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Discover the female TV series that ignites positive energy

10 Mar 2021

It's called Moi c’est moi, the 15-episode TV series all female by actress Maria Elena Matteucci.

Graduated in acting at the Experimental Center of Cinematography, Maria Elena decided to make her biggest dream come true during the pandemic: writing the screenplay for a series.

A cry of encouragement for all those who have a secret dream, a cry of encouragement for all the women who should not be afraid to shout who they are to the world.

"Moi c’est moi. This is me!" will tell the story of the journey of three girls in the Marche villages. But let's find out the details face to face with Maria Elena.

How was the idea of ​​Moi c’est Moi born?

This project of mine was born in the pandemic period. I sat down to write moved by a precise drive and motivation: I would like to be an encouragement for all those young talents, qualified and competent, who do not find a way to create their opportunity. I am convinced that there are many talents who have projects in the drawer but who above all do not trust their ideas. Ideas are precious and for this we can make them grow and develop them without waiting for someone to knock on our door, because this may not happen.

Who are the three protagonists of the series, can you tell us something about them?

EMI: Emi, Emily's nickname, is 29 years old. It is of Marche origin. She is a journalist, writes for magazines and maintains online columns. He works in particular for a publishing house for which he takes care of the "marketing and action skills" column, but it is not his true passion. She loves writing straight away, telling about exciting dreams and projects. He sure loves to dream. She doesn't really like talking about technical and "sad" things, life is hard enough, as she says. He has a long-distance relationship and a bit of confusion in his head. The trip will help you clarify some important issues, or maybe not!

MATI: Mati, Matilde's nickname, is 28 years old. It is of Campania origin. She is a career lawyer. She is a curious woman, she likes to dream and always sees the positive side of things. She doesn't need men, she looks great like that. She can be sweet, but also very vengeful when she wants. She is a perfectionist, she always has everything under control. The trip will give her back that lightheartedness she really needed.

NIKI: Niki, Nicole's nickname, is 29 years old. It is of Sicilian origin. He is an architect. He loves his job and has no schedules. She has a particular past, which she has successfully overcome even if she has some residual insecurity left: a part of Niki does not want to grow up. She has strange relationships with men, who still do not want her more than a physical and occasional relationship. Her friends are everything to her. She doesn't have her head in the clouds and likes to be pragmatic. This journey will help her trigger that magical and indispensable click.

Moi c’est Moi is a strong anthem of female identity. What are your thoughts on the condition of women in Italy today?

I think that talking about the "condition of women" today is no longer considered or in any case current. I believe that the woman has long since conquered what is rightfully hers, but that she only delays in recognizing it, at times. I strongly believe in women, but above all in Italy which must always question itself and reinvent itself. There are greats who have talked about this much better than me, so I like to think that there will always be great things written by women for women that will transform the woman more and more and those who struggle with her and for her.

Why the choice of crowdfunding? What do you think of the tool?

Crowdfunding is a really interesting way and I strongly believe that it can be in line with the mission of the project: everyone can participate in the realization of something. I find this to be really important as well as very beautiful. Needing others is not a bad thing, quite the opposite. Never as in this historical period have we seen how important the action of the individual is for the community, and also for this project everyone can make a difference.

Discover the crowdfunding campaign:

What advantages and exclusives will the supporters of Moi c’est Moi have in return?

First of all, having the satisfaction of being able to put a small brick of value for a large project. Furthermore, we have thought of curious and stimulating rewards even for those who decide to contribute in a small part. There is the opportunity to come to the set and attend a day of shooting, the opportunity to advertise by participating as a sponsor of the episode (for companies or individuals), there are interesting gadgets, episode and backstage previews, personalized poster. In short, many, many rewards and reasons to be ours!!!

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