The taste of being Molesti!

The Molesto brewery explains how a Madonna beer is born!

20 Nov 2020

Making your passion a job is everyone's dream, don't you think?

Well today we tell you the story of a group of friends who are living this dream, also thanks to you!

They are the Molesto brewery: young guys, friends, with a passion for good beer and a great desire to roll up their sleeves, to give new life to their territory. There are those from the province who try to escape and those like them do everything to stay there, even at the cost of betting everything: money, time, energy and the long-dreamed stability that these days reflect from afar.
But aren't fairy tales just that? The good who fight for a better future? Well, this, for young Italian entrepreneurs, we feel we can define it as a small, great modern fable; where the good ones are rather annoying and fight the abandonment of small towns, creating sustainable economies with the sound of organic malt grown at zero kilometer and enthusiasm! All finished with a graphic armor (we will never tire of saying it) ... of the Madonna!

When and how was the Molesto brewery born?

We started "cooking" beer together about three years ago. As is often the case, everything starts from a garage. But in our case we are talking about “Il Garage”! A real institution, a private club that many of us have frequented since adolescence. So much so that in the embryonic phase we were the Clandestino del Garage Brewery. Although the productions were obviously very small, we still played at the Brewery, labeling the bottles and organizing private parties in which we presented the beers to our friends in the Garage.

Once we abandoned homebrewing with the purchase of a serious production plant, we wanted to be baptized Birrificio Clandestino but someone had already had the same idea as ours, so ... MOLESTO! Why MOLESTO? Because this has always been the attitude, we are certainly not the usual brewery.

How long did it take before the project became economically viable?

By doing a cost analysis, we might seem crazy. Barley malt is the main ingredient in beer. For a kilogram of self-produced malt we have deliberately chosen to spend four times as much as any craft brewery who buys it on the market. And instead we spend double what any agricultural brewery spends that grows its own barley, but which in the vast majority of cases to reduce costs then gives it to a consortium and obviously receives from the consortium the malt that is certainly not attributable to its own. barley.

We can affirm not only to cultivate barley in a land that is located a few meters from the laboratory, in a totally natural way, without using fertilizers (if not natural) or herbicides. Not having joined any consortium, we are completely independent from this point of view and we carry out the malting of barley in Perugia, in a state-of-the-art plant that processes and returns exactly our malted barley. Our customers drink OUR beer. All this can be summarized in the expression Farm-to-Glass, literally "from the farm to the glass", which is the philosophy we are inspired by, on the model of many American breweries that are teaching, to which we will add other types of activities. linked to music and culture that will complete what is the tout court experience that very soon you will be able to live as MOLESTO.
Is it economically sustainable? We bet yes, because if everything I have described to you represents a cost that many other companies do not have the courage to bear, we are sure that by working hard and well we will be rewarded thanks to the authenticity, sustainability and quality of our beers.

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who wants to go your own way?

Our project was born in the province and wants to make the most of the potential of our territory which is not in the center of the world but should not be underestimated. The advice is precisely this: do not underestimate the environment you know best just because it seems that everything happens elsewhere. Many dream of escaping, we have realized the dream of being able to stay and do great things!

Do you have very nice graphics in our opinion, we would like to know where ideas come from how to represent the Madonna on the label?

Thank you very much, we are pleased. The illustrations are mine, set in the impeccable and elegant graphic work of Raffaele Primitivo, also from the Marche region. Primitivo is also the MOLESTO logo / font. The reference to Our Lady is purely coincidental: the little party with our first beers fell on 8 December, the day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The images often disturb the sacred, but without the intention of wanting to be rudely blasphemous. Of course they are provocative illustrations, but they are only the answer to a religious climate that in the country still today is often heavy and intrusive. And we like to refer to the events of the famous Fraticelli: a few hundred meters from our laboratory stands the Franciscan convent of San Giacomo della Romita, named after the holy inquisitor sent by the Church in the late Middle Ages precisely to hunt down the Fraticelli, falsely accused of the worst things, some of which ended up burned in the square in nearby Fabriano ... We want to be heretics in our own way.

Why did you choose to launch a crowdfunding campaign and what are its strengths?

As already mentioned, our project wanted to bet on the territory and for this reason it turned out to be more financially demanding than a conventional microbrewery project. Furthermore, being our company formed by a large group of partners, we were able to finance ourselves, without having to resort to any traditional form of external financing: no bank loan in short ...
The brewery is ready and we can leave, but our project needs two things to be complete and aligned with our vision.
The first is a lactating machine. We would like to be able to package our beers in cans so as to improve their conservation (protection from light), preserve their flavors (more hermetic closure), facilitate their transport (less weight, bulk and fragility) and improve their recyclability (aluminum does better than glass in this).
The second thing is the IGA dream for which it is necessary to invest in new premises and equipment. IGA stands for Italian Grape Ale: the final product comes from the simultaneous fermentation of beer wort and wine wort. This would allow on the one hand to be able to take advantage of the skills we have internally thanks to one of ours, Andrea, already a partner in a small and large winery, Oppeddentro, and on the other hand to link our project more strongly to our country, Cupramontana, which has always been the undisputed capital of Verdicchio.
Ours is already an extended project in itself: we would like to grow our community and crowdfunding seemed to us the best way to do it.

And finally, last but not least: so how do you make a Good Beer of the Madonna?

I can only tell you how to drink because I consume a lot ... For technical information ask our master brewers Daniele, Marco and Nicola.

Diego Bonci for Molesto.

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