge, to create highly usable films, suitable for a wide and widespread public, but which were not trivial, which would make known some protagonists of the Brescia art of the recent past.
It was born so Briefly! Together towards the twentieth anniversary, a review of more than 80 videos presenting aspects and characters of contemporary art, not just local.

20 years of projects, 20 years of art in Brescia. Which project (s) do you remember fondly and why?

In 20 years of activity, there are many projects we are fond of, such as the two anthological exhibitions dedicated to Emilio Rizzi, in 2002, and to Giovan Battista Ferrari, in 2006; but also the two exhibitions held at SpazioAref on the occasion of his tenth anniversary.

Each exhibition set up, each initiative planned, all the conferences held, the books published are part of our history that we create with passion and care.

Why did you choose crowdfunding as a promotional method?

Because it is the method we have been used to for years, thanks to the generosity of those who know and follow us. We therefore wanted to expand our audience of supporters to be able to carry out our initiative.

What are the strengths of your campaign and why is it important to support it?

Supporting our campaign is important because it allows us to create a new, original project, which offers, among other things, original and unpublished etchings illustrating the Municipality.

Finish this sentence:

"Supporting art is important because .....

....because it improves life!"

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