IO, ME & LUCA: when diversity makes us unique

An unpublished album to tell about personality disorder

29 Dec 2020

The figure of the artist is often associated with the unruly genius, damned by his profound sensitivity and upright in the development of his works by a thin veil of madness that lets him see the world with different eyes.
All very fascinating, but is it really so? Where does "poetry", "the imaginary" end and reality begin?

For many people, living with their heads and expressing their emotions is not an artistic habit, but a daily life made up of work, introspection, sacrifice and the continuous search for balance. Many people who are close to us can have problems and their mental health is questioned without them being able to directly control these diseases. All of this is often ignored because it is frightening to admit that mental illness exists and like any disorder it needs care and attention. Today we want to deal with this theme through the IO, ME & LUCA campaign, a project that will bring to light an album of songs written by Luca, a boy with borderline personality disorder. Let's take music by the hand and don't let ourselves be scared by what we carry inside, happy reading!

How was the IO, ME & LUCA project born?

The project is the result of a meeting between me (Renato) and Luca, a boy who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Luca had listened to an old album of mine on Spotify and gave me some poems by him expressing the dream that one day they could be set to music. I was in a rather complex period. I had decided to give up music and devote myself entirely to my profession. But I took those poems as a sign: to try to combine my studies in psychology and give new life to my relationship with music. Hence the idea of making a record. However, I wondered if it was not the case to try to broaden the intention and make it a real association: DOdiMatto! An Association that deals with the creation of artistic and cultural products for people with mental illness. IO, ME & LUCA represents the first project. The starting point of this exciting adventure.

This is the association's first project, do you already have others in the pipeline and which ones?

For more than a year we have been trying to focus on the IO, ME & LUCA project. A record in which each poem has been given an appropriate musical dress that emphasizes the nuances and intensity of the words. Having no musical constraints linked to a specific genre, we decided to range from more acoustic sounds to more electronic sounds, while returning a final product that is homogeneous in its varied being. The only goal we have set ourselves is to accompany the listener by the hand on a journey into the emotions expressed by Luca, in moments of difficulty related to his diagnosis.

The project has also been successful among important artists, who have given their participation and why?

Surely Pierpaolo Capovilla most of all. We met Pierpaolo during an event in Turin and we mentioned the idea that DOdiMatto wanted to pursue, but everything was still in its infancy. When we entered the studio to start recording, we contacted him again to ask him if he liked the idea of being involved in the IO, ME & LUCA project. His response was a wave of enthusiasm. Perhaps not everyone knows that Pierpaolo Capovilla has been committed and sensitive to the issue of mental health for years. The result was a collaboration that for us has been and is a reason for determination in what we do. Today Pierpaolo Capovilla is the official godfather of the IO, ME & LUCA project. Other collaborations? Yes, in the record there is also a Milanese, a Roman and a Tuscan. I know, it sounds like the opening words of a joke! Let's try to guess who it is?

In our country talking about mental illness still remains a taboo, what are the perspectives on this area in your opinion?

Difficult to answer. What we know is the importance that, in an emergency situation such as that linked to COVID-19, the issue of Mental Health has taken on. The psychic frailties that we have always thought distant from all of us, somehow touched us closely. It is no coincidence that in this 2020 the percentages of anxiety and depression have increased significantly. What we try to do as an Association is precisely to blur the boundary between "normality" and "madness", returning the Person to the Person, away from labels that are scary, and what is scary - you know - we tend to distance it.

On a more general level, the issue of Mental Health is certainly beginning to impose itself more and more, requiring reflections on the most diverse planes. One above all, dear to us, is that of social inclusion. The importance of being a country that is more inclusive and attentive to individual difficulties, which in any case have collective implications. In this direction, for example, the UN countries have moved which in defining global priorities have recognized the promotion of mental health and well-being as a priority for the 2030 global development agenda

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance the album and what are the strengths of your campaign?

We have chosen this method because, unlike spontaneous donations (which have been and continue to exist, but which often come from third parties who are already aware of our work), it allows us to tell the project and the Association to an audience wider. The goal is to finance the album, but also to arouse people's interest in a theme so dear to us. This is the "crowd" we need to break down stereotypes and erase labels.

We believe that among the strengths there is precisely the fact of dealing with such a delicate matter as Mental Health, which concerns us all and all as People.

Furthermore, the diversity of the professional skills that revolve around the IO, ME & LUCA project allowed us to imagine and create a product that had a high level of quality from an artistic point of view but also a social impact.

At the base, therefore, the strong point is the People with their diversity… which makes them unique!

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