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Let's discover together Cepim Torino and their dream of autonomy for their children with Down Syndrome

25 Feb 2021

Cepim Torino ODV has been present in the area for decades, how was the idea of opening a house to give autonomy and independence to the children of the associated families?

Cepim Torino ODV was founded in 1979 by a group of families, with the aim of accompanying parents and their children in the path of growth and social, school and work inclusion, for an accompaniment to independent life

How do you access this self-help program and who can access it?

Independent life, as well as personal autonomy, is a right enshrined in the UN Convention, which applies to every person regardless of the impact that disability may have on their life. So anyone can access the paths of autonomy and independent life.

The insertion is always preceded by an interview with the psychologist and the educator of the association to evaluate together with the family and the person which may be the most suitable path and which could be the most specific supports and interventions to be used to implement the right to independent life

We would like to let the boys speak, the real protagonists of the project! What does it mean for them to be able to live independently?

Being able to choose what to do during the day, where to go with friends, what to eat, how to organize yourself to go to work, simple things that all have one thing at the base: being able to manage your personal space and your time. Just like all of us. Sometimes completely alone, sometimes with the support of a friend, partner or professional… Just like all of us!

And how do families experience the beginning of this great adventure?

There is a lot of expectation and trust in the possibility of their children being able to achieve an independent and active life in the community, but also a lot of fear. The prejudices and stereotypes of society are still very present, the social context is not always welcoming and inclusive for people with intellectual disabilities, the risk of social exclusion is very high. For a parent, the greatest fear is imagining the child alone once the family of origin passes away.
This is why we give great space to cultural promotion and awareness-raising interventions, true autonomy is achieved only if inserted in a supportive social and affective network

Why the choice to carry out a crowdfunding campaign?

To involve the community more and more in these paths.

We would like people with disabilities to be supported by a growing number of citizens, who believe in them, support them and take an active part in defending their rights and building their future.
As happened for many minorities, religious, ethnic, etc., true social, scholastic and work inclusion was achieved only when the whole community became aware of the discrimination taking place and fought for them.
We believe in it, but we need many to continue the journey together!

Discover the project here: https://www.eppela.com/it/proj...

What are the strengths of your project and why is it important to support it?

Ours is an association well rooted in the area and therefore already enjoys the support of other social entities, including social services. For example, we have an agreement with the Municipality of Turin precisely to experiment more and more these new forms of autonomy and independent life.

Over time we are demonstrating, together with many other realities like ours, that even the person with intellectual disabilities can be a resource for the community and not just a social-assistance cost.
Supporting this campaign means giving the possibility to more and more young adults with S. of Down and intellectual disability in general to be able to build their own life project and to be an active citizen.

Finish this sentence:

Love is ... the possibility of living your life to the full, alone or with the partner you choose!

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