Play the Grand Slam of Inclusion

Let's take the field to build the first wheelchair tennis center in Como area!

29 Jan 2021

Sport unites, sport helps to grow physically and psychologically, sport is good for you.

We know this. And people like Renato Gaiotti, president of the Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Tennis Sporting Insubria, who for decades have been engaged in the promotion and implementation of sports activities in the world of tennis for people in wheelchairs, know it even better.
Having a disability often leads individuals who suffer from it to isolate themselves, to remove situations that could put them into play, sometimes for personal choice, but often for lack of stimuli given by the territory. In our country there are over 3 million people with disabilities, of which only 8.5%, according to Instat data, practice sports. And to think that according to the numbers, 75% of disabled people who practice declare that they have received profound benefits and improvements from a physical and mental point of view by carrying out an activity.
Promoting sport is a sign of civility, inclusion and a step towards breaking down barriers that may not exist, if we were willing to take the field. Here the story of those who have been on the pitch for some time and now want to stay there. #IORESTOINCAMPO

How did the idea of opening a wheelchair tennis center in Bregnano come about?

"It was born from the experience in the world of wheelchair tennis which began in 1999 and is still active today. After many experiences in the field, the time has come to develop a real technical center to promote this sport and develop greater skills through internships and meetings with other Italian and foreign groups that carry out the same activity with passion and professionalism ".

What impact does it propose to have on the territory and what was the response of local authorities in this regard?

"Our goal is to shake people to act. People with disabilities often try to isolate themselves and we want to be a starting point through sport. Local authorities have enthusiastically welcomed our initiative and supported it. The time of "slapping on the back" is over and we need concrete gestures, we are trying to make ourselves known to stimulate consciences for commitment ".

Tennis in our country is experiencing a moment of great expansion thanks to the young Italian champions: the same goes for Wheelchair Tennis?

“Clearly we are on two totally different worlds, both in number of practitioners and in champions. However, I am convinced that initiatives like ours will be able to multiply in our country and perhaps in a few years we too will be able to boast world-famous champions ”.

Why did you choose to develop part of the project through crowdfunding and what are the strengths of your campaign?

“The choice of crowdfunding I think is the perfect formula to try to raise funds for our social project. In this historical moment, looking for sponsors is very difficult also because public bodies do not have research funds and a bank loan for a social project is a practically impossible path. We have therefore chosen forms of fundraising that are based on people's desire to support the project even by investing small, but important economic resources. Our strength is the overwhelming strength of word of mouth that from door to door is contributing in small steps to give shape to our dream in favor of a better world for disability ".

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