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01 Apr 2021

How was Ihaveavoice born and why did it become an association?

Ihaveavoice was born as a cry of rage after yet another harassment suffered while I was walking one evening alone in the center. I was shocked, I couldn't take it any more than all discrimination and harassment that I had suffered in my life, from a very young age, and I wanted say enough! I wanted to eradicate forever the cowardly and male chauvinist mentality that damages people women. So I went home and instinctively decided to open a Facebook page and call her "I have a voice", "I have a voice" in English, because I wanted my voice, like that of all women, was finally heard.

I wrote my first post, telling what happened to me that night. Since then the community has grown a lot, reaching over 50,000 followers between Facebook and Instagram, up to opening an association to carry out concrete activities.

Your community is really big, what made Ihaveavoice so popular on the web?

We tell the stories of many women, from the heroines of today and yesterday, from which to draw inspiration, to the stories of disparity and violence, to bring out all the injustices that women have to suffer every day, to awaken consciences, push for change and bring finally justice.

We also fight for numerous causes, promote petitions, offer courses for women's empowerment, organize awareness raising events.
All this has led us to be known and appreciated by many women who come to us for inspiration and help.

Even today, the role of women suffers continuous discrimination. Do you see a glimmer of light on the horizon also thanks to increasingly active actions and associations on the web?

Something is certainly moving, unfortunately not quite as fast as I would like, because you have to fight with millennia of sexism, so internalized that often not even women realize it. This is why it is so important to awaken everyone's conscience and continue to raise awareness.

Through Ihaveavoice, how can you help a woman victim of violence in practice?

We offer free online legal counseling and psychological guidance services through our experts. We have already helped at least a hundred women, but my dream is being able to do much more, creating a network that can reach as many Italian cities as possible, to help more and more women, even in presence and not just online. That's why I am grateful to Eppela.com and MSD Italia for selecting us for this crowdfunding campaign, so that we can raise the funding we need to be able to carry out this project

What are the strengths of your campaign and why is it important to support it?

In Italy, about one femicide occurs every three days and one in two women has suffered physical or verbal harassment in the course of their life. These are tragic numbers, which can no longer be silenced or ignored and which implore a cry of rebellion and a strong and tenacious action of change.

This is why I believe that everyone should support this very important cause, to concretely contribute to a change in our country, to put an end to all these injustices and finally create a better world!

Finish the sentence: I'm proud to be a woman because ...

... although it is often a reason for discrimination and injustice, it is a privilege to know that we have within ourselves the qualities and inner strength necessary to fight to assert our rights. Only by breaking down the walls of discrimination can we bring out our true value!

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