Voicen, the app for women

Voices and stories of women to reclaim the female space.

04 Dec 2020

How many times has a woman felt helpless in the face of gestures that offend her feminine dignity?
How many times has a woman had to accept an insistent look without saying a word?
How many times has an unwanted comment accompanied his steps?

Voicen is the voice of change.
It is the app that will give volume to the voice of all women, so that they no longer feel alone.

A beautiful idea from Alessandra Nicolosi, a courageous woman who we are really happy to present to you.
The word is up to you, the change is yours.

Tell us about yourself Alessandra, would you like to introduce yourself to the Eppela community?

Hello to all,

my name is Alessandra, I am 30 years old and I am an entrepreneur.
After a degree in pharmacy, I co-founded a startup working in MedTech.

I am stubborn, tenacious, very curious and creative. I love to observe and listen to what I am it surrounds because I believe it is a great way to keep an open mind and learn to seize all the opportunities that life presents to you.

I am very attentive to the so-called "Quality Aging", which is why I like it maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a focus on nutrition and physical activity.

For this reason, seven years ago, I opened an Instagram profile to talk about health and communicate the importance of prevention. I have created a female community up to transform the profile into a real diary of sharing and comparison as well as support to women.

You have always been very sensitive to the world of women, their rights and their role in society. How did you approach it? When did your battle start?

Yes, absolutely!

From an early age I approached the world of women by hearing my mom's stories that as a mechanical engineer she managed to make her way alone, struggling against many difficulties caused by a patriarchal society.

When I entered the world of entrepreneurship, I realized how different the consideration and attention towards young people is males compared to young women: the first if they found a company are geniuses, we women we are always considered the "still inexperienced".

Not to mention the gender gap and the economic violence to which we are subjected.

Over the years I have suffered several psychological harassment at work from influential people who they "emphasized" their decision-making power, as well as proposals for physical meetings to obtain supports for my startup or career growth (obviously refused).

How did the idea of ​​Voicen come about?

When I realized that I felt shame, a sense of dirt for fear of not being listened but only LOOKED and JUDGED I thought how they could have felt other women too.

Hundreds of girls wrote to me saying they thought they were the only ones in try those things!

At that moment I realized that something was missing and that too many voices they were being suffocated by a fear that had settled in us from society and the superficial world in which we live.
This is how VOICEN-Voice of Women was born.

Now let's move on to crowdfunding: why did you decide to rely on this tool for find funding?

I think it's the best way to tell how the project doesn't come from a person but from a collective necessity. 

All women are VOICEN and each of them contributes to well-being and the support of someone else. 360 ° sharing and support.

List the reasons why it is important to participate in the crowdfunding campaign.

Create Voicen as soon as possible, that is the app to support and listen to women: https://www.eppela.com/it/proj...

Expand the community.
Make sure women no longer feel alone.
Create a safe place where you can express your fears, simple and accessible.
Support and share to grow together and give volume to even the most timid voices.

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