Slow Tile: the art of being unique

Leone Pecchioli and the 'Special Artists' of the Social Cooperative Made in Sipario tell their stories.

10 Nov 2020

Each person is unique, each person can make our life special.

This is the thinking behind the activities of Made in Sipario Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, of Florence.

Uniqueness that is found in the prestigious ceramics that the young artisans of the Slow Tile project create. Single pieces of unrepeatable value like their artists who make them every day, making each object an element of design and refinement.

This project will not only arrive at your home, but also at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, to make this dream possible you also need you, find out how, get to know the artists in this new interview.

How was Slow Tile born?

Slow Tile is a project born in Florence in 2018 from the meeting between the architect and ceramic expert Leone Pecchioli and the 'Special Artists' of the Social Cooperative Made in Sipario Onlus.

Leone Pecchioli, after having discovered with how much care and intensity the "Special Artists", followed by the art teacher Stefania De Ninno, filled the sheets on which they worked with drawings and colors, suggested fixing the fruits of their work on something more lasting. their imagination and their gestures. This is how Slowtile was born, a line of handmade terracotta ceramic in Italy, glazed in the province of Florence and hand decorated by the Cooperative's Special Artists
Made in Sipario since 2011 represents a training and experimentation gym and with Slow Tile it proposes and addresses itself, therefore, also in the design ceramics sector, giving life to a high-range line of continuous wall tiles in terracotta trodden and decorated by hand. .
"SLOW" as a paradigm to recover attention, awareness and authenticity of life, recognizing and enhancing the right technical and creative working times of the artists.

Made in Sipario has always worked with young people, activities and artistic workshops, what are the particularities of the project compared to others?

The Slow Tile project represents a step forward in the Cooperative's experimental work. The training of young people is now aimed at enabling them to produce objects capable of withstanding a critical judgment in terms of quality, creativity, aesthetics and style. Secondly, Made in Sipario, with a product of such a high quality and professional level, aims to achieve economic sustainability and activate new strategies in terms of processes and markets, so as to promote, in a real and concrete way, equals. job opportunities and job creation for disabled people.

Come rispondono, secondo il vostro punto di vista, i nostri giovani artigiani a questa esperienza?

The young Special Artists of the Cooperative welcomed the new challenge with enthusiasm. Their skills, their creativity, their commitment and the professionalism that they acquire day after day, is now fixed on a more lasting product such as terracotta and this makes them more proud of the work done. They have faced the difficulties of hand-decorating a ceramic product with perseverance and passion and the goal of real work integration makes them even more willing.

The boys are the real protagonists of the project, so we would like to ask them, the value this experience has in their lives.

The Special Artists work daily in the Made in Sipario workshop and expect, after a training phase, to be able to have a "real job" like everyone else. They are very satisfied with how the "Speed Up SLOWTILE" Crowdfunding Campaign is going, which was designed precisely to be able to give impetus to the Coopertaiva Made in SIpario and put it in the possibility of hiring some other Spciali Artists. And then. above all, everyone can't wait to start experimenting with the new line together with the architect Simone Micheli and then to go to Milan to present it.

What opportunities have you seized in using crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has allowed us to introduce many more people to the valuable work of our Special Artists, also giving us the opportunity to establish new and future working collaborations. In a delicate moment like this, where the possibilities of physical meeting have halved, the online fundraising has allowed us to change the way of communicating the project and create a new network of contacts and supporters, who were immediately enthusiastic about the project. 

What are the strengths of your online fundraiser?

Made in Sipario has been preparing for crowdfundingfor months:

- investing a lot of energy and using as many resources as possible (unfortunately scarce also given the problem caused by Covid19) to grow in popularity on the web;
- increasing contacts and relationships, activating personal communications with wap or mail.
We presented a project that has many and various levers of involvement:
- emotional. Surely the creativity of the Special Artists, who overcome their difficulties to find original and unexpected solutions;
- the validity of the product. The hand-trodden terracotta is a typical material of the Tuscan territory and its craftsmanship is able to highlight the unique peculiarities of the handmade decoration;
- the validation of an archistar. The SlowTile project, which has already created several coatings with success and great satisfaction, is today further validated by a nationally and internationally renowned architect, Simone Micheli, who has decided to create a new ceramic line with the Special Artists and present it together during the Salone del Mobile 2021.

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